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Writing Iruka's Princess (M-S)


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Everyone I ever knew always thought my life was the best there was but I always fought with them about it. I guess I should explain before I ramble on. My name is Idril Katashi hire to the Katashi throne in the Air County far away from the fire country or any country for that matter. Yes that right, I?m a princess but before you start dreaming of my life and how wonderful my life must be, you?re wrong. A princess life in my country anyway is just to be beautiful and bare the next hire preferably a male. There have been times in my country where women have take the throne and rule but those times were short lived. Ever women that had became Queen and ruled without a King where beheaded in the town center. That?s one of two reasons why I left; the other reason is in six mouths I was to be married Prince Uzi of some town it my Kingdom but his name was a gods name compare to how he looks. Uzi was nice looking and all but he smelled worse the crap and corpse mix together. Any girl that has a brain knows a guy that smells should hide or better yet take a bath. His smell is not the only thing that will kill you he has the brain of a box of rocks subtract the rocks. Now that you know my background, you must be thinking that I?m crazy to leave to go to another county, what will I do there but I got that all ready covered. Although woman can?t do majority of the things the wish they could do, we are required by law to learn the basics of Jutsu and a Jutsu at most. Since I?ve ran away I?ve cloak myself as a Chuunin Ninja and am now on my way to work in the Village hidden in the leaves as a chuunin teacher. This is where the real story begins.

I was walking through a thick forest early in the morning with the sun shining bright through the trees and the wind blowing my long purple hair to my right. I was wearing a long white shirt with a pink inner shirt, purple priestess pants and large belt a round my waist. My forehead protector was tied around my left arm and my sword tucked into my belt. I came to a cliff that over looking the village. Ion the mountains I saw five faces carved out of it, there was four men and a female. I walked down the steep cliff into the village and start to the Hokage?s office. In there was two women, one with short black hair and black eyes about 5?8 or so and the other with blond hair, amber eyes, with a small diamond on her head and I believe 5?4. The one with the blond hair was the hokage but how messy she kept her office it was hard to tell. ?Here you go.? She said as we exchanged papers. ?This will help you fine your new living area and where you will be working you may start today if you want.? ?Thank you? I said bowing before I walked out. As I left, I hear the women with the short hair wish me good luck and mutter I would need it.

(Tsunade Prov.) I read the piece of paper that told of Idril?s achievement and how her coming to work in this village would be a great loss for the wind Country. ?Do you think she can handle the class, after all five teachers have all ready quite.? Shizune said holding Ton-Ton in here arms. I placed my head on my hands and smiled ?I believe she can, she ain?t known as the strictest teacher known to man for nothing.? ?Well then don?t you think you should get back to work Tsunade?? I banged my head on the desk moaning. The office was over flowing with papers I need to read and it was going to take all day. ?Come we?ll get sake afterwards? with that I jumped up roll up my sleeves and looking through the paper like no tomorrow. (End Prov.)

I had just found my new living place as the hokage called it. It was a small apartment and I mean small, It was just one room with a couch a table and a kitchen. The bed was there to but it was just a mattress on the floor that so you couldn?t really call it a bed. The only other room that was in the apartment was the bathroom, it too was small just enough room to fit two people. Like that will ever happen. I dropped my dark purple bag, that was on my back, on the floor and walked over to the kitchen cupboards and looked in them. They were stuffed with food, some I never even heard of. Thank god, for that, I was broke and I mean broke. I grabbed a cup of instant Raman for the light brown cupboards and started heating up some water. I ate my Raman on the light rickety thing called a table. If you wondering why I?m eating Raman it because I didn?t feel like cooking anything and if you promise not to tell I can?t cook. I know but hey remember I was a princess at one time so you can?t really blame me. Anyway when I finished my Raman and tossed in the trash, I decided to go see where I worked. What a big mistake that was.
I had just found my classroom and opened the door to see children yelling and throwing paper airplanes everywhere. ?EVERYONE IN YOUR SEATS NOW!? the children looked at me then ran to their seats like Ice cream melting on a hot day. I shut the door and went to write my name on the board. ?Ok children my name is Idril but you will refer to me as Idril-sensei or Idril ma?am, Got it!? ?Yes ma?am? ?what you say?!? ?Yes Idril Ma?am!? I must admit I was a little hard on them. They had missed over 10 chapters and were getting farther behind the other classes each day. I know you must be mad at me for being so strict but you be glad to know we were able to get through five chapters. Now they and a stack of homework but its not due for at least two days.

