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Writing The Legend of Zelda: New Heros (PG-LV)


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It has been a hundred years since the Hero of Time had slayed the mighty King of Evil, Ganondorf and all of his minons. For this time it has been peaceful and the decendants of the Hero have not had to pick up the Sword.

But a dark cloud looms over the people of Hyrule. A new evil has emerged and is searching for the Hero her or himself:

A demonic looking woman viewed the open fields of Hyrule as she thought "..I heard the hero of time defeated Ganon.....He must be removed before he can stop me from ruling Hyrule...maybe this will get his attention." as a group of Skulltula's appeared and started attacking the farms.

A girl woke with a start when her brother rushed out the door to attack whatever was attacking the Farmers in the Hyrule Fields.

"Brother are you leaving?" she asked.

He nodded and kept running and got on his horse and sped off.

Lina as well got up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Things were usually lazy in the summer. Something didn't feel right to her.

Tara saw the Hero of time coming as she summoned a skulltula to attack Link as she disappeared herself. Lina followed her brother out to where he was fighting the skulltulas. She saw him winning for a while but suddenly it began to go bad. Link was geting beat bad.

"Come on Link you can do it..." said Lina watching from a hidden spot. Tara suddenly reappeared from behind Link as she did a stab at Link's exposed back.Link turned and was struck non fatally in the abdomin.

Lina nearly yelled out but stayed silent.

Tara smirked as she said "I will keep the hero of Time as a war trophy. My children, you may eat as much as you want as a reward." as she disappeared again. The skulltulas then went mad as they started eating any living thing in sight.

Lina saw one of the skulltula look at her and start running at her. She got up and ran as fast as she could back home. Finally, she got away and locked herself in thier house and sat on the floor in front of the door and started to sob softly.

"Why..." she said to herself. But, The skulltula saw Lina's house and started ramming the door. Lina jumped away from the door and backed up to the wall. From the wall above two things fell from the mount behind her. Her brothers old shield and sword he used before his new ones were forged. She shakely picked them up and put on the shield and drew the sword. She shook from pure fear. The skulltula broke down the door as it ran at Lina in hunger. Lina just thrusted her sword at the Skulltula but, the blow did nothing to the Skulltula's hard surface as it snickered and charged at Lina. Lina blocked the attack but was forced back to the wall. She began to slash wildly at the Skulltula.

"Just go away and leave me alone..."

The skulltula blocked with its shell as it rammed at Lina.Lina held the sword out in front of her.

"Go away..." she said shaking. The Skulltula snickered at its prey as it charged again.Lina pushed it off of her shield.

"..." she whimpered. Lina without hesistaion and out of fear plunged the sword into the Skulltuna killing it. "..." she sat down and sobbed.


Tara reappeared in an hidden underground cave. He tied Link up with web as she hit him in the face gently and said "Wake up." Link looked side to side then at Tara.

"Where have you taken me?!" he yelled.

Tara smirked and replied "You are in my liar, of course. You are my war trophy" as she stuck Link to the wall and said "So when the skulltulas rule over Hyrule, they will know that their hero of time can't save them"

Link struggled in his binds.

"I won't let you win..."

Tara sat on Link's lap as he said "Oh? And how will you stop me? With no weapons, no magic, not even a way to move your hands."

Link stopped struggling.

"If I can't save them..."

Tara lifted Link as she brought him next to the throne and tied him to the wall. She replied "You seem brave now, but you will be mine, Hero of Time" as she continued sitting on his lap. Link struggled.

Tara then asked Link "Hero, do you know of anyone else who could oppose me?"

"No..." said Link.

Tara replied "are you sure? Not anyone?" as she played wiht Link's hair

"No... I am sure..." said Link.

Tara smiled as she got off Link and said "I see....tell me Hero fo time, did you kill Ganondorf?"

"Your thinking of an ansestor..." said Link.

Tara replied "Oh? If you say so" as she sat on her throne. "Hero,are you hungry?"

"No..." said Link as his stomach growled.

Tara replied "Oh? Really? Then you wouldn't mind if I didn't feed you for a few days?"

"I don't care... You won't get any pleasure from me bending to you..." said Link.

