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Writing Naruto- Tragedy in the Hidden stone village (PG-VL)


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Before i start i just want to say that the time during this is a bit .... lopsided so don't get mad.


Scene 1(A wooded mountain Path)
(A man is walking along a path in the woods on the mountain/he looks around with a worried face)

Man- Where is he?*rustle* Huh?(a little animal comes from the bushes)
Whew! I got to get a hold of myself.

???-(in the woods) Okay, all I have to do is make sure that he is not harmed along this mountain path. Seems simple.

Man- I got to continue.*I hope that ninja does his job* (starts walking again)

???- Got to keep up.(jumping though the trees)*looks down*(a figure is watching the man) I got you! Your going down!(gets about ten feet away from the figure.) Haaaa!*snap*(the tree limb he was on broke and he fell to the ground. (The figure doesn?t move) WHAT? IT?S A DECOY!!!! Oh no!

Man- What?(black shadow passes the man) What was...

???- Watch out...

Man- ugh....(a slice appears on his left side/the shadow passes again/this time it is in the back/he falls and turns in to a log)

???- Damn it! I failed again

(Enter Hanzo Hattori and Masa Setaki)

Hanzo- That is the 5th time you failed this test.

Masa- And I am getting tired of dying.(walks out of the woods.)

(Enter Inumori Tanake(Inu for short)

Inu- Sorry Hattori-sensei and Setaki-San

Setaki- I told you Just call me Setaki.

Hanzo- Inumori all of your ninja squad has passed on to become High-level Chunin, you are the only one that has not passed this test.

Inu- I know but...

Masa- But nothing a ninja is supposed to be his masters shadow. But you are always falling behind.

Inu- ...

Hanzo- I am starting to wonder if you are even ready to be a ninja.

Inu- I?ll do anything to become a chunin...

Hanzo- I know you would but if you can?t even see though such simple deseption you will never be a chunin!

Inu-Sorry Hattori-sensei...

Hanzo- Come on it is getting late.

Inu- Coming.

Scene 2 (The hidden stone Academy)

(Inumori walks in to the messhall that is in the academy)

Chunin #1- Well look who it is... It?s that loser Inumori.

Chunin 2- You know his name fits him he is nothing more than a dog.

Inu- Shut up!

Chunin 1- What you think you can take me! Then bring it on!

Inu-...(looks at the ground)

Chunin 2- Ha ha ha. What a coward.

Hanzo- Is there a problem here.

Chunin 1- No. We were just talking.

Hanzo- If you start anything you will be doing drills until your body bleeds.

Chunin 1- Your lucky Dog. Don?t you dare think you?ll be saved all the time.
(Both Chunin walk away)

Inu- I can?t believe those people used to be my teammates...

Hanzo- Don?t let them bother you. And starting tonight those 2 will not be your team any more.

Inu- Hanzo, what do you mean.

Hanzo- It has occurred to me today that you aren?t being push as you should.
So, if you come with me you will meet your new team and since you are the older of them you will be team leader.

(Everybody in the Cafeteria looks at Inu and Hanzo surprised)

Inu- WHAT!?! I can?t run a team! I can?t even pass the prelematary Chunin exam!

Hanzo- Your concern is noted but I have faith that you will succeed this time. Now come on I can?t keep them waiting any longer.

Inu- If you say so master.(follows Hanzo

Subscene (somewhere in a abandoned house.)

???- Is the plan of attack decided?

???- Yes, after the academy has shut down for the night that is when we will strike. Is that satisfactory Master?

(A tall dark figure with glowing purple eyes and a deep voice)

???- This is very satisfactory. They will not know what hit them. And we will get our Brother back.

(Back in the academy-Hanzo and Inu walk over to a door in the hallway)

Hanzo- Are ready?(Inu nods his head unsure) Don?t worry.(he opens the door/ a young man and woman are standing next to the window talking)

(Enter Natsuno and Noh)

Hanzo- This is Inumori Tanabe, He will be your Team Leader.

Noh-(walks to Inu) Hi my name Is Noh Umeshi. Call me Noh.

Inu- Only if you call me Inu.

Natsuno- Aren?t you the guy who keeps failing Prelems? Why is he the team leader.

Noh- That isn?t nice.
Inu- It?s true that I haven?t passed it yet. But I will try harder to be a good team leader.

Hanzo- I?ll leave you three alone you need to get acquainted.

Inu- Thanks Master.
(Hanzo Exits)
Noh- So where did you two come?

Inu- I have no clue. But, I?ve been told I was born here by my parents.
But, they came here from a different villige.

Natsuno- Hmm. My village is in the valley north of here.

Noh- I lived here all my life.

Natsuno- It is going to be a long day tomorrow. Iam going to bed.
Noh you better go to sleep to.

Inu- Your sleeping here?

Noh- Yeah. We have no where else and It is to late to ask for a room now.

Inu- You can stay with me in my room.

Noh- Really we won?t bother you?

Inu- No. You wont.

Noh and Natsuno- Thanks.

Inu- No problem.

(They exit the room/goes to the dorms)

Noh- I didn?t know they had dorms here.

Inu- These are for students that don?t have homes to go to or who chose to stay on the grounds.

Noh- Cool.

(They enter the dorms/and walks down to the room with Inu?s name on the door)

Inu- Here we are.(opens the door) Make your selves at home.

Natsuno- It is awfully big for one person.

Inu- I used to share this room with my old team. But they left.
There are some bed rolls in the closet.(walks over to the cooking area)

Noh- What are you doing?

Inu- Cooking something to eat. Want anything?

Natsuno and Noh- No. We all ready ate.

