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Writing Hunters I- The Hive [M-VL]


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My god this took a long time to rewrite this thing. So i HOPE you people enjoy my work. ANd yes this is mine. And this IS in script for because of what i plan to do with it. It does have Real Anime folks in it because i can so nah!

Scene 1- A foggy mountain

Prologue- In the near future a race of demons known as the Hive has arisen and they have slowly started to infest the world with evil and nightmarish creatures. These have arisen from the turmoil that the Hive have created. Only the Vatican knows about this threat... but not for long.

(Enter Vlade Rayne)

Rayne- Where did you? He couldn?t have gotten far.

(Walks past a large boulder/A large dragon walks from behind the boulder)

Dragon- Hrrrr!

Rayne- Hmm?

(Dragon?s mouth starts to seep steam)

Dragon- ssssssssss........

Rayne- Oh shit!

(The dragon spews flames right at Rayne who somehow jumps out of the way just in time)

Rayne- I have you now! (Quickly pulls out his revolver from his waist and fires it into the dragons shoulder)

(The dragon barely phased and starts barreling towards Rayne/He dodges easy)

Rayne- Damn! (See?s the dragon heading for a cliff) No you don?t! (Rayne aims carefully at the dragon with his revolver/he pulls the trigger but the gun is out of ammo.) Damn! How can I be so stupid! (The dragon takes flight/ Rayne runs to the edge of the cliff and quickly pulls the sword from his back with a trigger on the hilt) God.... let this blade strike true. (Rayne pulls the trigger and the blade attached to a chain rockets towards the Dragon lodging in its rib cage/ It plummeted towards the ground with the blade and Rayne still attached.) This won?t fill good... (The chain jerked Rayne off of the edge hitting a few rocks on the way down/finally Rayne hit the ground and lay there for a few seconds and gets up holding his side it bleeding) This definantlly did not fill good. (The dragon lay a few yards away lifeless/ Rayne moved his hands in the sign of the trinity ) May you have good fortune in your next life. (Rayne?s eyes widen as pain shoots through his body) I have to find a town.
(Rayne slowly limps off into the fog.)

Scene 2- Rome, Vatican City

(Enter the Arch-Bishops)

Arch-Bishop #1- The Hive is growing out of control! It has nearly infested the entire Romanian Mountains!

Arch-Bishop #2- These type of demons have never been faced before. We have no kind of exorcism to rid us of these!

(Enter The Pope)

Pope-Do not worry my children. I have faith that God will show use the path to salvation from this threat. *I hope...*

(The Next day)

Pope- Alex do you believe you can handle the Hive alone?

(Enter The Paladin- Alexander {from Hellsing^-^})

Alex- I will cleanse the Earth from their filth... Hmm?

(Enter Rayne- Coming from the Shadows)

Rayne- The Hive, eh? So, is this why your Arch-Bishops called me?

(The Pope looks at the Arch-Bishops)

Arch-Bishop- I am sorry my excellency but, we have heard of this man from others of the faith in many countries.

Pope- So, my child may I have the name of such a famous man among the servents of god.

Rayne- Forgive me for my rudeness... My lordship. I am Vlade Rayne and for a small fee...

Alex- You mercenary filth! How dare you come to this holy place and ask for money! Leave this place... NOW!

Rayne- I wish for no problems... but, I?m no Merc. I am a monster hunter. I have hunted many creatures including vampires, werewolves and demons.

Alex- You have been warned Mercenary! (Rushes Rayne with those garden shovel knife things)

(Rayne sighs and quickly puts the revolver to Alex?s forehead)

Rayne- I don?t wish to spill blood on this ground but... If you don?t back off I will blow your F@#%ing head off!

Pope- Alex stand down. Ok Vlade what is it you want?

Rayne- Five thousand Euros.

Pope- Not as much as I expected. On your return I will give you the money and you will have a secure place among heaven.

Rayne- Thank you... Holiness.

Pope- I want Alex to go with you. This is a request not an order.

Rayne- Alex eh? I guess I could use back up. What do you say? (Puts out his hand)

Alex-(Reluctantly shakes his hand) Only to get rid of this plague on mankind. You can call me Father.

Rayne- I hope you can back up your words. Now lets not waist time.

Alex- At least you aren?t as stupid as I had thought.

(Scene 3- The Romanian Mountains)

Rayne- So tell me, Father how are you so fast with those blades?

Alex- You have to be fast to hunt the unholy scum of this earth.

Rayne- Really you ever seen a ancient vampire... those suckers are.... (Rayne fills a sharp pain go through his stomach/he looks back) You! How could... (Several more blades stab Rayne in the back/Rayne falls)

Alex- May God have mercy on your soul... (aims a blade at Rayne?s throat)

Rayne- You?ll pay for this I swe- gghhh... (Rayne grabbed the sharp object in his throat/ and passes out/Alex starts to head north/after Alex leaves Rayne?s body starts to twitch and starts to move and gets up in a kneeling position/He then pulls the knife out of his throat) I thought I was dead I guess God was on my side. I guess with out the Paladin I am not going to find the Hive. (See?s boot prints going north) But at least he was kind enough to leave boot prints. (He follows the footprints for time then they stop at a drop off/then Rayne looked up/ There stood a giant spire of bone and flesh with a thousand or more demons around it) My God... So this is the Hive... It will take more then just me to kill this infestation. (He then looked down and saw the Paladin?s glasses on the ground/He then did a trinity) God have mercy.

