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RPG Tekken: Mishima death island (sign up)

Guest QuickSilver

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Guest QuickSilver
The basic story is that the best fighters in the world have been invited to a tournament on a deserted island by Heihachi, characters must be made up. when about 10 sign up we will start

Put your profile like so:
What you are: eg human, bear, kangaroo, raptor,( no devil or angel)
Fighting style:
Bio: (Must put reason for going on the island)

Name: akira
fighting style: Shotokan Karate
bio: even though invited to the island for winning a tournament, he wants to go there to kill Heihachi, who murdered his father. Trained with Hwoarang for many years, and knows his fighting style.
Description: Black Karate suit, short brown hair, 6'2", black bandana on forehead.
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Name: Kain Mishima
Age: 27
Race: Human
Fighting style: Mishima style of martial arts.
Bio: Kazuya's brother, he was thrown down the same cliff as Kazuya, a few years after Kazuya was. He landed on a ledge a few feet down, and so survived. He wandered for a few years, then he found Kazuya, and they have trained together for many years, and have the exact same fighting style, except Kain is southpore. He is going to the island to avenge himself and his brother.
Description: Looks just like Kazuya, but his trousers have a flame going up them like Jin's trousers.
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Name:Shiro Kazama
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Fighting style: Shinnok Karate.
Bio: Jin's son. He has trained under his father and Kazuya for 12 years. He goes to the Island to Fight Heiachi and Kill him.
Description: Looks just like Jann Lee from DOA3 with the white and fire pants and has a black tank-top on.
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Name- Cyprus # 142
Age- 180 (looks 18)
Gender- Male
Race- Bio/experiment
Fighting style- Dragon style martial arts
Bio- created by Heihachi as a test to find the most deadly weapon ever ... has shown its self to be very powerful ... and Heihachi has offered that if it can win the tortament it will win its freedom as well

Des: Human But can transfrom into something that looks like a Xenomorph (from Aliens the movie)
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Guest Tekken_Kai
Name: Aina Mishima
Age: 21
Gender- Female
Race- Human
Fighting style- Shotokan Karate
Bio- Trained with Akira for years and finally left. She is a Spec. Ops. officer for a police department. Her orders are to arrest Heiachi and make sure that no one kills him.
Des- Sh looks like Hitomi from DOA3.
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Guest QuickSilver
o.k that should be enough people for now lets get therpg underway. if anybody else wants to join up just say so and i will think about it.
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Guest Warlord
Name: Yi shug-shing
I am a human
Figthing style: Karate
resson: for figthing resson
Bio: tought by his father
Descirption: fighting uniform
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