Inu- Alright.(looks in cabinet/gets Noodle cup/sets up the stove/then eats it) That was good.(look over Noh and Natsuno/they are asleep) I better go to sleep too.(goes and sits on bed) I hope Hanzo knows what he is doing.(lays down)

(Later That Night)

(The Front Gate)

Guard 1- Have you seen anything?

Guard 2- No.

Guard 1- I haven?t ether. Not even a... Wait what is...(a kunai flies out of the woods. And hits the guard) Ahhh!

Guard 2- What happened!(sees suriken) Sound the alarm!(alarm sounds)


Noh- Inu! Wake Up!

Inu- What is it?

Natsuno- The academy?s is getting attacked.


Noh- We don?t know.(Inu jumps up and suits up/straps suriken pouch on and ties a Tanto that was in the closet to his belt) What are you doing the Sensei?s said to stay in the rooms.

Natsuno- That would be a wise.

Inu- I guess...(looks outside window/sees some of the Junin battling enemy ninjas with musical notes on there head bands) Hidden Sound Ninjas!!!
Why are they attacking us?
Noh- Hidden Sound?

Natsuno- The are a evil group of ninjas.

Inu- It doesn?t make sense. (There is a loud banging on the door)

Noh- Ah!(back off scared)

Natsuno- Inu.(Inu nods/Draws Wakazashi/Natsuno draw kunai)

(The banging grows louder and louder/the door crashes down/A ninja walks thourgh)

Ninja- he he he. Master told me not to kill any none threatening targets but you raised your weapons now I?ll will have to kill you! HAAAA!

(Inu goes to block/but the ninja falls before he hits his mark/Hanzo is standing in the doorway)

Hanzo- Inumori get your team out of here.

Inu- Why?

Hanzo- These ninjas are here to kill everybody. Despite what he said.

Inu- Why are these people attacking...

Hanzo- They have no reason now GET OUT OF HERE!
Inu- Alright. Natsuno, Noh follow me.

Both- Right.

(Inu runs over to the window and opens it)

Inu- We have to silent.*I have no clue what I am doing*

(They all Jump out of the window on to the roof. Then, they start jumping from roof to roof staying quiet. Finally, they get to the wall and climb over then disappear into the woods.

Scene 3(The Woods)
(all three jumps down from the trees)
Inu- I think we are far enough now.

Noh-(panting) Where?s Natsuno.
Inu- I don?t know. Natsuno!

Natsuno- What?

Inu- You need to stay with us. Where were you?

Natsuno- I was staying back making sure we weren?t followed.

Inu- Well... tell me next time.(Natsuno nods)

Natsuno- Sorry.

Noh- What are we going to do the academy was taken over by evil ninjas and we are on the run.

Inu- I was thinking maybe we can get help from one of the other academies.

Natsuno- That would take a long time to go to one academy what if we get turned down what if we are found out.

Inu- It is better then standing around and doing nothing.

Noh- He is right.

Natsuno- How does he know! He can?t even pass basic tests! I have no idea how you even got in to the academy.

Noh- Stop!

Inu- I got in because Hanzo saw potential in me. He was the reason why I got in he is the reason I don?t quit he is my mentor and my friend and I CANNOT ABANDON HIM BECAUSE SOME STUPID BASTARD KID THINKS I?M A LOSER!

Natsuno- That is a valid reason.

Inu- Hmmm. Where is the nearest ninja village.

Noh- I think it is the Village Hidden in the Mist.

Inu- Then we go there first. Alright.(both nod) Lets go!

Scene 4(back at the academy)

Hanzo-(bound) Why haven?t you killed me.

Ninja- The master wants you alive.

Hanzo- Master?

(The big purple eyed ninja walks in)

Hanzo- YOU!!!

(Enter Onimaka)

Onimaka- Long time no see Hanzo.

Hanzo- Why are you here Onimaka.

Onimaka- Why I am here for you. You have been gone way too long. I also wanted to check on the Prodigy.

(Fades out)

Scene 5(Hidden Mist Village)

Inu- Okay we need to find the Academy here.

Noh- Alright.

Natsuno- Inu it would be wise to split up while we are here. We can gather more info that way.

Inu- Good idea. But meet back in the square as soon as you find something.

(In the square)

Inu- Did you two find anything.

Natsuno- The Academy is 4 miles east of the village.

Noh- I got the same thing.

Inu- Alright. Lets go we have no time. (They rush off going east)

(The Academy)

Guard 1- Halt. What is your business here?

Inu- We need to talk to your Hokage.

Guard 1- That won?t happen.

Noh- Please we need help.

Guard 2- No one besides Hidden Mist Ninja are allowed in this Academy.

Inu- But...(Looks back/Natsuno shakes head)

Natsuno- They will not help even if we could enter.

Inu- I guess we will have to go somewhere else.

(Montage of them going to the other Academys and them saying no)

Scene 6 (the Hidden Leaf Village)

( The three enter the village in low spirit)

Noh- These people wont help us. It?ll be like all the others.

Natsuno- I?m off to get the location.(he runs off)

Noh- Whats the point...

Inu- Noh... we can?t stop we have to see this though.

Noh- But...

Inu- but nothing now get to searching.(Noh meanders off)Noh...(Inu walks to the south) Excuse me sir.

Man- What? I have no time for this.

Inu- Sorry I didn?t know that you were in a hurry.

(See a kid run by in a Orange Jumpsuit)

Inu- Hey kid!

Kid- What do you want? I?m late.

Inu-(sees the Hidden leaf head band) Are you a student of the Hidden Leaf Village?!!

Kid- Yeah.

Inu- Do could you tell me where it is?!!

Kid-(squints eyes) To the south.

Inu- THANKS!(runs off)

(Noh and Natsuno are waiting under a tree)

Noh- Didn?t find anything

Natsuno- Nor did I.

Inu- Guys!!! I know where it is !


Inu-Yeah it is to the south.

