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Writing [Discussion/Ideas] So, here's the thing.

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I'm trying ever so slowly to write a book. I say slowly because ... hell, I'm a senior in high school, like I have time to write anything right now. But I'm only gonna work this summer, no summer courses, so I figured I'd ask around and see if anybody's actually read this nonsense.

The gist is that eons and eons before any of us were even imagined, before the dinosaurs and whatever thing what made them go bye-bye, all those things we consider fantasy [I]existed[/I]. The most powerful of these fantastical things (and here comes the cliché) were dragons; the guardians and rulers of this whole realm.

Unfortunately with every form of civilization comes war, and the same is true even with the inhuman. There was a great battle waging between two ruling factions of dragons -- those that served the emperor and those who defied him, aptly named 'Defects'. The war did not look in the emperor's favor.

And so the emperor called upon his five most powerful, his most loyal generals -- of which he knew one was the leader of these Defects. He said that his bidding was to be done without question -- that they would be split from themselves, sealed away before the destruction of their world. Then, on one day, they would all be called upon again, to make themselves whole and finish the battle that would inevitably resume in the future. The traitor of course refused and he was the first to be split -- foreshadowing how lengthy and painful a process would be to those who were loyal. Given the option to refuse, none spoke out to so it -- and they each were torn asunder, their power cast into the great Sea of Time to find its own vessel. To be hidden away in what would become naught but a simple human...

...until of course, Resurrection.

That's ... the basics, which I'll admit came out a little melodramatic (what can I say, English is my last class of the day, we're doing a creative writing unit). I'd be happy to post a bit of the prologue if anyone would like to see; I'm just trying to get a feel for what kinda of people might be interested to read it.
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