Soon as class was over I went into the teachers lounge and started grading worksheets the class had done but only half did well. As I walked in I saw a man with brown hair put up into a ponytail doing some grading as well. I sat down beside him since I hated to be alone and more to the point he could help me seeing as I was new. The man sitting next to me was chewing on his pencil planning or at least I think he was thinking of what to do tomorrow. I caught him glancing at me a couple of times but I just ignored it until he said, ?I think you marked number 22 wrong on that work sheet.? I looked that that question and noticed that he was right. ?Thanks. By the way my name is Idril Katashi.? ?My Name Is Iruka Umino, please to meet you Idril.? He said extending his right hand. I just grunted and went back to grading. I know, I know, I shouldn?t have been so cold but I couldn?t help it I always act like that when I?m around a guy I like. Not saying that I like him or any thing he is good looking but I don?t-. Never mind. That was the first time I met Iruka but from that day on I always went to him for help. Not that I need it with my class I had that down pat. I just kept going to him because I like his smile it was so warm and friendly, something you know you can trust. Just so you know I do like that.

Three weeks have past and I?ve gotten to know Iruka a little better as well as my students too. I managed to catch them up just in time for the monthly test. Now I?m working on teaching them how to sit still. If I can. After class today, I went straight home to collapse on my bed. I wasn?t in the mood to stay after class and grade papers I?ll just do them at home. I stared at the ceiling missing Naoko my dress maid that help me get away from my old life. She was a small woman about my age who spent her life helping me ever since I could remember. She was the closest thing to a best friend heck she was my best friend. I hit my head with my right hand froe forgetting to check the mail. I got up unwillingly and checked the mail, a bunch of it was junk. One letter had my name hand written in a rare scrip and smelled of Stephanotis?s. I sat down on the couch and read it:
[i]Dearest Friend Idril

This is the first time I have been able to write to as you can see. Everything has gone haywire since you left but none the less, everything is ok. The country?s top detectives out looking for you but know fear because Uzi picked them out himself. Speaking of Uzi, he actually had the courage to yell at you farther about your whereabouts. You father respond by treating to in the engagement if he didn?t watch it. It was funny you should have been here but I know where you are now is much better.

Your bestest dress Maid/Best friend

[b]P.S.[/b] I hate to tell you this but I just found out just moment ago after writing this letter. King Maki is now on his way to check out the Fire country. I wouldn?t worry too much with the cover up we got you he should be unable to recognize his own daughter. So please write, I love to here about your new life.[/i]

I shredded the letter and toss the pieces in the air. No one knew my father like me besides my mother, and we both knew that he could find me if he worked hard enough. My father had a way of making people talk if you know what I mean. I went to the cupboard, pulled out some sake and a cup, and started drinking. Drinking was the only thing I could think of at the time to escape from the fear of my father and what he might find out. After about twenty drinks or so, I?m unable to recall what happen next.

[color=red](Iruka?s Prov.)[/color] I was walking home from the academy and I just so happen to walk past Idril?s apartment on the way so I decided to stop and see how she was doing since she didn?t so up at the teachers lounge today. I knock on the door but got no reply. I knock again this time the door open on its own. I walked in to see Idril sitting on the couch in the dark. I flick on the light switch to reveal Idril as drunk as a can be. ?Idril what wrong with you?? I said sitting down beside her. She looked at me with her glass red eyes. She was in a long pink nightdress, the right strap hanging off her shoulder. I could smell the strong stench of sake on her breath as she tried to speak. ?Iruka so nice to see you.? She said placing her head on my chest. My heart started to beat fast and I was getting hot under the collar. I felt her place her hand up my shirt, I jumped up in surprised yelling ?Idril what?s wrong with you? What are you thinking?? She stood up and pushed me down onto the other couch behind me. ?Come Iruka I want to have fun Please!? She said wrapping her arms around my neck. I could see her lips come closer to mine as I felt one of her knees slid between my legs. I pushed her away feeling a weird feeling. She got back up and I punched her in the stomach making sure it would only knock her out for the night. I placed in her bed and sat back down on the couch. I should have left then but I was to afraid that she might hurt herself, besides I was to tied to walk home fighting a drunken woman is hard especially when it?s Idril. I watch her sleep as sleep came to me too. [color=red](End Prov.)[/color]

