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Prom: A night to remember


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For some people prom is just around the corner. It's hard to get cleaned up and dressed for some. To looked good for someone or just to make a statement to others. Either way prom is a night not to be forgetting.

People want prom to be like a fairytale. They want to have prince charming or there princess by your side. Some aren't so lucky to get a date but going with friends is just as enjoyable. Prom is a time to shine, a time to have fun and a time to shake what your mother gave you.

Yet getting to the actual date of the prom is stressful. Getting the right dress or suit and prom date is not an easy task. There is sweat, tears, and blood (Yes, I mean blood) to get to this date. Hopefully it is all worth it.

I want to know what you are doing to get ready for your prom. If you?re completely stressed out about your prom like I am about mine. Is this prom the same like the others? Or is this one special to you? If you already went through the whole prom(s) process, how was your prom?

Prom can be a nightmare or a blessing whatever you want it to be.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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