Noh- That?s great!

Inu- I thought it was pointless

Noh- Not when so many maybe depending on us.

Natsuno- Lets go.

Noh- Right.

(They reach the gate)

Guard 1- Stop why are you here?

Inu- Our village has been attacked by Hidden Sound ninjas. We need to speak to the Hokage.

Guard 2- That wont be possible. Why don?t you go to a different village.

Noh- All of the other villages turned us down. This is the only one left!

Guard1- I can?t let you in sorry.

Inu- That wont do!(starts to run at the guard/Natsuno stops him) Sorry.

Natsuno- Lets go.

(All three walk off)

Inu- Follow me.

Noh- Where are you going?

Inu- It is time for some training.

Natsuno- Training now?

Inu- We will need it. If we are going to see Hokage.

Noh- But they will not let us in.

Inu- Who says we are going to ask next time.

Natsuno- I know what you are thinking. It is crazy.

Noh- Yeah it is. But, this time I think I like crazy.

Inu- Ok... We will start with the basics. I will be instructing you but I will be doing the same thing.

Noh- I never seen you so determined.

Inu- I have a reason to be.
NOW LET GET STARTED. First you need to know what chakra is...
Excellent! You are doing great! Much faster then me!

Noh- Not that surprising.(in a teasing way)

Inu- What does that mean... oh... HA ha ha.

Natsuno- Can?t we learn some moves now.

Inu- I don?t know a lot but I?ve seen them done
The first is a basic replacement Jutsu. Watch I know how to do this. (Throws a kunai in the air/It falls quickly)

Noh- What are you doing!

Inu- He...(hits him/poof! Log)

Natsuno- I know how he did it.

Inu- I?m fine.

Noh- How did you?

Inu- Here I?ll show you...
Damn. You learn quick. Ok lets speed up.

Noh- So tired...

Natsuno-(panting) He... is... tougher... than... he... looks.

Noh-Inu you would make a good teacher.

Inu- You flatter me.

Natsuno- Do you know anymore.

Inu- No. Get some sleep in a few days we will put the ??plan? in to motion.

Both-Right.(they sit and prop themselves against a tree.)

Inu- (walks in to the woods) Now where are those Mushrooms? Ah! There!(picks them and takes them to the campsite) This should put the people asleep.(uses a kunai to slice and grind the shrooms into powder)

(2 days later)

Inu- It is time guys. (Lifts mask to cover face) Do you have masks?

Noh- I don?t

Inu- hmmm.(tears sleeve) Use this.

Noh- Thanks.

Inu- no prob.

Natsuno- Lets go.

Inu- Right.

(The Academy)

(They arrive at the wall west of the gate.)

Noh- That is higher then the walls in our village.

Inu- Use your chakra to onto the wall.(Natsuno jump on to the wall)

Noh- Let me see.(Jumps and barely makes it)(then Inu does it)

Inu- Does anyone see us?

Natsuno- Not yet.

Inu- Follow me. ha..(the other two follows/they land on the roof of the building) Natsuno keep watch you have the best eyes.

Natsuno- Right.

Inu- Noh.

Noh- What?

Inu- I am going to lower you down to look though the window to the room below us. Alright?

Noh- Alright.

Inu- We don?t have rope so I?ll lower you with my arm. Grab my hand.


Inu- Is that a problem?

Noh-(swallows) No.

Inu- Then give me your hand.(Noh grabs Inu?s hand and blushes)
Alright back up a little don?t worry I have you in my grip I wont drop you.
(He lowers her down)

(Though the window she sees 3 students The kid in the Orange Jumpsuit, a black haired boy, and a girl in a red shirt.)

(Enter Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke)

Sakura- He isn?t going to keep falling for that!

Naruto-(putting a eraser above the door) So it?s funny.

Sasuke- Your such an idiot, Naruto.

Naruto-(looks back and sees Noh) WHO IS THAT!?!

Noh- (whispering) INU HE SAW ME!!!

Inu-I?m pulling you up!

Sakura- Yeah who was that.

Naruto- Let?s go!

Sasuke- That is the first thing smart you did all day.

(On the roof)
Inu- Crap! Those people saw us!

Noh- I?m Sorry!

Inu- It?s ok.

Natsuno- We need to go!

Inu- Wait I got an Idea did you get there names?

Noh- Jumpsuit was Naruto. The Black haired guy was Sasuke the girl was Sakura. Why... oh I get it.

Natsuno- Clever...

(Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura reaches the roof/The group confronts them.)

Sasuke- Who are you? What are you doing here?

Inu- Well, Sasuke we come here to see the Hokage.

Noh- It was nearly flawless until...

Natsuno- you found us out.

Inu-now it appears we can not let you get us caught.(reaches in pouch/powder is pouring from the hand) Now go to sleep!!!(blows powder in their faces)

Naruto- What did you do?(falls to one knee)

(The others fall asleep.)

Inu- Don?t worry you aren?t going to die. Now sleep.(Naruto pasts out) Let?s do this quick by what they said in the room. Their Sensei will be here any minute. I?ll transform into Jumpsuit,Noh the girl, and Natsuno you get that kid.

Both- Right.

All- Transformation Jutsu!!!!!

(Poof they turn in to the three)

Inu- Alright. Let get to the room.

Noh- Right Natsuno- Ok.

(In the room)

Inu- He is coming.

(Enter Kakashi)

Kakashi- (eraser hit head) Well Naruto is here.

Inu- He. That is funny.

Noh- No, it is not!

Inu- Aw come on Sakura.

Natsuno- You?re a fool.

Kakashi- Are you ready for your drills today.

Inu- Drills?(looks surprised)

Kakashi- You forgot.(looks at others) You too. Hmm. Anyway follow me.

