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Anime Sailor Victory


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Did anyone see it last night?

Oh yeah, only those ppl with the International Channel will have seen it

It was on after DBZ...

did anyone see it?

For those who didnt... breif summary

5 teenage girls and 1 android were saving their town in giant robots.. now I know what you are thinkg... and the answer is no. It was nothing like Sailor Moon... I saw it and I was just wondering if anyone else did b/c i thought it was pretty good
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*nods head*

That's rigght Shy, just keep telling yourself that...

[COLOR=deeppink]*Mimi walks over and kisses Shyguy* Still say you don't like me?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]Your really evil Alice... me likes[/COLOR] :love:

:babble: Muahaha!! I had to do that

Did you catch the names of them? The two green haired girlswere Mami and Annie the Android, the pink one was Reiko... and the girl with blue hair was Kiyomi who were the other two? Gino ad Sagano were the two robots.. remember the toher one's names?
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