Tara replied "Hero of Time, you are quite cute when you are trying to act brave."


Lina still shooken up opened the door to the house.

"Are they anymore out there?"

The area was silent as the skulltulas left the area. The farms were destroyed as only the chickens seemed to survive.

"What is going on? Is there anyone alive?" asked Lina to herself. "And brother is... I can't help..."

She scanned for any Skulltulas and ran to her brothers abdution spot. Only thing was a hat. She picked it up and slowly put it on.

"I will save you brother..."

An Octo was happily walking down the trail, when he noticed that the farms were pillaged. He quickly rushed to see what happened and saw Lina, with a sword in hand. He snorted angirly at her.
Lina looked and say a Octo.

"Why is one of those out here?" she wimpered. "Um... Hello? Are you lost?" she asked shakily.

The Octo looked back and forth at the dead farmers. Then at Lina's bloody blade and charged at her in rage. Lina ran.

"First that Skulltula and now this? I was only trying to be nice..." she said running.

Octo shot a giant boulder at Lina as he charged at her. Lina dodged and kept running.

"Why are these bad things happening to me today?!" she said running and sniffing. Octo shot several more boulders at Lina. Lina was caught by one of the rock and fell with a yell of pain.

"Leave me alone..." she said starting to sob. Octo's fury seem to disappear from Lina's tears as he stopped and turned back to a purpleish color. It then slowly approached Lina.

"First brother is taken and I was attacked by a Skulltula now a Octo is trying to hurt me.... Why?!" she said sobbing more. Octo approached Lina as he lifted her onto his back and started walking back ot the farms. Lina was surprised when the Octo was being nice.

"Why are you..." she asked wiping some tears away.

The Octo looked happy as he dropped Lina off at her home. Then walked off, looknig for the destroyer of the town.

Lina stood up afterard then with a smile she waved.

"Thank you!"


Days passed as Tara remained in her liar. She smiled at Link and asked "Hero, you need food to survive. Is there anything you desire? I could get it for you."

"Shut up... I don't need anything from you..." said Link weakly.

Tara replied "Hero, you look pale. If you keep this up, you will die. Are you giving up on your homeland?"

"... I will escape..."

Tara asked "Hm? How do you plan on doing that?"

"I will find a way..." said Link

Tara snapped as a Skulltula brought meat in its hands. Tara held it in her hand and said to Link "Here, eat."


Tara put the meat to Link's face as she said "Eat, I command it!" Link spat it out.

"You can go to hell!"

Tara snapped her fingers as two skulltula appeared and forced Link's mouth open. She then proceeded to put the food in Link's mouth and forced him to shallow. Link swallowed and choked some.

"Damn you... WHy do you keep me like this?!"

Tara replied "I keep you bound up becuase you are my prisoner, obviously"

"If I am such a threat why don't you kill me?"

She replied "Becuase, I like you"

"What?!" said Link surprised.

"Nothing!" said Tara as she quickly left the room. A golden skulltula went to Link and replied "My sincerest apologies, our mistressis stress with her work. Do tell me if you desire anything. Our mistress wishes for your health. "


The golden skulltula then replied "Is there anything you desire?"

"Where am I?"

The skulltula thought and siad "I don't see how that piece of data would help you escape. You are serveral hundred feet below Hyrule. This is the catacombs of the skulltula. It is very difficult to find your way out and vica versa."

"Tell me more about... Tara."

The skulltula thought again and replied "Our mistress's life has been a confusing one. Before her reign, was her mother's. Ah, a very benevolent queen she was indeed. But her children were massacered by you land-dwellers. So few of us were left that our caves were defenseless and a demon managed to enter the queen's chamber, we would do nothing to help our queen. But instead, he made a deal with the queen. He promised strength to all of her skulltula in return for her next heir in line to look nothing like other Skulltula. The queen reluctently agreed and the skulltula were able to drive the landdwellers back. But on that day when Mistress Tara was born, she looked nothing like the other skulltula and was shunned for that reason. She was still a skulltula for her ability to spin webs and vonom, but looked nothing like us. Always alone, Tara grew up by herself and when the queen died, Tara came to power and declared that everyone would attack the landdweelers that forced her to look like a demon. Many skulltula attacked the surface and our mistress lead us. But we were overpowered by Hyrule's forces as she saw many of us die, she became somewhat of a pacifist.....but now, even I, her most faithful servent, don't know her plans"

"Hm... Kind of like Gramdpa's story when he was a young boy... Everyone shunned him just becasue he didn't have a Fairy Partner..." said Link.