Inu- Alright. (He nods to the others) Come on guys.(they follow to a cluster of trees)

Kakashi- (looks at Inu)Naruto, when did you get a Tanto?

Inu-This kid in town sold it to me. Thought it looked cool.

Kakashi- Those aren?t toys Naruto.

Inu- I know that.

Kakashi- Really.(throws suriken at Inu)

Inu-(cuts it in half) What are you thinking sensei!!!

Kakashi- Something isn?t adding up. Sasuke. What is wrong with Naruto.

Natsuno- He?s a idiot.

Kakashi- That all.(nods head) Sakura.(Noh ignores him) SAKURA!

Noh- Oh what!

Inu- (looks at Noh intensely) You must have something on your mind.

Kakashi- Yes that?s right is it the usual thing.

Noh- I guess. (Looks at Inu)

(Naruto and the others show up)

Inu- Oh no. It wore off to early.


Sakura- Yeah they put us to sleep.

Kakashi- I knew it.

Natsuno-(in normal voice) Somehow I knew this wouldn?t last.*poof*(normal)

Noh- I messed up.*poof*(normal)

Inu- This plan was a failure. Noh, don?t blame yourself I miscalculated the effect time of the sleep powder.*poof*(normal)

Sasuke- Who are you?!?!

Noh- For all we know we are the last of the Hidden stone Academy.

Naruto- (looks at Inu) I remember you from yesterday!

Inu- Thank for the info.

Kakashi- Info?

Inu- He told me where the academy was.(Kakashi looks at naruto) We didn?t want to do this we had no choice. Our academy was taken over by Hidden sound ninjas.


Kakashi- By the looks of you. Your just students. Where is your sensei?

Natsuno- He was the one who got us out of the village.

Inu- Master Hanzo Hattori was a great ninja, master, and friend.

Kakashi- Hanzo Hattori! He was one the greatest ninjas in the whole of the land. He was your teacher.

Inu- Yes. But he sacrificed himself to get us out of the Academy. We went to the other academies but none helped us. When did one rejected us. We decited to sneak in to see the Hokage.

Sakura- But, why did you knock us out?

Noh- You saw us.

Inu- We couldn?t fail in this but it appears we did.

Kakashi- You three...(Inu, etc.) have attacked our academy have you attacked anyone else.

Natsuno- No our goal was to not get caught.

Kakashi- Good. What is your names.

Noh- My name is Noh Umaka

Natsuno- Natsuno Samatada

Inu- My full name is Inumori Tanabe. Or Inu for short.

Kakashi- People call you Dog?

Inu- Yes. I got use to the insults. How about you?

Kakashi- My name is Kakashi.

Natsuno- The Kakashi!!!

Kakashi- yeah.

Inu- Your quite famous also.

Kakashi- Since you have been honest I?ll see if the Hokage will see You.

All 3- Really!!! Thank you!

Kakashi- Stay here.

Scene 7 (Hidden Stone Village)

Onimaka- Did you find where The Prodigy went.

Ninja- No master we have searched from here to the Grass Village.

Onimaka-(growls) You know I don?t like failure.
Ninja- Sorry master.

Onimaka- You will never fail again.

Ninja- I will never fail agai...ugh...(a daikatana is sticking him in the chest.)

Onimaka- I know you won?t. Masa come here!

Masa- Yes Master.

Onimaka- His job is now yours search all Ninja villages. DO NOT FAIL ME!!!(room shakes)

Masa- The Prodigy will be found.

Scene 8- (Meeting room-Hidden Leaf Village)

Hokage- Kakashi has told me your dilemma. This is a tragedy the Hidden Sound Ninjas have gone too far. But, If Hanzo Hattori couldn?t stand ageist them what makes you think we can.

Inu- I don?t know but, it was our obligation to try to help Hanzo!

Hokage- Obligation... Is that the only reason?

Inu- He was my master and Friend. I CAN?T abandon him.

Noh- Please Sir!!!

Natsuno- ...

Hokage- If we do help... it will be on a volunteer basis. I will hold a assembly to see who will take the call.

(Outside a Yard full of ninjas)

(The Hokage is telling the crowd what happened)

Hokage- None of you have to help. But, these kids deserve it.

(No is raising their hand nor asking to volunteer)

Inu- Mister Hokage move.(Hokage moves) Are everyone in this country cowards!?!? What if this happened to you? IF YOU CAME TO MY VILLAGE WITH THIS PROBLEM WE WOULD HELP IN A HEARTBEAT!!!!.

Naruto- I?ll help!(runs and jumps on the stage) If I can do this I will be remembered as a hero!
(The other two jump on stage too)

Both- We?ll go.

Kakashi- Of course.(already on stage)

(Enter Rock Lee)

Rock Lee- I Rock Lee will volunteer.

Inu- Anyone else? (Several more volunteer)

Noh- Your such a great speaker Inumori.

Inu- Noh you really don?t have to flatter me like that.

Natsuno- I was wrong about you. You may not be the greatest ninja but you are a great leader.

Inu- Thanks.

Kakashi- So when do we leave.

Inu- I don?t know but as soon as possible. Two days.

Kakashi- That will give us enough time to get ready.

Inu- Alright.(walks off)


Inu-(on the roof/looking at the moon) Hanzo what do I do. I can?t lead these people I can barely lead Noh and Natsuno. I can?t even pass the Chunin exams.

Noh- Inu...

Inu- Noh? What are you doing up here.

Noh- You need to quit questioning yourself like that.
You are a great leader.

Inu- I can?t lead.

Noh- You have been since back in the woods. That Inu was a great leader and a great ninja. You are smart. And a lot of people like you.

Inu- All my life I have been insulted by my peers. I have had a miserable life. I had no friends except Hanzo. No one likes me.