I woke up to light piercing through the window hitting me right in the eyes. I tossed the pillow on my head mobbing about shooting the person who invented the sun. As my eyes adapted to the light I removed the pillow to see Iruka sleeping on my couch. Immediately thoughts ran through my head about what could have happened but I set those thoughts aside remembering that Iruka was like that, at least from what I know. I got up and walked over to Iruka taking my cover with me. I wrapped the blanket around him and sat down beside him cuddling as much as I could without it looking like it if he woke up. I wished that moment could have just stood still forever. I much rather be with Iruka and him not knowing what?s going on then my father trying to find me. I could hear Iruka?s heartbeat and him breathing it felt so different yet so much the same as mine. I heard grumbling and looked up to see him waking up. As soon as he saw me beside him, he jump to the side pointing at me with his face steaming hot red. ?Did you?did I?did we?? He said his arm that was pointing at me trembling in shock. I just gave him the ?No duh? look and said ?well we both still have our clothes on and I woke up in my bed so the obvious answer would be NO!? Iruka let out a deep sigh of relief, sat down and explained what happen between or almost happen between us. ? WHAT!? I screamed scurrying to the other side of the couch. ?I DID THAT!? He just nodded his head trying to hide the blush but clearly not doing a good job. ?Sorry I didn?t-? My words were stopped by Iruka?s index finger to my lips. ?It?s ok Just promise to lay off the sake for awhile. Ok?? I nodded my head in agreement then out of fun, I whispered in his ear ?And I?ll make sure I?m sober when we decide to actually do it. If you know what I mean.? His face returned to the steaming hot red it was earlier. ?JUST KIDDING!? I yelled smacking his back causing him to fall to the ground. I laughed seeing the swirls in his eyes. When he recovered, he started to laugh with me. That was the first time I ever laughed, I mean really laugh. Laughing as a princess was just laughing at other people?s pain, which my father loved but laughing at my own fault was much more enjoyable. I knew from experience that anything that I enjoy must end now matter how much I wish a plead; I knew that this part of my life was far from a happy ending but I knew I can benefit from it while I can. I only got one life to live after all.

It?s been five moths and the first letter was the only letter I received from Naoko. I know it takes at least two week to get a letter here but this ridiculous. I had sent 555 letters about my new life mostly about Iruka to her but no reply. I?m staring to worry that something?s bad has happen to her. After class, I went out back and starting practicing with my sword with a dummy. I kept this up even when the rain started to fall.

(Iruka?s Prov.) I was getting ready to leave for the day when I heard a sword hit wood repetitively. I went over to see Idril working on improve sword skills. As the rain fell, her long purple stuck to her face and so did her white shirt. I could feel myself turn red as her clothes trapped itself against her body and as the rain mixed with her sweat. It seemed like hour I watch her, when she finally finished up for the day. I was still in a daze at how beautiful she looked all wet. Idril Sheath her sword and started to walk my way. She must have just noticed me, walked up, and grabbed my hand. (End Prov.)

When I saw Iruka standing and watching me, he was soaked. Without thinking I grabbed his hand took him to my apart. When we got there, I got a bunch of towels and handed half of then to him.

"You can change in the bath room." I said walk to my dresser.

"What will I wear?" Iruka said.

I smiled "just go in I?ll bring you something. Oh and hand your clothes up in the shower."

My dresser was messy but I managed to find a pair of my pants that where to baggy for me. I knocked on the bathroom door but didn?t hear anything. I knock again then I said I was opening the door. I open the door and quickly I turned bright neon red. Iruka turn trying to cover himself. I couldn?t stop looking at his nicely toned chest and before I knew it, my eyes were working their way down. I throw the pant to him and shut the door be fore my mind join my eyes in dirty thoughts. As soon as Iruka came out, I rushed in and changed too. I came out and saw Iruka sitting on the couch, wit his tone chest just shining; I shook my head and sat next to him. I must admit that he looked funny in purple baggy pants you could tell that it just didn?t look right. I tried to keep my eye off him but he was so fine that I couldn?t take it any more. I leaned my head on his shoulder. I felt his muscular arm move over and wrap itself around my waist. My hand start to get a mind of its own as it rubbed up and down his abdomen and chest.

