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Getting Married: feedback welcomed

Akieen Cloud

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Ladies and gentlemen of Otakuboards I am glad to announce that me and my fiance of nearly 3 years are getting married next year. I am posting becasue I have been on this site for a long while now and gotten to meet some very good friends of mine here. I was hoping that the Otaku community would have some suggestions as to sites and books I could look up and read to help me get moving on this newest project for I'll be doind it mostly alone with my fiance in Illinois for Navy boot camp. I know some of you are engaged yourseves or married and I'd like some ideas to help get me moving in the right direction. And even some of us who aren't in either of these places I would gladly take advice and suggestions fromt hem so long as they are not negative for this is a very happy moment for me so nobody be total jerks here. :animesmil so really any little idea you all have would be greatly appriciated. Thank you all.

[font=trebuchet ms][color=darkgreen]Altered your thread title to make it clearer what your thread's actually about. Oh, and congratulations.
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[FONT=Century Gothic] [COLOR=DarkOrange]I don't really have too much advice as far as marriage goes. You have the internet, it's jam packed with info, just google something and you'll probably find everything you need.

I just wanted to congratulate you and wish you luck. So congrats and good luck!!! ^J^

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