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Request Ouran Host Club Avi and Banni Set


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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]Sadly, I'm growing tired of my Talho set and feel the need for a change, but alas that doesn't mean I'll stop using Talho. Anywho onto the change as the title says I'm looking for a Ouran Host Club Set featureing the elusive Twins. I've found a few pictures but, please don't limit yourself to them.

[URL=http://i159.photobucket.com/albums/t137/teddybearofdoom13/Ouran%20High%20School%20Host%20Club/Pinky_St__Ouran_Host_Club_by_c2lan.jpg ]Picture Numero Uno[/URL] is one I would perfer for the avi. Just the twins though but I'f you have a better picture I'm fine with that I just like the chibiness for the avatar. Though I don't want chibi on the banner, heck the avatar doesn't even half to be chibi.

This is basicly a free for all, with few restrictions those being OB's size standards and a few of my own. I don't really want anything serious, more playing on the fun side of the twins. With bright fun colors, since summer is coming. So have fun!

Mucho Thanks to anyone who takes up this request![/SIZE][/COLOR]
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