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[size=1]This semester just passed I had to make a 2-minute video for a film course I was doing. It was an actual assessment item, so our idea was a tongue-in-cheek poke at the actual assignment. Trying to write a script for a 2-minute video is very very difficult. Even though we tried to squeeze our story into the two minutes, it ended up being three minutes. As I said, very difficult.

I want to know, to any other film-makers or the general public, what would you put in a 2-minute video? Basically think of it as a trailer for a movie, trying to tell a whole story in a small timeframe.[/size]
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[color=teal][size=1]I had to do something like this for my coursework in my Media Course about two or so years ago. Same kind of thing but rather than just "Oh, do a two minute film on what you like" ours had to be an opening to a horror/thriller type film. You're right that it takes a while to write a script and even generate ideas, but thankfully ours didn't have any dialouge in it ^_^.

The basics of the video was to set up the story of the thriller, we called it "Secrets", and get people interested in it. Given that we had no dialouge we needed to have some music on it so we used "Camoflauge" by Coheed and Cambria.

This is starting to feel like a report so I'm going to leave it here, heh. But yes, it was fun yet hard to try and place a whole story in three minutes so good luck to anyone else who tries ^_~.[/size][/color]
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