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Guest General-Duke

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Guest General-Duke
First of all it is ment for a game called Ogame and i want to start my own Alliance but to attract any players it has to have a good ally pic.

My request is using this picture: [url]http://www.starcraft.org/fanart/digital3D/446[/url]
and ad the text

"The Confederacy needs YOU"
"Join up NOW!!!"

the resolution isn't a problem if u just dont go higher as the picture itself. And if it could be animated like going from one side to another and then the text 1 by 1 would be great too.

i have tried this and it worked but i came up with a 8.8MB .gif file... not very user friendly is it... xD

Ow BTW heres the one i made as an example: [url]http://www.freewebs.com/battlecruiser/Film%20orig.gif[/url]

tnxs in advance
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