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The Black Crowes


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Has anyone ever heard of them? These guys are my favorite band. I love 'em. I think they're the ones who TRULY define "Rock n' Roll". Forget sub-genres, this is what Rock n' Roll truly is.

If you ever check out any of their live performances, they're way different than any other people. The lead singer has a fantastic voice. One of the best Male voices out there. They play alot of thigns, such as "Rock" "Blues" "Soul". They're great. They always just plain out "Jam", meaning... almost 20 to 30 minutes of plain music. They make a 3 minute song, into a, I'll say... 24 minute song?

Wow.. I'm just in love with them. And what they sing about is fantastic! I love it! =)

Anyone heard of 'em?
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