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Writing new fanfic~ re-issued (PG-L and a bit of S)

Guest winter fang

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Guest winter fang
ok this is the same fic that i had before except now it has some ratings. and suprsingly enough this isnt the first time that ive hade to censor this for audiences.

so here is the prolouge again and i shall include the first chapter

i thank you who gave me critisism before and i will keep it all in mind when writing



let me make this clear i do not own, operate, or take bedtime medicine while using heavy machinery, not to mention do i own or operate any of the characters in the story that is about to be told. only a few of the characters- tim, jessie, katie, and amanda- i do not own them they are just people i know that wanted to be in the story. the only owners of them are their keepers and i am not one of them. so please dont sue...please!

the story is my opnion of what fruits basket would be like if we were in it!

heres some info on characters-

tim- hamster

katie- the horse with a rainbow mane

jessie- the piggy(bank)

and amanda- the pet stick figure


"you know shigure, ever since tohru moved in we haven't really had much excitement around here." said yuki as he slumped into a chair next to shigure.

"what about when tohru fell onto our door step?" asked shigure

"well thats what i mean, thats the most excitement we've had in a long time, what will we do? i mean tohrus very nice but now we know her and i mean really know he!" yuki said as he let out a bored yawn.

"well, i have a feeling that all of this will be change." shigure said stroking his invisible goate as if he knew something. "now what was i doing?"

"uh, hello captin alztimers they want you back in surgery, dummy!"

"yeah yeah, keep your comments to yourself." said shigure as he was going back to work.



meanwhile...back in the states 3 totally different kids (somehow became sibligs by some freak cataclysmic event) were trying to figure out where to go just to get out of the house. after trying for weeks to figure out a place to go, one day they all in unison said "japan" which meant that thats where they were going.


"you know, mom always said that we had famly here, lets see if we can find them" said jessie the middle child

"hell no, what have they ever done for us?" asked tim the youngest child and the one with the biggest hair

"listen, if you don't want me to duct tape you to the back of the car by your nose hairs, then you'll go!" said katie the oldest (if you didn't guess)

"fine go find a phone"

"ok lets see sohma, sohma, sohma , here it is "


"tim be nice" said jessie

"fine, but let me do the talking"

they walked up to the house and knocked on the door and yuki answered.

"yes, can i help you?" asked yuki

"well, actually you can, is shigure sohma here?" tim asked

"yes he is, come with me." yuki led them to shigure's office. "shigure, you have some visitors."

"ok, but tell me something, is it HIGHSCHOOL GIRLS?" asked shigure while singing his highschool girl song.

"well, um, sorta."

"ok, very good, i'll be right there."

the next thing you know, shigure comes out of his office smelling like a french prostitute.

"oh, girrrrrrrrls, im he..." shigure stopped in mid-sentence when he saw tim. "uh, who are you, and why aren't you a highschool girl?"

"well i'm tim and this is jessie, and katie, your long lost cousins, well were not really long or lost but were a discrase to the entire family because our mother married an american!" said tim as shigure's face went blank whe he found out.

winter fang
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