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Writing Alternate Enishi: Pain Fades To Black PG-13 SLV

Guest RockHinata-san

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Guest RockHinata-san
Part I: OMENS OF THE WIND: Rock Yofubuki's Part
"Yofubuki, get up. Lazy-Ass..." someone said as Rock Yofubuki lazed around near the Training Grounds. She squeezed her eyes tighter shut. [I]Shut Up, Fat Ass,[/I] she wanted to say. Judging by the voice, it was...[I]him...[/I] Hyuga Hizashi. Rookie of the year past, Genius of Konoha, Pretty-boy, and a ROYAL pain in Yofubuki's neck. She quickly moved her hand and reached for her green I-pod. She hit the play button and gave in to the soft lyrics of Utada Hikaru's Sakura Drops. Sadly, that kept Yofubuki from hearing Hizashi's final warning. Hizashi kicked her in the gut. HARD. "CHAAAGH!! HYUGA!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" she screamed. Hizashi smirked sadistically. "Heh, sorry, did that hurt?" he chuckled. "Are you trying to make me go Celestial Gates on you, Hyuga-san?" Yofubuki questioned. "Awww, don't act like the little Emo you are." Hizashi said.
[I]Calm down. Relax. Don't open Kaimon. Stay calm. Don't get upset. Chill.[/I] Yofubuki told herself. [I]Don't become that Thing.[/I] she thought. Yofubuki took a few deep breaths while trying to relax. She hated her problem. It was her luck to open the Celestial Gates every time she got upset. She'd been born with it. She'd been denied the right to live because of it. Yofubuki hated life. It was too damn long, too damn sad. [I]Too damn lonely...[/I]
Yofubuki stood up and inhaled the crisp autumn air. She turned and walked towards the Memorial that bore her Fathers name. She ran her fingers over the writing. [I]Rock Lee[/I]. "Gonna cry, Rock?" Hizashi joked. "Too bad you denied your mother the right to have her name on that stone." Hizashi said cruelly. Yofubuki snapped. "What the FUCK did you just say, Hizashi?!". "Well, your Mom had a weak heart. It was already weakened when your Father died, but to have a child 9 months later? That was too much. She took her last breath when you breathed your first. Understand?". Yofubuki stood poised to beat Hizashi to a pulp, until she sensed something different. The wind had shifted, changed. And it brought a sickening odor to her nose. "UGH!" she said. "What?" Hizashi asked. "Th...That smell...Uhhh... I think I'm going to puke." she said. "What smell?" Hizashi asked. "It smells like... It [I]REAKS[/I]... Of Death." Yofubuki said.

The small city east of Konoha burned, killing everyone. Except for the three Ninja who watched with glee. A tall, pale girl with long black hair and a beautiful blood red kimono smiled evilly and began to laugh. "Brilliant, Akumasuna. Pure genius!" she chuckled maliciously to the red-haired boy in black to her left. "...". "What about me, Mi-dono?" the petite girl with cat eyes and a Mitogakure hitai-ate around her thigh asked. Mi turned. "You did well, Akuko. Very well." Mi touched her Otogakure Hitai-ate and looked to her right. "Kukukukuku... Now, lets leave our mark." she laughed. Mi summoned a large snake. Akumasuna muttered his disdain, but manipulated his sand to exstinguish the fire over the city. Akuko's yellow cat eyes turned a deep blood red as she made hand signs. A comet fell from the sky and struck the snake, killing it and sending it rolling onto the remains of the city. "Let's go." Mi said as she walked away. "How long until we destroy Konohagakure, Mi?" Akumasuna asked. "Soon, Akumasuna. Soon." she answered. "Mi Ojou-sama will tell us when! Quit being so impatient! She's the genius! That's why we listen to her! So wait!" Akuko said. "Konoha is our next stop. Shut up until we get there. Or I'll make a snake eat you BOTH." Mi said. Akumasuna and Akuko shut their mouths and followed their Mistress.

"Something's up ." Yofubuki said. "Where's Lord Uzumaki?" she asked. "I don't know. Why are you asking me?". "I sense something. Something tall, pale, and snakey. And her little lackeys. That's what I sense." she said as she ran towards the Village. "You mean... Orochimaru's daughter?!" Hizashi asked.