Scene 4- A tavern in a nearby town.

Rayne- The Vatican will not help I know that now... Who else is there?

Random Dude- I heard you need help with something.

Rayne- Yeah, so?

Dude- The Hive right?

Rayne- How do you know of these creatures?

Dude- Just rumors... I heard they can take human form... you would never know they were around you.

Rayne- Really?

Dude- (walks behind Rayne) Yeah... (Hand turns to a claw) You never know... Heya!

Rayne- (the guy missed and Rayne fire a couple of bullets at the Now full demon) The Hive has reached this far?

Dude/Demon- You have no Idea... Ha ha ha. And you should know that your bullets do not hurt me.

Rayne- This will! (Rushed at the Demon with his sword drawn/The demon swipes at Rayne with his claws/ Rayne ducks and sliced the demon in half spewing black blood on the floor) That is what you get when you mess with a Monster Hunter with a blessed sword... You get cut.

Bar Keep- What just happened... What was that thing.

Rayne- I just saved your ass. And that thing was a Demon. Now do you know of ANYONE who can help me to get rid of these.

Bar Keep- I heard of a place in London but I am not sure of the name.

Rayne- That is so far away... there is no way I can get there before this thing spreads.

Bar Keep- Why don?t you take a ship?

Rayne- No money.

Bar Keep- I guess I can give you a loan... here.

Rayne- Thanks Bar Keep. (Rayne leaves)

Scene 5- London, England (Dusk)

Rayne- Ahh... the Cloudy, dank streets of London . Might as well start looking. (Walks up to a man in his late 30's) Excuse me I need help.

Man- Get away from me weirdo. (Walks off quickly)

Rayne- That was rude. (Disappointed)

(Rayne asks random people on the street with varying responses then a well dressed man walked up to Rayne and started talking to him)

Man- Excuse me sir. You seem to be lost may I be of some help?

Rayne- Yeah if you can tell me where I can get help with Demon Hunting.

Man- (Paused for a second) Demons? I may know something first who are you?

Rayne- I am a Monster Hunter the name is Vlade Rayne. I really need help

Man- (Now slightly reluctant) I am... Walter a stewart of the Hellsing organization.

Rayne- Hellsing? *It has been awhile since I heard that name.*

Walter- If you will follow me. (Starts to head north)

Rayne- Right behind you.

Scene 6- Castle Hellsing


(Walter and Rayne are walking along the path to the entrance to the castle/ Rayne notices soldiers of some kind running around apparently doing some kind of drills/ The thing that caught his eye was a young woman carrying a abnormally big sniper rifle.)

Rayne- *Interesting... very interesting* (Rayne let out a smirk)

Young Woman- Who is that with Walter? (See?s a glimpse of the revolver and catches Rayne?s smirk as he was staring at her) That?s not right...

(Inside-Main Hall)

Walter- Wait here I will ask Miss Integra to see you. (He walks up the stairs and enters the main office.

Rayne- This place would look like a place monsters would hang out. Creepy.

Walter- (Walking down the stairs) She will see you.

Rayne- Thanks. (Walks up the stairs and into the office with a woman strait ahead) You must be the head of Hellsing.

(Enter Integra Hellsing)

Integra- What do you want? I heard you were a monster hunter. Are you in London to hunt Vampires?

Rayne- That is not the reason...

(The young woman runs in with a normal gun aimed at Rayne)

Woman- He has a gun under his cloak!

Integra- I knew it.

Rayne- Aw, shit. I wish people would listen. (The woman fires a shot at Rayne/She grazes his face) Ah! (She fires more shots at him and hits him in the arm) I didn?t want to shoot anyone. (Loads his revolver with a pointed bullet) but you leave me no choice. (Aims and fires a bullet into the woman?s chest) I didn?t want to do that.

???- Then you shouldn?t have.

Rayne- What is this? (Turns around and is face to face with a tall man in a Red hat and coat with orange glasses/ He notices his teeth) A Vampire? You won?t force me to shoot you to will you?

Vampire- You won?t kill me human... I will kill you. (Whips out a 13 in. long barreled pistol and fires a few shots at Rayne hitting his other arm.)

Rayne- It will take more bullets to bring you down. (Loads revolver and fires 3 shots at the Vampire/ he regens)

Vampire- You won?t kill me with that.

Rayne- I don?t want to kill anyone...

Vampire- Shut up! (Rushes Rayne and puts gun to Rayne?s head/ then notices where Rayne has his gun pointed) You are fast for a human but why don?t you pull the trigger you did on her.

Rayne- But she isn?t dead you fool... It was a blood splatter dart. It only put her to sleep... you should have seen that Vampire.

(The young woman woozily gets up)

Woman- What happened? (Looks down and see?s the dart sticking in/ he takes it out) Why didn?t you?

Rayne- I have said it nearly ten times I AM NOT HERE TO KILL ANYONE! And I don?t want to accidently blow your damn head off so back the hell off.

Vampire- (Backs off) Ha! You are pretty feisty for a human.

Rayne- We can have pleasantries later... Now I need help with a problem. As you already know I am a Monster Hunter. On a recent mission, I was supposed to destroy a Demonic infestation called The Hive. But the Vatican?s Scottish paladin stabbed me in the back and throat. (Pulls down the cloth around his neck) Because of him I can not complete the mission but I did follow him to the area where the Hive is located... There were thousands of them. Then I knew I could not take them on alone I needed help. So I headed to London. So I ask can you help me?

