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RPG Horror House [M-VSL]


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New Jersey the area where the incident happened in an old broken down Crack house, forgotten by most people had passed the building everyday unknown to the massacre that had been unleashed inside on the few people that were victims of the case.

"Five People" a man finished while walking through the large brown room eyes heavy set on him was he paced around eager, "Five people!" he raised his voice. He wore a nice black suit and a red tie tucked beneath the black overlapping jacket, A women looked from the jury box down at the man was he paced back and forth.

"What happened to these poor souls is ungodly!" he exclaimed pounded his hand on the wooden desk "That will be enough!" the jury said as she slammed her gavel down "Calm down" he sighed resting her head on her palm, a man was stationed and ready for question to the side of her, the nicely dressed man walked towards him his age ranging around thirty- seven to fourty nice looking man his hair speckled with grey hairs through his nicely combed black locks.

"Sir" he said stopping infront of the man who looked up at him "Tell me what happened while you had been at the house" the man hesitated at first taking a swift look over at the judge and back at the man "A-a-lright" it came back quickly through his mind like a current "First.." and it started rolling through his mind as he talked going back through the deadly game once more.

Matthew awoke looking around the room immediately starting to cough his head thumping, he started groaning his vison blurry "uhhh" he felt sick, nauseated his vision clearing up alittle confusion sinking into his mind as he noticed other people laying on the floor [i]"What the..."[/i] he couldn't remember much before coming here but now he wondered how he had came to be here "Where am i?" he pressed up against the wall scanning the room.
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Andy slowly came to. As she did she felt a sharp pain in her head. "How did I get here?" she thought as her vision bounced back and forth between clear and double. She layed there until everything was clear before trying to sit up. Finally, when she was sitting, she looked around the room. There were several other people, one, already awake. She decided she would let him notice her first. She began to survey the room. It was very old and dirty. It looked like no one had been in it for a long time.
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