Noh- THAT ISN?T TRUE! Natsuno likes you. Naruto and the others like and they just met you! And me I lo...

Inu- What?!

Noh-(blushing) I...

Inu- you what?

Noh-I love you.

Inu- Stop making fun of me.

Noh- I am not making fun of you. I really love you.

Inu- Are you sure?

Noh- I never felt like this in my entire life. While in our travels across the country you have helped me in everything I struggled with. You cheered me up when I gave up hope. When Naruto and them found us. You were ready to protect me. So this can?t be any other feeling except love.(walks over to Inu/Hugs him)

Inu- Noh...(hugs back)

Noh- Inumori...(looks up at Inu/he looks down at Noh/they kiss)

(Across the yard- Natsuno and the other are talking)

Natsuno- They have been gone a longtime I should go look for them.

Sakura- They are fine.

Natsuno- How do you know.

Sakura- Look.(points/he looks at the roof)

Natsuno- Ah... I see. Even in times of uncertainly and terror love can blossom.

Kakashi- Stop staring at them they probably want to be alone right now.
Now listen I want all of you to be careful. This isn?t a training session this is real.

Rock Lee- These people shall fall to my Lotus Technique,

The rest- we won?t fail.

Inu- We?re back.(holding hands with Noh/both smiling)

Kakashi- Bout time you got back you need to get some sleep.

All- Right.

Inu- Who will keep watch?

Kakashi- I will.

Inu- Let me know if you need to rest I will take over from there.

Kakashi- Your offer is noted.

Inu- Lets go Noh.

Noh- Right.(big smile/Inu smiles back/walks off)

Kakashi- What a cute couple. Well time to get to work.(jumps on the roof)
(hours later) What is that? I see you. (Rushes to where Inu sleeps) INU. I think your friends. Are here?

Inu- (jumps up) What how did they find us.

Kakashi- Get everyone up we are in for a fight tonight.

Inu- Okay, I will be ready and get everyone up in two minutes.

Kakashi- You better.(Jumps out the window)

Inu- Noh.(shakes her) We have to warn everybody the enemy has found us.

Noh-(Gets up) What... They found us how?

Inu- Listen we have to wake everyone up in a hurry. Alright.

Noh- (Stands) You can count on me Inumori.

Inu- I know. Get dressed and lets go.

(They get dressed and start run down the hall in opposite directions)


(Everyone just filed out of their rooms)

Naruto- They are attacking now! Bring it on! I?ll beat them all! Believe it!


Kakashi- Is everyone awake?

Inu- Yeah. And ready for action.

Kakashi- Good.

Natsuno- Inu. All is in readiness.

Inu- Great.

(Several Black blurs drop from the wall)

Kakashi- They?re here. We should wait.


(Several black figure sneak thourgh the door of Inu?s room)

Ninja 1- He is not here.

Ninja 2- Where did he go?

Masa- He is gone. He must have saw us in the woods.

Ninja 2- We will search the premicise.

Masa- Report to me when you find him.

Ninja 1- Yes master.


Ninja 1- Where are you? (Jump on to roof)

Inu- Right behind you.

Ninja 1- What the hell?*slice* ...(falls off roof)

Ninja 2- What the hell!(jump to roof) There?s no one up here.(a volley of surikens fly out of no where) ugh...(he falls looking like a porcupine.)

Inu- Kakashi that was way to easy. The other one must be the master.

Kakashi- Obviously.

Masa- Inumori Tanabe we finally found you.

Inu-(turns) Master Masa!!! Your alive?

Masa- Inumori come with me my master so wants to see you.

Inu- What? You... You betrayed us didn?t you...

Masa- Betray? No I never worked for you. Of course Hanzo was one of us along time ago.

Inu- You lie! Hanzo is nothing like you!

Masa- Am I lying?

Inu- Hanzo...

Masa- Master Onimaka awaits you. You will not keep your brother waiting.

Inu- Brother...

Masa- Yes, he has been looking for you for 10 years.

Inu- Well, he?ll just have to wait 2 days

Masa- You will come with me NOW.

Inu- I don?t think so Masa.

Masa- You can not defeat you are now even in my league.

Inu-(rushes at Masa) Take This!!!

Masa- Nice try...(dodges)What!!!(Inu cuts his other side) How did he do that.

Inu- I am not like I was before.

Masa- (jumps back) You are living up to your potential. Just as Hanzo said.

Inu- Shut up and let do this. One of us will not be leaving tonight. It will not be me!

Masa-(Takes his weapon the Flexes Sword) Now we will see what you have learned.

(It is a face off. Masa and Inu are ready for action. Inu rushes Masa again. Masa deflects the blow with his weapon. The lunges at Inu and cuts him. Inu yells in pain.)

Inu- Ahhhhhhhh! It will take more then that to bring me down.

Masa- Definenty His brother.

Inu- Haaaa!(tries a downward cut)

Masa-(lifts claws up to blocks/then twists the sword out of Inu?s hand and stabs him in the shoulder with the other claw)HA! But you are still weak!(kicks leg out from under Inu) Surrender and I may let you live.

Inu- I wont.

Masa- Fine.

(Noh jump onto the roof)

Noh- Inumori!

Inu- Noh.

Masa- You stay out of this girl.(a force wave knocks her off the roof)

Inu- NOH!!!!!! YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!!!(grabs Masa?s arm/Breaks it)

Masa- AHHH!

Inu- AHHH!!!(a blue lightning spews out of Inu) I will kill you!

Kakashi-(jumps up) What the...

Masa- His chakra! There is no way!!!

Inu- Wolf Lightning Jutsu!!!(A lighting bolt shoots out of Inu?s body/when the attack dissappears/Masa?s body is blacken from the attack)*pant*pant*

Naruto-(shows up) What happened?

Kakashi- I have no clue...