"Can you please stop?" Iruka said. I looked up in to his eye and I couldn?t believe what happened next.

(Iruka?s Prov.) My eyes met with Idril?s for the first time in a couple of minutes and something about how she looks and how she said ?sorry? that I just loved. With out realizing what I was doing I bent down and placed her lips on mine, her lips were soft yet strong. The small peck turned into a fast tongue war and she was wining. She was now on her back with me on top, her figures running all over my back and hair. My right hand cup her cheek and worked its way down and started to remover her shirt when I heard a small moan come from her lips. I stopped and sat saying I was sorry but Idril just said

"Its ok I liked it"

and stared to kiss me again. I felt her hands run over my chest working their way to down, planning remove the pants. I couldn?t let her out do me so I ripped her shirt off and started to kiss her beast hearing her moan out my name. I cup her left breast and suck her right until it was rock hard then I switched. Her moan got louder as I worked my way down. I felt her slip out from under me I sat up to see what was wrong before I knew it she had ripped off my pants and was now sucking my manhood. Her wet lips licking me like a lolly pop slowly slipping in and out of her mouth, it was driving me crazy. I could her smirk as she slowed the pace even more. I couldn?t take it anymore, pushes her on the floor, and ripped off her pants. Her woman hood was wet and just got wetter as I fingered it. Idril?s pulled my face in for another passionate kiss, which was much better than the last. When our lips part I swear I heard, Idril beg for me inside her. I added another finger and rubbed my thumb on her clit. This time she said it louder and I did was she wished. I pulled my figures out slowly and then push my manhood into her gently at first but then Idril said.

"You don?t have to go slow on my count."

With that I didn?t hold back any longer and thrusted in to her. Her tight wall felt so great, going in and out. She was in the rhythm as me faster than I expected. Soon I stared to fill my self lose control. Idril came fifteen minutes later and I after her. Hearing her scream my name was the beast part as her nails dove into my back skin. We kept this up for half the night when we finally fell asleep we were laying on our side with me still in her. (End Prov.)

The next morning I woke to the warm of Iruka and the cold of the wooden floor under me. When I tried to move I felt that Iruka was still me, so I have to wake him up and with out starting something have him remove himself from me. We got en the shower removing his clothes from the shower first and as soon as I turned the water on, I could feel Iruka kissing my neck. Feeling him body behind me, as his hands run up and down my body. I turned around to lock my lips with his feeling my hand run though long hair. Iruka pushed me against the wall and started kissing my neck. I pushed him back and looked in to it chocolate-coated eyes.

"Remember we got to work today so we can?t fool around right now."

"Heh I now."

We finished our shower, got dress, ate breakfast, and headed off to work holding hands. We were walking in the town center when we heard the sound of horses coming this way. A dust cloud in the distance comes closer. In A flash, a man with spiky dark purple hair and black eyes had a trope of solider on each side of him. My grip tightens around Iruka?s hand as the thought of this man burning this village apart because I knew what he would do. This man, this poor excuse for a king was my father. Tsunade rushed out and started yelling at my father.

"Who do you think you are coming into this village with out permission?"

My father looked down with his cold lifeless eyes

"You must be the Kage of this village."

"I am."

"I?m King Maki of the Air Country. I?m here looking for my daughter."

"What make you think she?s here?"

My father holds out a bunch of crumble prices of papers in his hand.

"Because these letters are address form here."

My hands were now shaking viciously.

"Idril are you alright?" Iruka asked holding my hands.

I looked up at him unable to say a word.

"All right men move out. Remember the princess has a birthmark in the shape of the rare sayuri tiger lily on her back."

The soldiers started grabbing women and ripping their shirts.

"You have no right to do this!" Tsunade Yelled

"STOP IT NOW" I yelled running out of the crowd that had now gathered.

"Please stop"
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