Integra- Why should we?

Rayne- This was a week ago. They would have spread out since then. This is not just Romania This is not just Europe this is the entire world at stake.

Integra- I will think on this.

Rayne- Great. I will be waiting... Somewhere around this big ass place.

(Walter walks in)

Walter- Miss Integra. I will show him where he can stay. Mister Rayne please follow me.

Rayne- Call me Rayne you make me sound old. (Following Walter)

(In the basement area)

Rayne- Yay! A dark basement I wonder what other thing creep here.

Walter- ...

Rayne- I am kidding...

Walter- There is no room so you will be sleeping here.

Rayne- Ok, See ya. (Walks in to the room/see a medical blood bag in the center of the table in the room) And I am sharing a room with a vampire. (Takes off his sword and cloak/then sits down in one of the chairs surrounding the table) Ahh! Getting shot is not fun.

(The young woman walks in)

Woman- Never is.

Rayne- You ok? I didn?t want to shoot you.

Woman- I am fine, but why are you in my room?

Rayne- Walter said for me to stay in here, if I am an inconvienance I will leave.

Woman- It is ok Mister... Rayne?

Rayne- Yeah that is my name. Yours?

Woman- Saris Victoria

Rayne- I?d shake your hand but you aren?t used to blood yet right?

(Enter Saris)

Saris- How did you know?

Rayne- Well, you do have a medical blood bag in the middle of your table. Older vampires are as particular about how they get blood..

Saris- Why are you being nice to me? You hunt vampires.

Rayne- I don?t hate vampires most are nice enough, It is the few who give them a bad name. And people always think vampires are evil and ugly. We looking at you disproves the ugly part. And my friend in France who was bit who accutually saved my ass from the vampire that bit him. That is not a evil one in my book. (See?s Saris is dozing off) Hey I will go out in the hall you get sleep.

Saris- Good Night.

Rayne- (Waves and walks out of the room/side steps and sits down of the floor.) Time to take these bullets out. (Grabs a knife on his side and starts to dig the first bullet out) AHH! DAMN IT! (Stares down the call in to the darkness) Vampire you can come out now.

Vampire- I have a name.

Rayne- Good I am getting tired of calling you vampire. So what is it?

(Enter Alucard)

Alucard- Alucard.

Rayne- An interesting name. (One bullet comes out/and hits the floor) Damn! *Ting* Nice to meet you. (Hold out hand)

Alucard- (Shakes hand) You are pretty fast.

Rayne- Well, you got to be with a hungry werewolf chasing you down. Good excise.

Alucard- So you hunt down a lot of monsters? Any vampires recently?

Rayne- One I think it was a Ancient One... those are hard as hell to bring down.

Alucard- Ancient? Ha. You are strong too? Are you sure you are human.

Rayne- I am as human as any one.

Alucard- You carry interesting weapons. Your revolver is impressive and your blade is equally impressive. What type of ammo do you carry.

Rayne- Why are you interested in a human like me?

Alucard- You caught me in a draw. Few humans have ever done that.

Rayne- I carry the basic ammo for monster hunting Silver mercury and normal bullets, but there is one I haven?t had the chance to try yet...

Alucard- Really what kind?

Rayne- It is filled with holy water and has the ashes of a saint. Not sure which one though. Never used it. The priest who gave it to me said it would be useful in the future. But when all else fails use a blessed sword. AHH! (The second bullet hit the ground) That one you shot was deep.

Alucard- I have a feeling we will get along fine.

Rayne- Well, I guess that is good. Right now though I need to sleep I haven?t been to sleep since I left Romania. (He closes his eyes/ the next day he wakes with a start) AH!

Walter- I apologize but Miss Integra wishes to see you.

Rayne- Ok. Let me get ready. (Walter walks off and Rayne enters the room where his stuff is and quietly puts on his cloak and sword.) Time to go.

(Integra?s Office)

Rayne-(Enters the room) So Integra what is your answer?

Integra- We will help. Alucard has asked to go with you.

Rayne- Really? I was hoping that he would. Any one else?

Integra- And Saris. That is all we can spare.

Rayne- Three people against over a thousand demons... I guess that will work. Two vampires and a monster hunter.

Alucard- How do we get to Romania from England?

Rayne- By sea. The we walk through the mountains. We should leave ASAP. Get ammo and anything else you need. I have enough for a few fights.

Alucard- Will it be enough?

Rayne- I have a friend in a town in Romania that has all we need.

Alucard- You seem to have a lot of friends.

Rayne- That is how I know when jobs need to be done.

Alucard- Ok. I will wake police girl and tell her to be ready for battle.

Rayne- Ok be quick. (They both exit the room at the same time/Alucard walks towards the basement) I hope this isn?t my last fight.

Scene 7- The Docks/Ship

Rayne- Ok here is the ship lets get on.

Saris- Aren?t you pushy?

Rayne- I just want to get there quick. There is no telling how far the Hive has spread.

Alucard- I just want to see exactly how strong these demons are.

Rayne- You will see soon enough Alucard.

(Later that night at sea)

Crew Man- Are you and your friends comfortable?

Rayne- Yeah.

Crew Man- So, you are going to the Romanian mountains?

Rayne- Why do you want to know...

Crew man- My master instructed that you would come to The Hive and to me to stop you...

Rayne- So, The Hive has spread more then I had thought... But, if you are the only one it shall be easy to eliminate you.

Crew Man- There are much more of us on this ship then you three... You shall die!!!