Sasuke- That attack was no normal Jutsu.

Natsuno- (goes to where Inu is) Hey are you okay?(tries to help him up/a electric shock shoot thourgh his body)

Inu- (gets up and jumps to the ground) Noh!

Noh- I?m over here!

Inu- (Find?s her on the ground)Noh are you okay?

Noh- (leg bleeding) Yeah but my leg hurts.

Inu- Here I?ll bandage that up. Noh...I thought you...*sniff*

Noh- It?s okay.

Sakura- Inu!

Inu- Over here!

Sakura- Noh are you ok?!

Noh- I?m fine. My leg hurts though.

Inu- It?s not broken.

Sakura- Thats good.

Inu- (helps Noh up) Come on I?ll take care of you.

Noh- Thanks.


Inu-(lays Noh down.) Noh... You may not like what I am about to ask...

Noh- What?

Inu- I don?t want you to get hurt so I ask you to stay here until I comeback?

Noh- No. I want to come with you.

Inu- I could have lost you. I don?t want to lose you.

Noh-(sits up) Inu, You don?t have to worry as long as your next to me I will be fine.

Inu- Are you sure?

Noh- Yes. (Kiss)

Inu- Alright. Get some sleep.

Noh- Ok.

(Inu walks out of the room and leans against the wall)

Inu- *sigh*

Naruto- Is she alright?

Inu- yeah she is resting now.

Sasuke- How did you do that?

Inu- What?

Sasuke- Don?t be stupid. That lightning attack that you just spewed out.

Inu- I don?t know. When I saw Noh go off the roof a great rage was inside me. I got strength I never had be for.

Sasuke- I saw something like this before. When Naruto gets angry like you did he unleashes awsome power but that is because of the fox demon.

Inu- Well, I don?t have a demon inside me.

Sasuke- Could it be a family power.

Inu- No clue. I always thought I was born in the Hidden Stone Village.

Sasuke- How old are you again?

Inu- 15 or 16. I am not sure.

Naruto- What does that have to do with anything?

Sasuke- No clue.

Inu- It doesn?t matter. You all should go back to sleep we all leave in just a few days.

Naruto- Alright.(both walk away)


Sasuke- Kakashi-sensei...

Kakashi- What is it Sasuke.

Sasuke- Wasn?t there a village about 15 or 16 years ago that was attacked by hidden sound ninjas.

Kakashi- Yeah I think so.

Sasuke- Isn?t it strange that villages desruction coensides with Inumori?s age?

Kakashi- There were no survivers.

Sasuke- That we know of.

Kakashi- The village was called the village of the wolf... his wolf lightning jutsu!

Sasuke- He could be the last of their kind.

Kakashi- possibly... but we shouldn?t talk about this now. We should be getting some sleep.

Ninja- Master! Masa has been eliminated.

Onimaka- As suspected. Hahahahaha! Hanzo you should be pleased it seems that your student has defeated one of my greatest underlings.

Hanzo- You bastard. I will not let you have him.(struggles)

Onimaka- Hanzo... Hanzo... Hanzo... you know none of this would have happened if you just let me have the boy.

Hanzo- You killed your own parents to get control of him. I just couldn?t stand to see a kid like him serve a demon like you.

Onimaka- Demon? He... Maybe. Peon!

Ninja- Yes master.

Onimaka- Keep tracking them but do not engage.

Ninja- Yes.

(Back at the academy)

Inu- This is it...

Noh- This is what we?ve been waiting for...

Natsuno- We will free Master Hanzo and throw the vermin out of our village.

Naruto- We are ready too.
(The rest nod)

Rock Lee- We shall free our fellow ninjas from this evil. The will feel my Lotus attack.

Kakashi- Haven?t been this worried in years. I love it.

Inu- Let get a move on!

All- Right!

(They start to running out of the village. Then they take to the trees. Then them running across the grasslands. Going running thorough towns. Finally they get to the bottom of the mountain where the Hidden Stone Academy is )

Inu- Here it is.

Sakura- I get a creepy feeling just looking at the mountain.

Kakashi- There is the stench of death in the air.

Noh- We have to hurry. Hanzo maybe dead by now.

Inu- We will find out when we get there.

(All start running again)

Scene 9(Ruined Stone Academy w/ all the cool evil effects)
(The sky is black with clouds)

Guard 1- When are these pucks going to show up? I?m itching for a fight.

Guard 2- Settle down. Onimaka said they would be here.

Guard 1- Better be. (Notices movement/throws dart/birds fly out)

Guard 2- Idiot. Hmm? Ahh...(a suriken hits him in the chest/he falls)

Guard 1- What the hell? (Another suriken hits his head/he dies)

Inu- Come on...(others jump over the wall/Inu follows) we need to split in to groups. Kakashi you go with Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke. Rock Lee you will come with Noh, Natsuno and my self. The rest are in a group. Kakashi your group will take the Eastern Dorms. You four will take the main building. My group will check the Western Dorms. Got it.(The four ninja in group 3 look unsure) Ok... I guess you can stand watch. Kakashi our groups will take the Main building together after we check the dorms.

Kakashi- So you finally took control.

Inu- Yeah. Now get going!

Kakashi- Right.

Inu- Come on guys.

Noh- Right behind you.

Rock Lee- I shall be as quick as the wind.

Natsuno- ...

(The Eastern Dorms)

Kakashi-(opens the door/bodys are on the floor) What machination is this...

Naruto- These were just student.

Sakura- Did they spare anyone?

Sasuke- Not likely...
(Checks the door on the right)
There are more in here.

Kakashi-(lifts up Bandana) This is just sick. Check the rest of the dorm.
See If anyone is alive.

(Western Dorms)

Noh- (walks in bashed down door)Eww. What is that stink?

Rock- The smell of decaying flesh.

