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RPG [SPAR] JJ vs Raiyuu [M-VL]


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[font=trebuchet ms][center][IMG]http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g110/Raiyuu/translogo.gif[/IMG]
[size=3][i]Traitors to Soul Society!? Decisive Double Duel![/i][/size][/center]

"Did you think you could run forever?" The voice was hard, determined.

On instinct, Ryuji withdrew into a shadowy doorway; Nao followed suit on the other side of the street. She gestured upwards with a flick of her head, and he saw the two silhouettes outlined against the summer clouds high above.

"Or maybe you thought we wouldn't chase you?" The taller of the silhouettes flickered out of view, moving faster than Ryuji could follow; the figure reappeared at the base of the unfinished skyscraper. "No, the powers that be say the stuff you found out makes you too dangerous." He was walking forward, towards where they were concealed in the shadows. Ryuji cursed his inability to hide his spiritual pressure.

Of course, this changed everything. They'd intended to flee, living in exile from Soul Society. But if that were no longer an option, they'd have to fight. Fight their old comrades.

"Evidently we should have listened to you, Yasou," replied Nao, stepping calmly out from the shadows and facing him down the street. "You warned us, and we followed our predecessors' footsteps anyway."

"If you realise your mistake, then we can end this peacefully," said Yasou, spreading his hands reasonably.

"Who said mistake?" asked Ryuji, clenching his fists and crouching, preparing to spring. "Give us the chance to go back..."

In an instant he'd driven a fist into Yasou's gut, then spun behind him to wrap his arms into a stranglehold around the larger man's throat.

"...and we'd do it all again."

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