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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]As you may all know; Half Life 2 was created using the Source engine by Valve. Followed by Half-Life: Source, and then continuing the trend making Counter-Strike into a Source game. The Source engine is one of the best middleware engines available because of how solid its physics are so it was only a matter of time before a third party developer took advantage of that and made a sandbox style game where you can manipulate the physics within the Source engine.

Thus Garry's Mod was born.

Around November of 2006 they released Garry's Mod 10 which fixed and addressed many glitches and bugs found in the free Garry's Mod 9 and added a whole slew of new items and tools to help you create all kinds of contraptions.

What Garry's Mod is, essentially, is taking the game play aspect out of Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike: Source, and Day of Defeat: Source among others and dropping you into the middle of a map of your choice with a gun that can manipulate things around you within the confines of the physics of the Source engine.

So by using gravity you can drop a really heavy ball on top of a fulcrum and send something flying up by force, or welding together 5 explosive barrels and sending them up by balloon to be shot from below to emulate fireworks. Really, your imagination is the limits.

Not only can you create crazy contraptions they let you mess with the rag doll physics too. If you spawn an npc rag doll thats what they'll be; limp, lifeless, and there for you to mess with. Pose them how you want, drop them off of buildings, use them as your guinea pigs in catapult experiments...Anything. Personally the rag dolls are my favorite part of Garry's Mod but, eh, I've been known to flex my creative muscles from time to time.

A few poses I created were things such as Max Payne getting thrown through a window by Jack Carver from Far Cry, or a terrorist kicking a vending machine and then getting what was coming to him. Its all pretty cool.

So, do any of you have Garry's Mod 10? If not then you need to get a Source engine game and then get Garry's Mod 10. Buy Counter-Strike: Source (Best FPS ever made.) and then buy Garry's Mod 10. You won't be unhappy.

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