Natsuno- This... is unholy...

Inu- Search the building see if anyone is alive.
(Rock lee and Natsuno go down the hallway.)

Inu-(looks to the left) This is my room...

Noh- Inu... we should keep searching.

Inu- Right.(walks down the other hallway)

Noh- (opens the door to the right/two students are in the room alive) Inu! I found someone.

Inu-(runs to the door) It?s my old team.

Chunin 1- Inu is that you!

Chunin 2- It can?t be... it is!

Inu- Your alive... all the others are dead.

Chunin 1- They didn?t kill us because they said we were too sorry to bloody their blades.

Inu- You two have to get out of here.

Chunin- How there are guard all over?

Noh- We took care of the gate guard so you can escape through there.
(They start running into the hall.)

Chunin- I maybe too late but thank you for being a friend to us even after we did all those things to you.

Inu- Now is not the time. Get out of here.

Chunin 2- Thanks.

Inu- Let?s check the rest of the dorms. There has to be someone else.

(The courtyard)

Kakashi- Did you four find anyone alive?

Inu- We found a few. How bout you?

Kakashi-(shakes head) No.

Inu- Damn. I guess it is time to check the Main building.


Onimaka- It is time to see if he is as strong as he seems...(gets up out of chair/walks toward courtyard)


Inu- Lets go.

(Onimaka walks out of the building right in their path)

Onimaka- Inumori we finally meet.

Inu- Who are you?

Onimaka- I am Onimaka Tanake.

Inu- You are my brother...(shocked expression)

Onimaka- Yes I have been spending 15 years searching for you Inumori. You have no idea how long how much I sacrificed just to find you.

Inu- I didn?t come here for a family reunion. I came here to save this academy if you stand in my way you are going down.

Onimaka- he he hahahaha! Most amusing Inumori. You want a piece off me. Very well but first let me introduce all of you to my friends.(takes a scroll out of the left side of his shirt) Summoning Style! Ninja Sentinals. Haa!(slams on the ground)

Kakashi- What is he doing!?!?!

(Dark figures come out of the ground there eyes are glowing red)

Onimaka- First I must see how strong you really are!

(30 dark ninjas surround the group)

Noh- Inu!!(holding kunai)

Inu- I won?t let them hurt you.

Rock Lee- Nor shall I.

Natsuno- I swear on my life.

(5 of the ninjas rush the group. Inu cuts one in half it disappears. Rock lee does a 4-hit combo on the 2nd it disappears. The others easily despatch the other 3.)

Inu- Is that all these things can do.

Onimaka- Attack!

(The rest attack this creates an all out brawl. Naruto takes 3 out. Then gets cut in the arm by one. Sasuke takes it out and uses a fire jutsu to get a few more)

Naruto- These things aren?t that smart are they.

(Then one was fixing to stab Naruto in the back. Inu slashes it and turns back in time to block another.)

Naruto- Thanks.(Inu nods)

(Kakashi kills a few. Then Sakura takes out 4 of them.Noh takes out 2. Basically they take them all out)

Inu- Is that all you got Onimaka!
(Thunder strike)
Onimaka- Not bad. Now I will ask one more time. Stop resisting I will let you live.

Inu- I would rather die Then join you!

Onimaka- That is what our parents said right before I killed them.

Inu-*gasp* You killed our parents...

Onimaka- Yes, but Hanzo?s conscience got the best of him and he took you away from the village without me knowing. They were the only ones who knew where you went. They wouldn?t tell me so (raises thumb to neck and does a cutting motion.)
Inu- (angry) You bastard! I could have had a normal life if it wasn?t...

Noh- Inu settle down...

Inu- Back off. This is my fight.

Noh- but...(kakashi stops her)

Kakashi- Let him handle it.

Onimaka- So you want to fight... So be it. (Draws Diakatana) This will be the final chapter in this gory story of destiny. Brother vs. Brother.

(starts raining/pouring/every badass fight has rain)

Inu- Then let it end!(Inu runs at Onimaka he tries a sideways cut Onimaka easily blocked the blow.)

Onimaka-(holding his sword with one hand) He. You can do better then that.(He forces Inu away)

Inu-(flashes the signs for the Doppleganger/Shadow Clone jutsu)Shadow Clones!(4 more of him appear/they all rush Onimaka)

Onimaka- Pathetic.(Slices the four clones in half in a flurry of his sword) Enough of this kids stuff.

Inu- Haaaa!(downward strike/Onimaka tries to chop him/Inu slides 2 in. from the blade under his legs/jumps up and slices Onimaka?s back) How?s that for kids stuff.

Onimaka- Ahh!(cringes from the attack/recovers) Ha ha ha ha ha! Not Bad... little brother. (Regen) But it will take more then that to hurt me.

Inu- No you can regenerate...

Onimaka- (Inu lets lose a flurry of cuts all hit but regen just as quickly)ha ha ha ha! (Onimaka back hands Inu)

Inu- How can I beat him...(panting) if I can?t hurt him.(water is dripping off of both of them)

Onimaka- You can?t. Give up Inumori. You can still save yourself.

Inu- NO! You will have to kill me.

Onimaka- So...(looks intensely at Inu) Stupid.


(Inu rushes Onimaka again. Onimaka moves out of the way and hits Inu?s head with the hilt(handle) of his sword. Inu quickly recover and starts slashing and cutting at Onimaka. He blocks every strike then parrys one, moves quickly behind him and slices Inu?s back. Inu screams in pain.)

Inu- Ahhh!

Onimaka- Does it hurt?(he says mockingly)

Inu- Not(recovers) as much as I am going to hurt you.

Naruto- Kakashi he isnt going to win! We have to help!

Kakashi- Come on kid... you can do it.

Noh- Inu you can beat him!!

