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People are sick man, sick!!


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I was watching the news an hour ago ( i know this isn't much compared to the rest of the worlds problems) and on it was a special report about an attempted murder and murder case. Anyhow the story is that a guy and his mother were driving along murphy's creek road (country road about 15min from my house) when there car was rammed by another from behind continuously, so any how they pull over to let the car pass. When they stop, the other car pulls alongside and this guy pulls out his shot gun and just starts shooting at them, they both get badly wounded, and they start to drive away, up a driveway. The guy shooting at them drives off.

The man in the house sees them and calls an ambulance and the police. The police come and drive up and down murphy's creek road and find this fancy car with a man inside the boot with his throat slashed.

The police called forensics, and it turns out nothing was taken, the car was in perfect condition except the dents in the back bumber bar and all the blood. The only motive is sick sadistic fun.

This is not a story that i made up, this was on the news and happened on christmas eve!!!! 15 minutes away from me!!

If I ever see that guy :cussing::cussing::cussing::cussing::cussing:!!!!
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