The skulltula replied "Indeed, there is nothing worse then being shunned. I hope you understand if the mistress seems quite childish." as the skulltula walked away fro mthe throne and asked "Is there anything I could get you?"


The skulltula bowed and replied "Then I must be off. I have many things to do. Do feel free to call me if you need anything" as he left.


There was a loud knock at the door a man in a black shread looking robe was at the door with a younger girl with near lifeless eyes.

Kane, the golden skulltula that talked to Link, opened the door and asked "weclome, please state your business."

"Oh Hello I am just here to ask the Queen some questions... I am just seeking to help. Please tell her, I am here... Just tell her she has a visitor." said the man. "Isn't this fun Anju?"

She only nodded slightly.

Kane looked suspiciously at the person and replied "Oh? Is she expecting you?"

"Oh No. I am showing up as a surprise... But tell her I have something that might interest her."

Kane said suspiciously "Fine....but I warn you, if you harm her...." as he let the two in. There, Tara was stilling at her throne and Kane said "Mistress, you have visitors

"Ah. My Majesty..." said the man bowing. "I am here to help you in your goals of conquest...This is my...daughter Anju. Say hi Anju."

Anju looked up and mutter the words, "Hi..." quietly.

Tara replied "Hm? How would you do that?"

"Of course of course how would someone like me help you? Oh, by giving you an addition to your army..." he said snapping his fingers and summoning a small shadow monster with a pumpkin head and a axe stuck in it. "This is my gift..." he said holding out a pumpkin charm.

Tara asked suspiciously "Oh? And what is the price for this, creature?"

The man just smiled and put his hands on Anju's shoulders again.

"I will be going somewhere my daugther can't... And all I want is for you to watch over her whileI am gone..." he handed Anju the charm. "Now give this to Tara..."

Anju nodded and ran over then offered the charm.

Tara replied "That is all? No catch?" as she took the charm

"Thats right. There is no catch... Just watch my daugther..." he said turning around. "Be good Anju..."

Anju nodded.

Tara turned to Link and asked "Hero of time, have you seen this before?" as she showed the charm to Link.

LInk i head, "No. and your thinking about some one else... Maybe Grandpa..."

Anju was standing next to Tara closely. She seemed to like Tara.

Tara smiled at Anju and asked "Anju, I hope you don't mind staying with me for a while. Have you seen him before?" as she pointed to Link.

Anju shook her head looking at Link.

"I don't mind.... Father told me... " said Anju.

Tara replied "Hero, this is Anju."

Link only nodded. Anju looked at Link then at Tara.

Tara hugged anju and said "Lets get you a room, ok?"

"Room? For me?"asked Anju surpised. "Father never allowed me my wn room before..."

Tara smiled and replied "Your father isn't here right now." as she clapped and Kane appeared. Tara told Kane "Help Anju pick out the room she likes, please." as Kane bowed and said to Anju "Please, follow me"

Anju had a bit of light return to her eys.

"Any room is fine... "

Kane replied "I hope this is to your fancy then" as he showed Anju a decent sized room with a bed, drawers, and even a rug. The only problem was that it was dusty. Kane replied "I apologize for the dust, if you choose this room, then it will be cleaned as soon as possible. We haven't had guests in many years"

Anju marveled at the room even though it was dusty.

"It is beautiful...This is will be fine... "

Kane bowed and replied "Then please, you are welcome to explore the caves if you wish. Just don't get lost" as he exitted the room.

"So...nice..." said Anju.

Meanwhile, Tara was sitting on Link's lap again as she asked "Hero, don't you agree that that girl was cute?"

Link didn't struggle much this time.

"She.. was."

Tara then asked "Hero, if I were to have a daughter, do you tihnk she would be that cute?"

