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Jade Ryu Productions

Lady Saiya-jin

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[COLOR=limegreen]Jade Ryu Productions is my dream of conquering the barriers of animation and taking it to the next level. The name Jade Ryu originates from "Jade Dragon". This in fact was going to be the name of my daughter but god changed the cables and blessed me with a son. :eek: I currently am producing a game called Samurai Knights 2199 pending a distributor. I put an offer in the old otaku boards for anyone that could give me a name. SSJ2 Gohu was the one that put 2 & 2 together. I hope to have offices here and in Japan..but if you guys want to know more post here or send me a message.....Later:cool: [/COLOR]

This is the banner from the boards that we had, but it's down now..enjoy...
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