Rayne- (Points his revolver at the Demon) You may not die from regular bullets... but hollow tips are enough to blow enough brains out of your head to kill you. (He fired the gun and the Demon?s head disappeared in to blood.) Alucard! Saris! Wake Up, Demons are on this ship!

Demon w/ a rifle- Die Human!!! (Fires a shot)

Rayne- (Turns around) Oh shit...

Alucard- (Runs and stops the bullet with his palm/ It regens.) You should have seen that coming.

Rayne- Well, with you around I might not have to.
Saris- I got him! (Fire a shot out of the BAG[BigAssGun]/the demon falls with a big hole in his chest.)

(10 more Demons filled out of the cargo hold of the ship/ immediately they attacked all three/ Rayne pulled out his sword and used it with the revolver/Alucard pulled out his guns/ Rayne killed 2 with his sword when they rushed him/a demon dug his claw into his back and Rayne yelled in pain/Alucard fire a bullet in to the demon killing it/Saris fired her gun piercing 3 of them)

Alucard- These are not that difficult.

Rayne- We haven?t reach the epicenter of the Hive yet, (A demon leaped at Rayne/he pointed his sword at the demon and fired the blade in to the demons abdomen)

Alucard- An interesting weapon. (Fires at a demon that was behind him) Stupid little bastards.

Rayne -(Blade retracted) Yeah. Where is that other one?

Captain- What the hell!!! (Gunshot)

(Rayne and the others run of to where the gunshot was heard/ the captain of the ship was standing over the demon?s body)

Rayne- There he is. (Shoots the demon in the head)

Captain- Tell me what the hell is going it on damn it. What he hell was that?

Rayne- That was a demon.

Captain- (Looks over to where the battle took place) Look at my ship! Son of a........

Scene 8- A small town

Captain- Get the hell off of my ship.

(Rayne, Alucard, and Saris walk off of the ship with the captain cursing indiscriminately)

Saris- So we are finally here.

Alucard- About time.

Rayne- First before we head off we need to go somewhere. I think I had less ammo then I thought.

Alucard- Make this quick.

(The Local Inn)

Inn Keep- Ah, Vlade I haven?t seen you in weeks.

Rayne- Hello old friend. How have you been?

Inn Keep- As good as expected. The usual room?

Rayne- You guessed it.

Inn keep- Stay as long as you need to.

(They all walk up the stairs/Rayne with his key in hand)

Saris- Who was that?

Rayne- Remember the man I told you about that was bit by a vampire... That was him.

Saris- That was him? I thought he lived in France.

Rayne- He did. He decided to move here after the Vampire was slain. Don?t ask me why. (Rayne walked down the hall to the last door)

Alucard- Room 666...

Rayne- That is to scare folks off from staying here. People are really superstitious here. (Puts the key into the hole and turns/then he opens the door)

Alucard- I don?t see anything special.

Rayne-(goes to the closet/opens it and opens a panel in the back revealing a rack of bullets/he grabs some a put them in his ammo pouch) I don?t think I have any ammo for your guns.

Alucard- I don?t need any.

Saris- Do you have anymore guns?

Rayne- I have an assault rifle. Don?t ask how I got it. And I got plenty of ammo for it.

Saris- Great I am getting tired of carrying this heavy thing. (Rayne throw her the gun) A AK-47? How old is this thing?

Rayne- At least it doesn?t jam.

Saris- That is right. I guess. (Stumbles a little bit)

Rayne- Hey are you alright?

Saris- Yeah I just felt weak all of a sudden.

Alucard- You didn?t drink that medical blood did you? (She shake her head) Damn it. You should know better by now.

Rayne- Well... that isn?t good. I?d give you mine but I kind of need it and I don?t feel like turning in to a vampire.

Saris- Thanks anyway. (Sits on one of the beds In the room)

Alucard- You should save your energy. (She nods and lays down/ He see?s Rayne walking towards the door) Where are you going?

Rayne- I have some things to do before we go. I should be back soon. (Exits the room)


Rayne- It has been a while since I have walked the town like this... (Walks by a burnt building/a shiver goes down his spine) I still can?t forget those flames...


Rayne- (As a little kid) Where is my sister... mommy... daddy... (The house burning in front of him)

Man- Vlade! What happened?

Rayne- I think they are still inside... (The roof collapses) No! Daddy! Mommy! Mary! (Runs towards the building)

Man- Vlade stop! (Grabs him) You can?t you?ll die too.

Rayne- (Sobbing) Let me go!

(Returns to the current time)

Rayne- I remembered afterwards that my father set the house on fire attempting to kill all of us. I hated him. (Then he headed back towards the Inn)


Saris- Where did Rayne go? Hello? (Turns around) AH!

(Minutes later)

Rayne- Hey I am... He must have went home. (Goes up to the room it is empty) Alucard? Saris?

Alucard- It is about time you got back!

Rayne- What happened?

Alucard- Saris went down stairs and never came back. I think your buddy had something to do with it.

Rayne- Why? Would... Do you know where they went?

Alucard- No.

(Just then a man entered the room)

Man- Come to the cave 3 miles west of town alone Rayne...

Rayne- I will be there. (The man walked out of the room) Damn it! Alucard... stay here I will take care of this. (Runs out of the inn towards the cave)

(The Cave)

Rayne- I am here... show yourself.

Inn Keeper- He he he . The master said you would come back to Romania.

Rayne- What have you done with Saris.

