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Writing Halved Heaven [PG13-VL]


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Here's my new Fanfic. The name just burst in my brain.

CHAPTER 1: Hezaku and Gaaraku

Radoos: (enters a forbbiddin area) Hello anybody here.

???: No not at all.

Radoos: Who the hell said that?

???: I did... are you ready...to...Die!

Radoos: No don't you da-AUGGGGGHHHHHHH.


???: Sir, Radoos is dead. One of Wrapnaggun's men.

Junakui: You don't need to call me sir ya know! Anyways, Hezaku retriev his body.

Hezaku: Yes sir or mam ur Junakui. (he exits the room. he runs into a man. who is the main charecter.) Sorry Gaaraku. Hey I need your hel retrieving Radoos' body. He's at The haunted mansion, one of Wrapnaggun's goons.

Gaaraku: Okay I'll go. I always look forword to poking a dead guy! ( He grabs a giant 2 handed sword. Plus he sling on his back an AK-47. They get to the mansion for a surprise.) Hey Hezaku I don't see Radoos' body anwher.

Hezaku: Me to. the energy scanner only sees a room of energy. But that's not normal. I'll go check it out.

Gaaraku: Don't do that. Because that energy has moved, I sense it.

???: Another guy to chomp down.

Hezaku+Gaaraku: Whadja say? Nothing. Unless. That idiot of Wrapnaggun.

Kudai: MY name is Kudai.

Gaaraku: Well well its an ittsy bitsy spider.


Gaaraku: Sorry My life expectancy is 85 years old. I've only lived 20! (he takes out his sword and swings it at Kudai. Kudai jumps and spits at Gaaraku.Gaaraku dodges.He then jumped back and shot Kudai. Kudai died.)He can't be Wrapaggun's flunkie. This guys a spider not a human. That leaves a few question. Huh? He wasn't the energy source. I still feel that energy.

Hezaku: The scanner senses in the same room. Wonder what it is. Huh the energy faded. Freaky. Well let's get back to the base.

Wrapnaggun is the evil people. Those guys will be covered in chapter 3.
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