Inu- Lets go again. (Changes his sword style/holding his weapon with one hand instead of a two-handed sword style.)

Onimaka-(laughs) You have spirit... I like that in people I going to kill.

(This time Onimaka rushes Inu. Inu dodges the attack and cuts Onimaka side. Onimaka barely feels it and does a blind cut backwards and cuts Inu?s face. It bleeds a little)

Inu-(puts hand on cheek/looks at hand there is blood on it) That was close.

(Onimaka?s cut heals.)

Onimaka- As long as I have this you will never kill me.(Lifts ninja vest/incantations are on his body.) It is useless.


(Inu runs at Onimaka. A long sword fight ensues sparks are flying, the rain making the blades shimer washing the blood of Inu and Onimaka off. This continues for a 4 minute period. Then finally Onimaka thrusts his Diakatana into Inu?s stomach blood drips off the other end.)

Inu- ugh...(Onimaka twists the blade) AHHHH!

Noh- Inuuuu!(She rushes Onimaka/He grabs her by the throat)

Onimaka- After I get done with you Inumori. This woman will die as well. Along with everyone here. (Inu is silent)

Inu-(still silent) You... will... not... lay... a...hand...on...them...(grabs the blade/raises head/eyes are glowing yellow) YOU WILL NOT HURT NOH YOU WILL NOT HURT NATSUNO! YOU WILL NOT HURT ANYONE! EVER! AGAIN!(breaks the blade/jumps back/pulls the part still inside out/his wound regenerates)

Onimaka-(throws Noh aside) How can this be! You were run through like a pig!

Inu- Now... you SHALL DIE!

(Onimaka pulls out a kunai kinfe runs at Inu. Inu grabs Onimaka?s arm and twists the knife out of his hand. Picks him up and tosses him.)

Onimaka-(jumps up) I CANT LOSE TO YOU!!!(a dark lightning wells up in Onimaka?s hand) There will be nothing left!!!!(the lightning shoots out of his hand.)

Inu-(does hand signs) WOLF LIGHTNING JUTSU!!!!!(white lightning shoots out of Inu?s entire body)

(Inu?s attack shatters Onimaka?s attack with little resistance/it hits him full force/when the attack diminishes Onimaka is kneeling/body smoldering)

Inu-(walks and picks up his Tanto/then walks over to the kneeling Onimaka) Goodbye.(Inu finishes Onimaka off)
(the rain stops)

Noh- Inu! Are you Ok?

Inu- I?m fine.

Noh-(runs over/feels his stomach) how you were...

Inu- I guess it runs in the family.

(Everyone else runs over)

Naruto- You did it! You were awesome!!!

Kakashi- I knew he would.

Inu- Where is Natsuno?

(Natsuno walks out of the building helping Hanzo)

Noh- Master Hanzo!

Hanzo-(lets go of Natsuno) Why are you all here? Didn?t I tell you to run and not come back. Where is Inumori?

Inu-(walks over to Hanzo) I couldn?t leave you like that.

Hanzo- You did all of this?

Inu- There is no way I could have done this by myself. We went for help.

Hanzo- So that is why you are all here.

Kakashi- We weren?t going to come at all but, Inu here gave us a speech we couldn?t ignore.

Natsuno- he also trained us while we were on our journey.

Hanzo- Is this true?

Inu- They are giving me too much credit.

Hanzo- From what is hear... you deserve it.

Inu- Did they leave the Hokage alive?

Hanzo-(shakes head) No.

Inu- I didn?t think they would... I guess you?re the only senior ninja left. That means you are the Hokage now.

Hanzo- I don?t know. I am no...

Inu- Listen if I can lead all these people alone you can run this academy.

Hanzo- I guess. So I better get started. We should burry all the dead.

Inu- What about the village?

Hanzo- They have no idea what happened.

Kakashi- It will take a long time for things to go back to normal. I will try to see if there is anyway to get you some help.

Hanzo- Fine. Any thing could help. Inu!

Inu- What?

Hanzo- get your team and start the burials.

Inu- Yes Master Hanzo.(leaves with Noh and Natsuno)

Noh- Inu...

Inu- What is it?

Noh- I thought I had lost you.

Inu- As long as you are with me I will never leave. (They kiss)
Hanzo- It will take a lot of work but they can handle it. They did more than any Juonin could do. They are the future.(walks away) It is time for me to work too.

(6 weeks later)

(Inu, Noh, and Natsuno walking to the Academy?s many classrooms. Hanzo Hattori is standing next to the window.)

Inu- Hanzo! How have you been? How you like your new job?

Hanzo- It is boring and I am just freakin? peachy.

Noh- Ok... why did you want to meet us?

Hanzo- You three have more then proven yourselves eligible enough for the upcoming chunin exams. So you are to be in the Hidden Leaf Village later this week.

Natsuno- about time.

Inu- Thanks Hanzo.

Hanzo- You three deserve it. Now get going,

(All three walk out of the room)

Noh- The chunin exams? So soon?

Natsuno- We are more then ready.

Inu- After what we?ve been through... This will be no problem. Not like anything can happen. As long as we are a team. Right?

Both- Right!

(Subscene- In a dank dark building)

Ninja- Master we have found the child from the Uchiha Clan...

???- Excellent. Where?

Ninja- The Hidden Leaf Village.

???- And Onimaka on his end.

Ninja- He has been killed.

???0 Hanzo?

Ninja- No. The Prodigy has elimanated him. He as well shall be at the Hidden Leaf Academy.

???- (licks his lips with a elongated Tongue) Then we will kill 2 birds with one stone. I will go my self. Ha Ha Ha!

To be continued...


Thanks for Reading my Fan Fic. Your support is greatly apprecatied.

Oh and sorry for the lack of Action i was really in to the story of it.
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