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[COLOR=Navy]I first heard about this game on Bungie forums, when it was announced that it would include a Halo 3 beta invite. I wanted to play the beta, but I didn't want to pay $60 for it and a game I might not like (from want I had heard, Crackdown was going to be terrible), so when I got my 360 a few weeks ago, I decided to download the demo and try it myself. I was very surprised with it.

For a demo, there was a lot to do. There was a barrier, which is to be expected, but I didn't even know about it until I played the demo a few times because I was so busy playing around in the area they gave you. It was about as big as one of the cities in a Grand Theft Auto game. However, once you reach two stars in any ability (or play for 30 minutes) a timer starts and you have 30 minutes left. This isn't enough time to get all of your abilities maxed out, which is annoying, but understandable.

Basically, you're a genetically altered super cop who's mission is to rid the city of the three gangs that have taken over. There is law enforcement (called Peacekeepers), but they can barely defend their headquarters (the Keep). From what I've heard, there isn't much more to the story, which is disappointing. What's interesting, though, is how you take out the gangs.

Each gang has a kingpin and six other bosses, each contributing in a different way. It's entirely possible to go straight for the kingpin right off the bat, but you could also try a more strategic approach. By killing the lower bosses, the gang becomes weakened in certain areas (i.e. killing the boss in charge of weapons means the gang won't be as well-armed). This makes the kingpin an easier target. Another way of increasing your odds against bosses is to attack their hideout in different ways. Obviously going in through the front door would lead to a lot of resistance. However, if the hideout is by the water, for example, you could swim there and attack from behind.

Targeting in this game is great. You can lock on to targets and choose different parts of the target (wheels, gas tank, head, arm, leg, etc.) causing different effects. Shooting a gang members legs will make him fall. Shooting his arm will make him drop his gun. Shooting a car's tire will make it crash if it is going relatively fast (and sometimes it will even flip over). However, you have to use at least some manual aim if you want to lock onto the correct target. Also, some parts take longer to lock onto, such as the head. This takes less time if you crouch down or increase your firearms skill.

One of the most fun things about this game is increasing your stats: agility, driving, explosives, strength, and firearms. When you reach level 100 for a stat, you get a star next you that skill (max 4), your appearance changes, and your abilities in that stat increase.

[b]Agility[/b]: faster running and more jumping distance.

[b]Driving[/b]: makes driving easier (obviously) but it also makes the three Agency vehicles available at the Keep faster and changes their appearance. Once you reach four stars, each Agency vehicle gets a special ability.

[*]The Supercar (which is used to wedge under vehicles in your way) gets two heavy machine guns, as well as looking suspiciously like the Batmobile.
[*]The SUV (used to go over obstacles) gets the ability to jump, as well as being able to ride up walls for a short period of time. This was actually a glitch, but the developers decided to leave it in when they found out.
[*]The Truck Cab (used to smash through obstacles) gets a nitro boost which allows it to send cars flying and causes them to explode.
[b]Explosives[/b]: makes your explosions bigger and more dangerous.

[b]Strength[/b]: makes your melee attacks stronger and allows you to lift heavier objects. You also gain more health.

[b]Firearms[/b]:l increases your accuracy and makes it easier to lock onto targets. I've heard that it also lets you zoom in further with scoped weapons.

My one concern with this game is that it won't have much replay value. However there are things that would probably keep me playing. For one, it has online and system link co-op play. I could team up with friends and take down bosses, do tricks, or just have a fight with them. Also, the game is going to have downloadable content, the first batch being ten new Agent skins, and later a replay editor. Realtime Worlds has also said that it would be nice to add an Agency Motorbike or more areas, which I hope comes true.

Is anyone else excited about this game? I can't wait until next Tuesday.[/COLOR]

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Ive read a few posts about this game and personally I don't think the game looks too good. I see where it interests people with being able to pick up alot of stuff and throw it and you can go wherever in the city but.. its just not my type of game. I'm loving the first person shooters! :D

Im definately going to try it out though because I gotta try it once.

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