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Anime city hunter !

Guest City Hunter

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Guest City Hunter
[CENTER]city hunter - ryo saeba [/CENTER]

personally I find police animes not real nice but this is really an exception,
city is 1 of the best, funniest animes I ever have have been seen
ryo saeba are proffesional shoter toghether with his female partner (that look more like a guy then a woman) they protect; defend people against assassins, robbers, gangsters and much more?
but he has 1 weakness that to be women! : D
the anime designer have made so many animes and always original and extremely funny episodes : D
the second serial of city hunter is angel heart

the good points of this anime:
- very original missions
- very hilarisch
- always stretching and you know never which the assasin is
- it's not exaggerate

the bad points of these anime:
- it's a old anime
- a beetje erotish (this anime are no hentai)
- not a very story in this serial, but always exciting

[IMG]http://azunime.net/anime/kadryanime1/hun1.jpg[/IMG] picture of the anime



[IMG]http://www.magicfantasy.info/nicky_larson_img_1.jpg[/IMG] picture of the manga : when ryo saeba does something stupid :animeblus
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