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Request Artwork needed for upcoming Otaku Event


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[size=1]All I need right now is a 300x100 banner (1 pixel border) that reads 'The Great OtakuBoards Scavenger Hunt.' I don't have anything specific in mind, in terms of colors of images or what. You have complete creative control over what you want to do, just keep in mind that this is going to be a fun summer-y event.

Thanks for your help. I need this ASAP.

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[size=1]This is what happens when requesters don't have "anything specific in mind". You get something really, really random.




I'm fine with modification or a complete overhaul. As for the rest of you artists who take requests, you're a shame to the Art Studio. This was more a royal decree from heaven, not just a request, and you failed to answer. Great job. :p[/size]
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