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Guest Platonix
I am travelling across the World Wide Web looking for someone who can handle this art request...just in case the term isn't in common use here, when I say "Pokémorph" I mean an anthropomorphic pokémon.

I have a character in a Pokémorph forum RPG and wish a picture of him.
He's a Gardevoir.
I realize the problem people have with male Gardevoir, so I took the time to dig up references for how to draw Gardevoir as a bishounen. For the bottom half, the part that looks like a dress, I recommend basing it off FF7 villain Sephiroth; his coat works just fine, especially in [URL=http://www.pokemology.com/hosting/Legs-Sephiroth.jpg]this picture[/URL]. For the head, I have come across a [URL=http://www.pokemology.com/hosting/Head-Trowa.jpg]picture[/URL] of Gundam pilot Trowa Barton that has a good hairstyle to use.
I'd like this character's legs to be human-width, which is wider than a normal Gardevoir's legs, but his arms can be as wispy as a normal Gardevoir's. He has a thin frown and a norrowed gaze that is made all the more pronounced by Gardevoir's usually large eyes.
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