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[FONT=Century Gothic] [COLOR=DarkOrange]I don't really know that much about amps and i have a couple questions.

What's a tube amp? How does it differ from a normal amp?

What'd be a good amp to buy for a reasonable price? A reasonable price being around the 500 dollar mark.

How do you get good effects out of the amp? I'm talking about foot panels and stuff like that.

Thanx, later.

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The difference between a tube amp and a solid state amp is like the difference between real cheese and Kraft cheese product. A solid state amp uses electronic processing units to create the sound, whereas a tube amp is more organic (this is very basic, so if you want a real technical description, look it up on Wikipedia or something). A tube amp will usually sound better, but they're also more expensive.

As far as a nice amp, I have an absolutely great Crate half-stack and head I got for little over $500. I highly suggest it, as it's great for it's price. The head has three channels: a clean channel with adjustable reverb and full EQ, a rhythm channel with adjustable gain that gives a good rhythm crunch, and a solo channel that delivers searing tone and punishing distortion (this channel also has adjustable gain and full EQ). Unfortunately I can't remember the model number, but go to musiciansfriend.com or music123.com and search for Crate amps between $500 and $600.
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Guest Heero yuy
Jakehammer explained the tubeamp thing pretty well, a place to look at amps and get a great deal is musiciansfriend.com
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