PT 2: BRAIDS AND RAMEN! Nara Mitenshi's Part
"How can you eat that much?! Not even Aikosuke-kun can eat that much! Are you human?!" Uchiha Okamimaru asked. Arashiko paid absolutely NO attention whatsoever. He was focused on ramen! He ignored Nara Mitenshi telling him that he was going to swallow his tounge if he kept eating so fast and... swallowed a chopstick! His teammates stared, finding it unbelievable that he didn't choke to death. He just grabbed another set and... swallowed the OTHER chopstick! "Hey, waste not eat not!! ^.^d ...I mean, Eat not, waste... Crud, I dunno!" he said, running his hand through his blonde and pink hair. Mitenshi shook her head and went back to her Miso Ramen. Okamimaru stared at him, muttered something like "It just isn't right..." and continued his Kitsune Udon lunch. Their sensei, Sarutobi Kurohiko, walked up, cigarette in mouth, lighter in hand. "I'm late! I know. I'm in a bad mood, so back off! God, today has SUCKED! First, Dad got sick, so" "So, are we training with Onii-chan's team? With the fat guy and White Eyes?" Mitenshi asked. "Yeah. And don't give me any, [I]ANY,[/I] crap today, Ten-kun! Understood?". Mitenshi rolled her eyes. "What a pain." Mitenshi muttered under her breath. "...And my Mom's team." "GOD ALMIGHTY!!! WHY DON'T WE JUST TAKE GAI'S FUCKING TEAM, THEN?!! ADD TO THE FRIGGIN' MIGRAINE!!" Mitenshi screamed in a high pitched voice. "NOW WE'VE GOT BUG BOY AND DOG DUDE AND THAT WEEEIIIIIRD KID THEY TRANSFERED FROM YUKIGAKURE!!! YOU'RE RIGHT!! TODAY SUCKS!!" she squealed. "Calm down, Nara-san." Okamimaru said calmly. Mitenshi blushed, ashamed she snapped in front of her not-so-secret crush. :animeblus

Mi walked slowly, gracefully, mockingly, towards Konoha. Her servants followed. "Mi Ojou-sama! We made it!" Yakushi Satsuki said as she ran towards her Mistress. Her long silver braid got stuck in a tree branch. "OOOW! Crap... If I could just... Shit! That won't work... Uuuuuuuhh, hehehehe... Mi-sama, a little help?" Satsuki begged. Yamimaro walked by and, easily, snapped the branch without harming his superiors hair. "Arrigatto, Yamimaro-san. Now then..." she slid her glasses up her nose "What is our mission, My Lady?" she said politely. "Kukukukukukuku......... Why, to destroy Konoha, of course. What else would it be?" Mi said mockingly, smiling evilly. Her second-in-command followed suit, her deep green eyes turning red. "Heh, of course, My Mistress." she said. "Go before us. And, Satsuki-kun..." Mi began. "Don't... do anything suspicious to that Uchiha boy. Or Yofubuki. I'll be watching. Now, go!" she ordered.

Mitenshi saw something black, green, and pale run past Ichiraku. She stood up to see what it was. "HEY! Yofubuki-chan! What's with you?" she asked. No response. "YO! ROCK-SAN!!!" she screamed. "What. A. Pain." Mitenshi said quietly. Mitenshi ran out and caught up with Yofubuki pretty quickly. I mean, we are the fastest Ninja in Konoha. Mitenshi thought. "Hey, Yo-chan? You OK? ... You look pale." "It's, AAAGH! Go... It's nothing!" Yofubuki said, gripping her neck. The place with the Curse Mark.
"It acting up again?" Mitenshi asked. "I'M FINE!! LEAVE ME ALONE!" Yofubuki snapped. She faded another shade lighter, then fell onto the ground. "HEY! I thought you said you were fine!" Mitenshi said. "Yofubuki went into a cold sweat. She clawed into her neck until blood splurged out with no end in site. "Mi... GYAAH! Mi... Is back..." Yofubuki said hoarsely. "What? You're talking crazy! Pain makes people delusional, OK? We need to get you to the hospital. Hold on." "I'M NOT DELUSIONAL!! GIVE IT A FEW DAYS! SHE'LL BE HERE! I'M TELLING YOU!!" Yofubuki screamed. "CAN I GET SOME HELP?! SENSEI! OKAMIMARU! ARASHIKO!". As Okamimaru carried Yofubuki, Mitenshi couldn't get those words out of her head.[I]Mi is back... Mi is back... Give it a few days... She'll be here...Mi is back.[/I] Mitenshi silently prayed Yofubuki was just being delusional. But she couldn't ignore the fact that Yofubuki was bleeding all over the ground from her neck. Something that had to do with Snake Lady had caused the mark to go off. And as far as Mitenshi could tell, only Snake Lady could cause that much pain. "Damn" Mitenshi hissed.
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