"W-what?!" asked Link surprised. He shook his head,"Why do youwant m to answer that?"

Tara replied with a smile "Becuase, hero, I'm curious. Do you think so?"

"Um... I guess... Your a pretty... girl." said Link nervously.

Tara smiled more happily then before and replied "Really? Thank you, Hero!" as he hummed away happily.

"You know my name is Link not Hero." said Link.

Tara replied "But you are the hero of time, correct?"

"No but I am desended from him..."

Tara held Link's chin as he said "Oh? If you are descended from him, hero, then you are much more handsome then the previous one."

Link turned a rosy color,"What are you geting at?"

Tara replied "its a secret for now, hero" as she said "How I must leave you. I have much to do" as she left.

Link was confused.

"What is with her..."


Meanwhile at the Gerudo Canyon, Garion,the Gerudo Prince, was driving nails into the new bridge they were building across the canyon. He along with some bridge builders were working.

A group of 10 skulltula appeared suddenly behind a golden skulltula. The golden skulltula bowed and asked "Excuse me, do you know where we can find the village of the Geudos?"

"Tell me... What does a group of Spiders want there... Being one I must know..." said Garion still hammering.

Kane replied "We are simply looking for someone, and seek his assistance. How the directions, good sir?"

"You know a Gerudo Male is only born a hudread years apart? he he... They call me a Prince... And if you looking for.... Him... Then you should know he is long gone..." said Garion.

Kane replied "Really now....shame...you will do, boy, what is your name?"

"My name is Garion..." he said. "And I thought everyone knew that Ganondorf was gone..."

Kane replied "Apologys, I have been underground for some time. Tell me, could you come with me? I have a request for you."

"Hmm... The girls back at the compound won't like that...... They don't like me going out with out an escort... But what ever since you asked nicely... Just hold on I will be back."

he ran to a tent and got his gear. He came back in his Roc's cape and wooden staff.

"Sorry... I don't go anywhere un prepared... "

Kane bowed and replied "That bridge, does it need completion?

"It will be done in a few days...but I don't need it if I have the Rocs Cape...Your kind can help if you want..." said Garion.

Kane replied "Should take an hour, worry not" as he instructed the skulltula to fix the bridge" Kane then glidded to the other side and said "Please, come along"

Garion followed.

"Where are you taking me?"

Kane replied "Underground" as he wented a cave close by and there was a cave of tunnels "Please follow me, and don't get lost" as he continued on.

"Not likely..>" said Garion following perfectly.

Random skulltula prepared the attack Garion, but were stopped by Kane as they finally made it into the main room. There was a table and two chairs in one of the side rooms . Kane sat in one seat and replied "Come, sit, we have much to discuss"

Garion sat down.

"Why do you want to speak with me?"

Kane replied "Simple, I've heard of the men of Geudo were very powerful. I believe that the people of Geudo would make an excellent ally for my mistress. So, I ask for a alliance. After all, both of us are forced to live in places, we would rather not live in."

"Um... I am not sure. My people aren't unhappy nor are we happy... And I would do better if I knew who I was allying with... I want to meet her face to face..." said Garion.

Kane bowed and replied "As you wish, but would you like to refesh yourself with food and water? You must be hungry."

"No I am fine...I just want to meet your mistress..." said Garion.

Kane replied "Then follow me" as he lead Garion to Tara, who was playing with Lnik's hair. Kane coughed and replied "Misstress, you have a visitor" as Tara went back to her throne seat and asked "Hm? Your name?"

"I am Garion... Prince of the Gerudo. You asked for an alliance and I wanted to see you face to face." said Garion kneeling. "Pardon if that was..."

He looked at link, only slightly recognizing him.


Tara smiled and replied "OH? Kane must have done this without telling me. None the less, I believe an alliance would be an excellent idea. Tell me, if we conquor Hyrule, what terriorty would you want?"

"Mistress... I am not Ganondorf... I don't want to Conquer. But I don't want to throw away this oppertunity..." said Garion. "I will help with what ever I can..."

Tara asked with surprised "Hm? Then what do you want when we conquor Hyrule? Rupees? Power? Weapons?"

