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RPG [SPAR] The Boss vs. Retribution [M-LVG]


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Based in [b]Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto[/b] Universe.

Two highly skilled Shinobi find themselves star crossed in destiny, and must engage one another in the most beautiful dance of one on one combat. Fate decides that only one will be leaving standing, and possibly alive.

Both are seeking victory in the name of honor, as they meet one another with in a quite mountain side forest, where unforgiving rocky terrain meets lush vegetation and life.


The mountain side forests of Konohagakure was bathed in the darkness of night. Within the cover of the heavy forestry, two trained warriors, shinobi, played a fast paced game of cat and mouse. Two dark figures dashes amongst the tree tops, blurs of motion to the untrained eye. A speeding green flash chased after it?s prey with inhuman speed. This green flash was none other than the Lotus of Konoha, the Green Beast, Rock Lee.

Lee leaped from tree branch to tree branch in pursuit of his opponent. The night disabled his vision and rendered his view of the prey to a moonlit shadow. However, Lee was no person to be outrun. He quickly picked up the pace and sped across the branches of the treetops. Leaves and wood chips rained to the ground as Lee gained on his opponent. After not to long, Lee could make out a distinct orange silhouette. Gritting his teeth, Lee dug down deep and launched his body full speed at the opponent, knocking into him with his shoulder. Lee and his opponent flew to the ground off balance, landing with a loud [b]*thud*[/b] and a cloud of dust and grass.

Lee groaned, attempting to rub out the pain on the back of his skull as he rose from the ground to see the rival shinobi doing similarly. As his vision cleared up, Lee realized his opponent to be a familiar face. [b] ?..... Uzumaki?! What are you doing?!?[/b] Lee replied angrily. Naruto looked to him with a scared face....


[b]OO:[/b] Sorry. My writer?s muscle is severely strained as of late. Pick it up better when you post.[/color][/size]
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[size=1]OOC: Alright, we agreed to the rules of engagement via AIM. [spoiler]Five Lifegates are allowed to be opened while four of Naruto's tails can be unleashed.[/spoiler] I still have a bad feeling about this, though... heh.
?Oh, good, it?s you. I thought I was being pursued, but you?re the guy I?m looking for. Kakashi sent me to spar with you. It?s a test to see who trained their student better, him or Gai.?

?Then we both know who?s gonna win. You?d better turn back,? Lee said with a confident smirk.

?Exactly, I?m gonna kick your ass!? Naruto grinned back at him, then stopped and frowned seconds later. The chakra emanating from Naruto spiked as he prepared himself for battle against a very worthy foe. The burning desire to prove his worth manifested itself in his eyes. Determination and strength glared through them at Lee. His opponent, who was inevitably thinking the same thing, mirrored the countenance.

They stood silently, just looking at one another, examining the familiar stance and openings of their opponent. In the blink of an eye, Naruto hurled a shuriken at Lee?s torso and disappeared into the thick forest brush. Lee dodged the oncoming weapon and stood still for a moment, just listening to the sounds of the nocturne forest. Once Lee?s back was turned to him, he leapt in a magnificent arc, hurling shuriken. Upon landing, he created three shadow clones, two of which pursued the already moving target.

Rock Lee was extremely fast, even without opening any of his Lifegates, and reacted immediately to the shuriken assault. The shadow clones maneuvered evasively, giving and receiving punches while Naruto and the other shadow clone threw shuriken and cloned them to both preserve weaponry and confuse Lee. During the hand to hand combat, the Naruto had moved to a completely different position where the tactical advantage would be his due to the surprise.[/size]
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Lee spun around quickly and slammed his leg into one of the shadow clones generated by Naruto. It instantly disappeared in a cloud of smoke, leaving only the second, which appeared out of the smoke plumb. Lee leaned back and executed his signature kick, setting the shadow clone up for a Lotus drop. However it was cut short as the clone disintegrated. [b] ?Come now, Uzumaki! These clones are pathetic! I haven?t even removed my leg weights!?[/b] Lee smirked as he awaited Naruto to reveal his own location with an aggravated yell.

Like clockwork, Naruto poked his head out of a bunch of cluttered tree branches, [b] ?What did you just say to me!?! I?ll show you!?[/b] With that, Naruto flung out of the tree tops, holding within in his hand a Rasengan chakra ball. He ran full speed at Rock Lee, who simply stood his ground and waitied. Naruto continued his raging growl as he raced to Lee. They where nearly within three feet of one another when Lee disappeared, the only thing left in Naruto?s presence the two orange leg weights that Lee wore. [b] ?Where?d you go, you coward?!?[/b] Naruto yelled only to be answered with a hard kick to the back of his head, flinging him to the ground.

Lee stood strongly in a fighting stance, laughing at the downed Naruto. [b] ?The gloves are off, Uzumaki...?[/b] Lee laughed down at him, thumbing his nose in victory.

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[size=1]Naruto flipped up to his feet, growling as the Fox Demon manifested itself on his cheeks in the form of six visceral lines. His face twitched with a calculating rage, directed by his internal monster. No more did his body emanate an orange glow; instead, he was enveloped in a crimson aura that shook the ground he touched. Indeed, four years of training had improved Naruto exponentially. He was a product of his determination and the results were astounding, even to Lee.

?Stop ? [b]laughing at me![/b]? he screamed as his chakra rose into his hands. Within instants, he had one Rasengan in each hand. ?Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, Odama Rasengan!? Upon his command, nine clones appeared around Lee, all of who carried Naruto?s two signature Rasengan. Lee was completely taken aback by Naruto?s sudden jump in power; from a pathetic amount to something equivalent.

He was given to time to think or react. Within instants, the group was around him in full force. Lee destroyed two with a jab and a roundhouse kick, but it was not enough. The doppelganger behind him copied Lee?s signature kick, knocking him up into the air. Naruto kicked off of the doppelganger who kicked Lee into the air, and jumped above his opponent. He came down into the approaching Lee, burying both of his Rasengan into his chest. The explosion that resulted was enormous, destroying all of Naruto?s doppelgangers once again.[/size]
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Naruto sat back, his body exhausted from the enormous attack thrown at his opponent. A large cloud of dust made Naruto feel as though he was already victorious. [b] ?Ha. I thought he?d have put up a better fight.?[/b] Naruto laughed to himself as he stepped back. Suddenly, a loud explosion and a rush of wind alerted Naruto to a presence far to late as he was smashed into the ground with extreme force. [b] ?Jeez! What was that?!?[/b] Naruto exclaimed as he rubbed his lower back in pain. Looking up, he saw a clearly tensed Lee standing in front of him, his clothing ripped and torn, exposing a scarred and sharply cut body.

[B] ?You honestly didn?t think it?d be that easy, Uzumaki...??[/b] Lee growled, looking down to Naruto with an intense glare.

[b] ?Just you shut up! Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!?[/b] Naruto yelled out loud, causing a poof of smoke to reveal a small gang of ten separate Naruto?s. The original Naruto rose to his feet and brushed himself off. Rolling up his sleaves, he looked dead on to Lee. [b] ?Let?s get him!?[/b]

Lee smirked in confidence as he brought his mind to center. With a grit of his teeth and a clench of his fist, he opened the second life gate. Looking up to the group of Naruto?s, Lee rushed forward with blinding speed, spinning into a Kohoha Spinning Wind attack, slamming his limbs into three of the Naruto clones, effectively destroying them. [b] ?How long do you think this will last, Naruto!??[/b] Lee shouted at him, trying to get a rise out of the hot-heated shinobi.[/color][/size]
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