Inn Keeper- The girl was mere bait to draw you here. The master wants you to come to the Hive with me.

Rayne- I don?t know how your master know me but he will see me soon enough...

Inn Keeper- No he wants you now.

Rayne- You betrayed me...*Heartbeat* You captured one of my comrades... *heartbeat* You will not leave here alive... (Look right towards the Keeper with both of his eyes glowing orange) I will rip you apart... piece... by... piece.

Inn Keeper- What are you?! Demons attack! (Several demons attacked Rayne at once)

(Just as they did Alucard entered the cave)

Rayne- (Grabbed one by the head and twisted breaking its neck/then cuts the one others legs off with his sword) Dregs of hell... prepare to go back to oblivion! (The third demon rushes Rayne and he puts his hand through the demons chest) May god have mercy because I won?t.

Alucard- Is this the real Rayne...

Inn Keeper- No get away from me! (Rayne just stalks him as he is trying to get away/finally stabbing him in the abdomen several times and the last in the stomach then twisting it making it more painful/ then Rayne lets the Inn keeper die)

Rayne-... (Eyes back to normal) What did I... (Looks around at the bodies that are strewn about) Did I do...

Alucard- What was that?

Rayne- I don?t know. I couldn?t stop myself. Do you see Saris anywhere?

Alucard- She is over there. (Points to the other side of the cave)

Rayne- She is knocked out... good I wouldn?t want her to see that. She must still be weak from lack of blood.

Alucard- Could use his... he doesn?t need it anymore. (Looking towards the Inn Keeper)

Rayne- I guess but he is a demon it may not be the same. I could...

Alucard- I thought you needed the blood.

Rayne- I am not going to let her bite me. I will just cut my hand open and let it flow out. (Walks over to where Saris is propped/grabs his knife and slices his hand and cups it) Here you go. (He opens here mouth and pours the blood collected in to her mouth)

(Bout hour later)

Saris- (wakes) Where am I?

Alucard- Your in a cave three miles west of the town.

Saris- I don?t remember... Wait the Inn Keeper took me here.

Alucard- Rayne took care of him and his demons.

Saris- Where is Rayne?

Alucard- Outside.

(Outside the cave)

Rayne- Well that is it... Rest in peace... my friend.

Saris- You still call him your friend?

Rayne- Your awake? Good. And yes even after what he did... what the Hive did... before I had no reason... no personal reason to destroy this abomination. Now I do.

Saris- (See?s his hand) You didn?t have to...

Rayne- Don?t worry about it. I had to do something. You were weak.

Alucard- I believe it is time to get this over with.

Rayne- Alright. The Hive is only 10 miles away from this point so lets get going. (Starts heading north with Alucard and Saris close behind.)

Scene 9- Mountain Path

Rayne- I think I saw something moving up ahead.

Alucard- Are you sure you aren?t seeing things.

Rayne- Look. (A shadowy figure is standing in front of them it turns around showing its face) Alex? I thought you were consumed by the Hive.

(Enter Alex)

Alex- I stabbed you in the back and in your throat and you still live. You are resilient Mercenary scum.

Alucard- How do you know him?

Rayne- He was my escort up here...

Alex- And you travel with the devil?s servant... and his pawn...

Rayne- But they haven?t stabbed me in the back Alex. Not like you the deepest part of hell belongs to people who are traitors...

Alex- I am the instrument of God! And you shall be purged of your sins. (Pulls out his garden shovel knifes)

Saris- This is going to work out well...

Rayne- Saris you need to stay out of this one.

Saris- Alright.

Rayne- I told you when you stabbed me you would pay... (Takes out his Revolver) Come paladin time to pay up. (Alex rushes Rayne and plunges a knife into the right of his chest/Rayne fell to his knee)

Alex- Mercenary... You are nothing but talk. Now it is your turn. (Turns to Alucard)

Alucard- Look again...

Rayne- Ha ha ha ha ha! Is that all you have Paladin? (Wound closes/rises)

Alex- What are you?!

Rayne- Your worst nightmare. (Points his revolver strait at Alex and fires/Alex rolls out of the way and throws a knife into Rayne?s arm/ Rayne pulls it out/wound closes)

Alucard- Two to one not good odd for you.

Alex- Stop your talk!

(The fight ensued Rayne took out his sword and started to go at it with Alex. Their blades creating sparks as they hit each other. Alucard firing bullets at Alex and he some how deflecting them)

Rayne- (Backed up from Alex after the last attack) He seem a bit too strong for a normal human...

Alucard- He is a lot stronger then the last time we met.

Alex- Cretins like you can never defeat the righteous.

Rayne- Shut up! (Fires a bullet right at Alex?s head/he easily deflects it) Is it possible that he too is infected by The Hive?

Alucard- He infected by the Hive... Ha sweet irony.

Rayne- *If he is possessed... wait, is that what that bullet is for?* That?s it! It is a exorcism bullet!

Alucard- Exorcism bullet... now I have heard everything

Rayne- (He takes the bullet out) In the name of the Father... (Loads the bullet into the chamber)... The Son... (Spins the chamber) and the Holy Ghost...(Takes aim at Alex) DEMON I EX-SPELL YOU! (Fires the bullet)

(The bullet goes in and Alex falls to his knees/a bulge appears on his back and a small demon pops out)

Demon- Shit.

Rayne-(Walks over and shoots the demon in the head) That thing was controlling him.

Alex-(Opens his eyes) What in God?s name... (Looks up at Rayne) Mercenary! (Then to Alucard) Vampire!

