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Writing Comic-Con 2006!!!


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[SIZE=1][FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=#B4C738][COLOR=tan]NOTE: i didn't know which category this topic would fit in, but since usually i'm in it for the anime i put it here[/COLOR]. :]

i know Comic-Con is a looong time from now [COLOR=tan](July 20-23, PN: July 19)[/COLOR], but the place get's sold-out and crowded way before even a month from the event, and since i'm going to still be in the Philippines a few days before Comic-Con, i wanted to plan out my summer vacation early [COLOR=tan](those living in San Diego like me are still, unfortunantly, in school)[/COLOR].

since i'm 99% sure i CAN'T go to the Anime Expo, i was wondering if anyone out there was planning on attending Comic-Con! i'm (going to) invite all my friends who are interested and free to go. However, most of them might not be able to go [COLOR=tan](i bet they'd ditch Comic-Con just to hang out with each other and their lovers -___-" )[/COLOR] the main reason i want to go is for the masquerade aka COSPLAY!! none of my friends are really into that kind of stuff but i think it's AWESOME [COLOR=tan](maybe due to the fact i have NEVER cosplayed before and would like to before i grow old and wrinkles and cellulite)[/COLOR].
i SO want to dress up as Kon from BLEACH!![/COLOR]

so if you are going to Comic-Con and are interested in hanging out and cosplaying with me...or just hang out...just holla back and maybe we can set up dates and meeting places and an OB group! kay kay!

:bdance: [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
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