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Request One From Many Banner/Avi


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[CENTER][FONT=Arial Narrow]Hello my very talented artists. I need yet another banner/avi set from one of you fine ppl out there. The theme is for my latest rpg based off of "The Dark Tower" series by Stephen King. Color scheme should be warm, but not overly joyous, but I have no specific colors in mind as of this moment. I have only two images I would like used. One is of a Golden Eagle, the other a small herd of Horses. The basic concept is the bird is to represent one being, while the horses many (hence the title one from many), which is the essence of Ka-tet. Now I have no idea how the whole thing should be pieced together, but I would like to some how have that massage convayed with small print of "We are Ka-tet: one from many."[/FONT]

Here are the images:

[IMG]http://www.freespiritart.com/images/taking-off-horses.jpg[/IMG] [/CENTER]
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