Rayne- Now isn?t the time Alex. Is the Hive near?

Alex- So all of you are going to take down the Hive? It is another mile the way you were heading.

Rayne- You need to go back to the Vatican Alex. We will do this. You have been through enough.

Alex- Maybe I was wrong about you...

Rayne- Your only human... Come on let?s get this over with.

Scene 10- (Final) The Hive

Rayne- There it is...

Saris- My God!

Alucard- Has to be more then a thousand... This should be fun.

Saris- We have to go through all of that to get to that? (Points to the spire of bone and flesh)

Rayne- I believe that is where the heart of them is. So yes we have to get there. But don?t be afraid I am not going to let anything happen. (Smiles)

Saris- Your so calm.

Rayne- I will not die here. I still have years a head of me. (Hears foot steps behind them) What...

(2 huge(8') grotesque looking demons walk from the fog/The first demon let off a piercing screech that hurt Rayne and the other?s ears)

Demon 2- Rarrrrrrr!

Rayne- Those things are huge.

Alucard- This is what I have be waiting for!

Rayne- (The first demon claws at Rayne with slow clumsy swipes/Rayne draws his sword and slices off one of the demons arms which regens right away) These will defiantly be tougher. (Pulls out his gun and uses it with his sword cutting the demon and shooting it)

Alucard-(Fighting the other demon) Let?s see what kind of demon you are... (Fires his big pistol at the demon putting big holes in it/ all the holes close) This is great!

Saris- (Firing the Assault rifle making many small holes in the same demon) It isn?t doing any thing!

Rayne-(Jumps and hits his demon in the small ball on the top of its head/it roars in pain) I got you! (Slams the sword down on the boney bump/it shatters and the demon desentigrated) Aim for the bump on the head!!!

Alucard- Is it really so simple... (Shoots the bump on the head/ the Demon disintegrates) I am a little Disappointed.
Rayne- Well you won?t be for long! Look!

Alucard- (Looks towards the Hive/all the demons are mobilizing/Alucard broke a huge smile across his face) Now this I what I have waited for!!! Control Alt Restriction level Four! (The black blob mode or as I call it AHAHA mode)

Rayne- This is it! Haaaa! (Rushes at the horde)

Alucard- I am right behind! Stay close police girl.

Saris- Right

(All of them plunge in to a crowd of demons with a blaze of gunfire and flurries of sword slashes.)

Alucard- Ha ha ha ha ha! This is the most fun I have had in a long time!

Rayne- Don?t go in to deep. They will tear you to shreds!


Rayne- (A demon leaps towards him) Nice try! (Slices the demon in two)

Saris- (Fired the AK and killed a couple of demons/when he look over to Rayne she saw a demon fixing to pounce.) Rayne look out!

Rayne- What... (turns around and the demon scratches his chest/he kneels and get piled on by demons)

Saris- Rayne!!

Rayne- (Bursts out with a blaze on gunfire) Nothing will bring me down! (He fires his blade and it hits three demons in a line/he starts to swing it around knocking the crap out of some demons)

Alucard- (Rips a demon in half) These are the sorriest bunch of demons I have ever seen. (The demons stop attacking) What is going on?

???- Ich mach mus taf me slf semas! (Stand down and let me handle this!) (A Human looking demon said walking out of the crowd)

(Enter Dantis)

Dantis- So... you are the ones who will try to stop our out break. Ha ha ha. Your progress has been most impressive but... it all ends here! (He leaps and hit Rayne?s face)

Rayne- He is fast.

Dantis- To a human. (Goes to stab Rayne in the stomach with his claws)

Alucard- But not to me. (Grabs his arm)

Dantis- A vampire... This maybe more difficult then he said...

Rayne- Bring it! (Puts gun away/ and charges Dantis with his sword)

Dantis- (Blocks with his forearm) Foolish human... that toy won?t hurt me. (He simply forced Rayne away/and rushed and knocked him to the ground) And you...

Alucard- Bring it bitch! (They both ran at each other and started fighting)

Rayne- (Just then getting up from the attack of Dantis) I can?t hurt him with anything I got...

Saris- Rayne are you ok?

Rayne- Yeah... (saw the fight between Dantis and Alucard) Damn... (Rushes Dantis from behind)

Dantis- Foolish human... (back hands Alucard and grabs Rayne by the neck and increases the pressure a little) you think you can defeat me. My lord has endowed me with the power of the Hellfire he commands... No mere... human or no Vampire will defeat me! (He squeezes harder drawing blood/Rayne closes his eye trying to bare the pain) Just die!

Rayne- Get... off of me... (Opens his eye which are glowing orange) you freak! (Grabs his arm and breaks it/ Rayne lands on his feet)

Dantis- How did you a of a sudden get this power...

Alucard- You have really done it now.

Rayne- Give me everything you got!

Dantis- You have no idea what you are messing with... (Flames build up around) Feel the flames of my wraith!! (His physical body disipated in to a figure of flames with a red glow in the middle) Now die! (A wave of flames rush toward Rayne)

Alucard- Move out of the way Rayne!

Rayne- Come on, you bastard. (The wave hit Rayne and instantly burned away his cloak but the rest unharmed) Lets see it... (The red glow passed Rayne. He quickly turned around and slashed at the red glow aka Dantis?s heart/the flames dissipated) He should have stayed in his human form.

Saris- How didn?t you get burned alive?!!

Rayne- I don?t know.