"Nothing much... Maybe just trade." said Garion. "We don't need much..."

Tara replied "Then we will trade for the resources your country would need. And the Geudos would be free to inhabit any land. Your people would be free. What do you say? Allies?"

Garion walked up to Tara and shook her hand. He then turned and kissed it.

"Yes..." said Garion. "We will give support from the shadows... Attacking caravans and such..."

Tara smiled and replied "What a gentleman. If you wish, you may stay here for as long as you wish. Simply ask Kane to take you back to the surface." as she went back to Link's lap and said "Now, if you will excuse me..." as she smiled at Link.

No. I will need nothing. I just hope i did the right things..." said Garion.

Kane appeared and replied "Then to the surface we go" as he lead Garion to the surface.

Anju passed Garion while she was exploring.

"I feel him.."

Link didn't struggle, "What was that about?"

Tara replied "It is notihng of your concern, Hero." as she layed on Link's chest and said "Simply business."

"Oh." said Link. "You know... You can un tie me now... I promise I won't run."

Tara smiled and replied "I know and even if you did, you would get lost in the catacoms. But, you seem more comfy tied up, Hero"

"Actually the binds are starting to hurt..." said Link starting to think about some thing else, his sister Lina.

Tara then asked, seriously "Hero, would you be mine?"

Link was still in thought about Lina a bit when he heard the question.

"What?! Why do you ask that?"

Tara replied "becuase....hero....Ilike you...a lot. So please, be mine?"

"I... don't know.." said Link looking away. "You see... I do have someone on my mind right now... My sister... Lina... I am not sure if she is ok or not..." he said looking at her.

Tara replied "If I may sure she was ok, would you say yes?"

"Please... I would do anything to make her safe..." said Link. "And you aren't a bad woman... So.. I guess..."

Tara replied "Skulltula, find his sister" as some skulltulas appeared and nodded. Tara then cut Lnik's bounds with her hand and said "My many thanks, hero."

Link rubbed his wrists.

"You promise that you won't do anything to hurt her?"

Tara replied "Unless you attacks my children first." as she hugged Link.

"Only reason... she would attack if she was attacked... Your Skulltulas might have attacked her that day..." said Link.

Tara massaged Link's shoulders as she replied "Relax, hero. I will keep an eye on my skulltula just in case."

"Thank you Tara.." said Link relaxing a bit.

Tara replied "Of course, hero~ you will be sleeping with me, correct?"

"WHAT?! Don't you think your going a bit fast? I hardly know you!" said Link surprised.

Tara replied "We've know each other for a few days now, hero. Are you shy?"

"No.. I just don't know you... And you don't know me..." said Link. "I figured you would want to know more about me if you really liked me..."

Tara replied "Can't be get to know each other in the bedroom? We could talk about much."

"Um... Sure..." said Link nervously

Tara smiled happily and replied "I have much to do now, hero. I'll see you in bed tonight~" as she flew off in joy.

Kane appeared behind Link and said "You seem to make her quite happy, my lord."

"Well... When she captured me... I thought she was evil... But I sense that she is good..." said Link.

Kane smiled and replied "If only everyone else could see that in our mistress. She only fights for our sake."

"Yeah..." said Link.

Kane then said "Lord, shall I show you to Misstress's room?"

"Um... not sure why your calling me your lord but... Ok..." said Link.

Kane replied "Its fitting to call the future king, our lord" as he lead Link to Tara's room.


Kane replied "King. The ruler of an area with a queen."


Kane led Link to a dark large room as he lit a candle. The room still seemed dark, but there was a very large bed in Tar's room, surprising since she slept alone. The sides had many candleholders and the room seemed misty.

"Wow... If it was brighter this would be a great room..." said Link.

Kane replied "Then make yourself at home, I will call the misstress" as he left.

"Ok..." said Link sitting on the bed. "So soft..."


Meanwhile, Anju passed a very happy Tara and looked at her.

"What is wrong?"

Tara flew down as she hugged Anju and replied "Nothing is wrong, Anju! I'm smiling becuase I'm happy~" Anju was surprised by the hug. She had never gotten a hug from her 'father'.

