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vegeta rocker

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A-kon is coming up in Dallas,Tx this June!

I was wondering if anybody here planned on attending A-kon, and what events/performances they would be looking forward to.

This will be my fourth A-kon and i personally can't wait!

Penecillin (sp) is going to be there and i will be there and spend the night the first two nights.

So anyone going?

If you are maybe we could meet in person? Just a random thought; it would be fun to meet some Otakuboards members and an event like this seems like the perfect place.
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Guest Darkerlight
[quote name='vegeta rocker]A-kon is coming up in Dallas,Tx this June! [i']//snip//[/i][/quote]

I have not heard of A-Kon, where (more specifically) is it being held? What days in June?

[COLOR=DarkGreen]There's no need to quote the whole post, Darkerlight - it just takes up too much space! Just quote the bit you're replying to, in future. --Raiyuu[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Should this be here, or the Anime Lounge? Just wondering... :animeknow

Anywhoo, I'm planning on going to A-Kon, but the problem is, I'm in Sugar Land, so I need to get a ride from someone near me...

I'll confirm if I'm going later.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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