Alucard- I have a feeling that this has something to do with you Human.

???- Umach sha ma shi dai! (Let them pass!)

Rayne- The demons are clearing a path... lets go.

(Inside the Spire)

Saris- This place is disgusting!

Alucard- I think this building is a demon in itself...

Rayne-(Entered in the main chamber) Where did that voice come from?

???- Vlade... You have finally arrived. (The voice seemed to be all around them)

Rayne- Who are you?! How do you know me?

???- Vlade you don?t recognize my voice? It has been a long time...

Rayne- Show your self!

(A skeletal like bone structure rose out of the fleshy walls then flesh surrounded the bones and then the skin)

???- Do you recognize me now?

Rayne- No... you are... Dead...

(Enter Siegfried Rayne (Vlade?s Father)

Siegfried- Yes it is I Siegfried Rayne, your father.

Rayne- No you died in the fire that you caused! You killed everyone I loved!

Siegfried- You fool I didn?t do anything...

Saris- His father? So Rayne does have something to do with this.

Rayne- I will not listen to your lies!!! (Rushes Siegfried with his sword)

Siegfried- Foolish boy. (Grabs the sword and twists it out of Rayne?s hand) I didn?t start the fire. You did...

Rayne- No... your lying!

Siegfried- You killed everyone you loved.... All you. Don?t you remember?

Rayne- Shut up! (Falls to his knees remembering everything that happened that night)

Saris- What is going on?

Alucard- I have no idea... but I got to stop this! (Rushs Siegfried)

Siegfried-(Simply looks at Alucard/a large hand streaches from the ground grabing him) Don?t interfere. (Looks back to Rayne) Yes... you are the one that did it.

Rayne- Shut up!

Siegfried - But there was no way for you to remember. You did it against your will. The power you commanded on this journey of yours... where did it come from? Your inner strength I don?t think so... it is from what I made you! You hold within you the power of a powerful but, unpredictable avatar... When I was summoning it into your body. It suddenly took control of you. You rose from the table and grabed the knife that was laying beside you and you plunged it in to my chest. I somehow survived when you left out the door of the basement. There you set the house a blaze with the fire that was in the fireplace...Burning everything a everyone you ever cared for. The Avatar somehow lost the connection between his plain and ours but imprinted his power on you.

Rayne- No... shut up... your lying... (Tears now flowing from his eyes)

Siegfried - Yes all I had to do was make a deal with a certain deity name Lucifer... I told him I could bring him control of this entire world... he granted me this place. (Spreads his arms)

Saris- So all of...

Siegfried- Yes all of these demons all of the deaths now caused by the mindless Hive was just... to find you Vlade...


Siegfried- And Rayne you should know I have read the thoughts of your ?friends?... they have thoughts of betrayal...your betrayal...

Rayne- What...

Saris- Rayne don?t listen to him!

Siegfried- Silence Child! (Another hand grabs Saris) That is right Vlade they only helped you so that when they do betray you it will hurt more...

Rayne- I this true?

Saris- No!

Siegfried- Traitorous lies Vlade.

Saris- What is wrong with him?!

Alucard- He is in a broken state... people are easily manipulated when they are like that. But never this quickly... He must be controlling him.

Siegfried- Let me help you get revenge on these people...

Rayne- (Gets up) You shall pay for what you have done!

(The hand?s drop Alucard and Saris/Saris runs to Rayne)

Saris- Rayne you have to stop!

Rayne- Get off of me. (Smacks her out of the way)

Siegfried- Yes! Now I can finally finish what I have started! Uma sac um ach shi ma ta em mach ii yun mada ich mun sa chi eh be teeh mas nu mesa a numa tew mach su ne ma ha emchionsante Avatar of Terror!.... (You who once controlled the power of terror on all the heavens I command you to come forth! Come forth the combination of all fears the ruler of all nightmares! I command you come forth THE AVATAR OF TERROR!!!)

(Dark black flames ingulfed Rayne him writhing in pain/finally the pain subsided and Rayne looked up with his eyes a dark orange glow them and then a pair of black angel wings sprouted from his back)

Alucard- That demon...

(Enter Doma a.k.a. Avatar of Terror)

Rayne/Doma- Finally I have escaped that horrid prison that God put me in. You have my thanks Siegfried this body is the perfect vessel for me. Almost like my body...

Siegfried- My master... (kneeling before Doma)

Doma- However your services are no longer required... (Doma simply looked at Siegfried)

Siegfried- No... I have served you... I even gave you my own son?s body!

Doma- And I thank you for that... but you have out lived your usefulness! (Doma lifts Siegfried with his mind and crushed him) Now you two who are probably wondering what just took place. I am Doma and as you heard from Siegfried I am the Avatar of Terror a dogma created by God.

Saris- By God?

Doma- Yes... I was the only demonic creature God ever created I was used when Lucifer tried to conquer Heaven. God needed a General just as brutal and cunning as he was so he created me out of necessity. After Satan was subdued I was cast aside by God... until that final day when he comes back... when a hundred million angels sing... Judgement Day... You may call me the third horseman of the Apocalypse That mortal Siegfried set me free before I was supposed to be... fool... But since I am here why not bring forth that day a bit sooner then expected...

Alucard- Not in that body Doma!

Doma- Oh so scary Alucard... something like you can?t possibly take me down. But... if you insist upon fighting me... (A Ethereal blade shoots out of Doma?s hand) Then let get his over with.

Alucard- Fine. (Shoots Doma several times in the torso) How?s that?