"H-happy? M- I mean Father... He has never been truely happy...... Nether have I ... "

She started to enjoy the warmth of the hug.

Tara replied "Then maybe you should leave your father, and travel until you find what makes you truely happy! Or you could stay with me, if you wish."

Anju surprisingly looked up.

"I would... love to stay with you... but... 'Father'... he... Would get angry at me..." said Anju looking back down.

Tara wondered and asked "Why would he be mad if you want to stay?"

"He...just will... I am his..." said Anju.

Tara asked "Hm? His?"

"His daughter..." said Anju correcting herself.

Tara replied "He should be happy if you want to stay here. Fathers should want to have their children happy......Though I never had a father..."

Anju wished He was really her father and cared for her like one. But in truth she was more of a slave.

"...um... Can I ask you something?"

Tara asked "Yes? What is it?"

"Um... If father doesn't return... Will you.... be my.... Mother?" asked Anju quietly

Tara smiled and replied "I will gladly be your mother, if our hero of time becomes your father."

Anju smiled for the first time and hugged Tara more.

"Thank you, Mother..."

Tara smiled and replied "Anytime, my daughter" as Tara flew away. Anju stood happy and actually smiling as she wondered around the lair. Tara flew to her chambers and knocked on the door. She then asked 'Hero, are you inside?"

Link replied, "Yeah! But it is your room so you don't have to knock..."

Tara entered and smiled. She asked "Is it to your liking?"

"It is a very nice room... It is kind of dark though." he said

Tara smiled and replied "Spiders are sensitive to the light, I can't help it if I am the same." as she sat on the bed, she said "Come hero, do lay down, feel free to undress."

"W-what?" asked Link nervously and turning red.

Tara replied "Hm? Do landdwellers usually sleep with their clothes on?"

"Um usually just in our underwear or what... I don't cause I shared a room with Lina..." said Link.

Tara replied "Whatever makes you comfy, hero~ If you wish, I will stay the same" as she layed on the bed and said "Hero, lie down, we have much to do, much to talk about."

Link took off his shirt and boots but left his pants on and laid back.

"So um... What do you want to talk about?"

Tara answered "Tell me a bit about yourself, hero."

"There isn't much to tell... I grew up with my sister and Dad left and we never knew where. We just helped with the farming or anything else that needed done..." said Link. "My life was uneventful."

Tara replied with a smile "A shame, if only everyone know about your blood"

"If everyone knew they wouldn't leave us alone... Me and my sister. We were Twins you know..." said Link.

Tara replied "Then tell me, how did you learn to use a sword like that?"

"Kind of in the blood... Grandpa taught me some but Lina didn't learn much... She was good at medicine making though..." said Link.

Tara snuggled next to Link and asked "Them why would she be looking for you?"

"... We are brother and sister... She might just be trying to help me... You did... well... capture me and gave me a good wound..." said Link. "She might think your hurting me..."

Tara asked "Did that wound heal yet?" as she was touching his side.

"It is better..." said Link. "Still hurt a bit..."

Tara said "awhh." as she licked the wound and said "I'm sorry if I hurt you too much, hero"

"But... Now I have a question... Why do you like me? You have changed since you captured me..." said Link wincing bit from the wound being touched.

Tara replied "Simple. hero. You could have submitted to me at anytime. But you were strong-willed....or maybe stuborn. You didn't yield and you kept on having hope, when all seemed lost for you. Thats what attracted me to you"

"Oh... No one has stood up to you before?" asked Link.

Tara replied "Do you forget? I am the princess of the skulltula, my orders are absolute.Any who oppose me, Kane deals with."

"... Ok... " said Link. He didn't know what else to ask.

Tara yawned as she put the part of the blanket over her and saod "Hero, I wish to sleep. Goodnight" as hshe snuggled next to Link and fell asleep on his chest.

Link watched as Tara fell asleep. He suddenly smiled then started to fall asleep as well. Kane took a small peek inside the door and queitly closed the door as he smiled to himself and tohught "It's good to see the mistress happy"


^ ^ I hoped you enjoyed the story so far. And if you have any questions after reading please feel free to ask about charcters and such but that is excluding what is going to happen.
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