Doma- Is that supposed to hurt?

Alucard- (fires several more shots into Doma) Why isn?t this doing anything?!

Doma- Your weapon was made for things of the devil... I am a thing of God. I will not be killed so easily. (Starts to walk towards Alucard slowly)

Alucard- DIE!! (Fires more shots until the clips ran out...[writers comment: Isn?t it weird they don?t run out until now?])

Doma- (All the shots hit and grazed him but he still did not go down) This is sad... I should just end this now... (He flaps his wings and rushes strait at Alucard and Sticks his sword in his stomach and keeps stabbing repeatedly) Now just fall... (Alucard falls apparently dead)

Saris- Master!

Doma- Leave this place child. You need not throw away your life... (Saris lifts up the AK-47 and fire a clip at Doma) Why... Why couldn?t you just listen to me... (turns around and walks towards Saris)

Saris- Rayne! Snap out of it!!!

Doma- He can not hear you... only Doma is here now. (Lifts his sword/he is fixing to make a downward swipe when...) Ah! Why can?t I...move my arm! *Rayne- (inside) I won?t let you hurt her! I won?t let you!* It seems the vessel... has stopped me from killing you...

Alucard- Control Alt Restriction level 5! (His last restriction level)

Doma- Hm? So he is still alive...

Alucard- (Stands up) So are you prepared?

Doma- Let?s end this quick I have a world to end...

Alucard- The only thing that will end is you.

Saris- Rayne is still in there!

Alucard- Then lets liberate him.

(Doma flies right at Alucard/Alucard barely dodging the blade. The fight continues for a bit until Doma loses it)

Doma- Why won?t you die!!!

Alucard- What?s wrong... not going as you planned?

Doma- Shut up! (Dark flames surround Doma) I will destroy this entire valley!!!! (Flames grow larger and larger/The sun eclipses) *Rayne- You will not do anything!* NO I CONTROL YOU NOW!!! (Grabs head and starts to shake it eraticly) You are mine! *Rayne- I won?t allow you to destroy again!* (The flames are now being sucked into the a vortex) NO THIS CAN?T BE HAPPENING! AHHHH!

(Then a booming voice as if coming from The Heavens rung out/only Doma could hear)

Voice- Doma... Your power will now destroy you... I am sorry it has come to this... I had hoped you would have understood... You were an important part of the End. If I had known you would be driven to this... I wouldn?t have sealed you like that..

Doma- NO! It is too late for apologies! You shouldn?t have done that I was one of the most devout... And I don?t think I could ever forgive you for abandoning me!

Alucard- Who is the hell is he talking to?

Voice- I never abandoned you... Why do you think that?

Saris- Abandoning him? Is he...

Doma- I have been alone for billions of years... I had no one to talk to... I was in perpetual darkness... No one was there... when I would plea to you to please let me see light once more you did not listen...

Voice- I... never knew you felt like that I created you with the sole purpose of winning the Battle against Lucifer. But you developed into something not even I could foresee... I... am sorry...

Doma- God... apologizing to one of his creations... then... is it possible I can be forgave for what I have done?

Voice- All can be forgave...

Doma- Thank you.... (Doma then leaves Rayne?s body/It falls to the ground)

Saris- Rayne?! (Runs over to the body)

Rayne- (Puts his hand on one of his wounds) He... I guess... I can go...

Saris- What! No your fine!

Rayne- Don?t kid yourself look at all the holes... It is amazing I am even talking right now... (Coughs up blood) good...bye... (Dies)

Saris- He?s gone...

Alucard- I guess the wounds went in to effect when Doma left the body...

Saris- I don?t know why but I feel sad that he is dead... I only knew him a few days...

Alucard- He was a good guy... hell one of the only humans I liked.

(Then a light from above shined down through the structure/ The bullets rose out of Rayne and his wounds closed/a breathe escaped from his mouth)

Rayne- (Slowly opened his eyes) Hey... what?s wrong?

Saris- You died. You died from your wounds. How?

Rayne-(Rayne just pointed up) Guess he didn?t want me... (He quickly sat up then stood up/walked over and pick up his sword and sheathed it)

Saris- Your going already?

Rayne- No! I just had a thought that this place is fixing to get blown off the face of the earth!

Alucard- I think we should leave too.


(A huge meteor hit the spire as soon as Alucard, Rayne and Saris exited it/ They sprinted pasted the demons that were left as more meteors fell/They finally got out of the Hives range and watch as it was pelted with falling rocks)

Rayne- Let go back... I need to get out of this damn country.

Alucard- I hear that...

Scene 11- Back at Hellsing

Integra- So it is dealt with?

Rayne- Yes thank you for the help. And if you ever need me here is a number to call. [writer?s comment- yeah thats right he had a phone the entire time! Some out it not getting damaged during this. I really didn?t think about it till now]

Integra- Thanks... your always welcome at Hellsing.

(Main Hall)

Alucard- So you are leaving.

Rayne- Yeah. I will be back sometime in the near future I can feel it. Anyway off to the Vatican to get that money! Wooho!

Alucard- He had reward money... silly bastard.


Rayne- (His phone starts to ring) A new job already? Hello? (Indistinct words) A demon? I bout had enough of those bastards. (Indistinct words) HOW MUCH? I will be there as soon as possible. Thank you. (Walk Off[Writer?s comment: Wooho! Squeal!])

PS- I posted this at 5 in the morning so i am not responsable for any indistinct random sentances.
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