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Writing My collection of poems

Guest Dark Angel Rai

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Guest Dark Angel Rai
Some of these are a little long....

Fool?s Glory

When I met first met you
I fell deeply in love
With you.

I once thought that
You were my prince,
My knight in shining armor,
My dark angel
Come to whisk me away
From my personal sorrow,
My personal demons,
My eternal darkness.

It seemed so clear
That I was getting
Closer to the
Eternal light
That start to shine
Brighter within me.

But I was wrong
As all fools
That fall in love
Think the same way.

I realized that the warmth
Of the eternal light
Was fading
And it seemed that
The eternal darkness that
I once felt
Was more comforting than
The light.

I was a fool to think
That the light would save me
That you my prince,
My night in shining armor,
My dark angel
Would take me a way from it.

I guess I am a fool.
A fool who tries to find
The light hidden darkness
A fool who thought that
Darkness can be vanquished
So easily.

But then again I am a fool
A fool who fell
In love with a so-called
?Creature of Light?
Who is nothing more than someone
Who wants to run from
Their Eternal Darkness.

But this is the fool?s glory
A glory for those fools who
Fall in love
And end up getting hurt.

This glory for us fools
Is to never give up hope.

A fool who gives up
On the flickering light of hope
Is nothing more than an idiot.

So tell me
Dear friends
Am I fool or am I
An idiot.

Only time will tell
And only I can
Answer that question.


In my Xanadu, my paradise
Cherry blossoms flow
Endlessly regardless of the seasons.

In my Xanadu, my paradise
Ice and snow cannot
Penetrate through the clouds
It is always warm and sunny,
Through the cool rain
Penetrate the skies.

In my Xanadu, my paradise
There is no hatred, greed, envy or war
There is only love, peace and tranquility.

In my Xanadu, my paradise
There is no heaven, no hell
Neither angels nor devils
There are no endless fluffy white clouds
Or scorching red flames
Only forests, beaches, and cities \
An earthly setting

In my Xanadu, my paradise
I can do the same things
I do on Earth
I can play my video games
I can listen to my music

In my Xanadu, my paradise
It smells like?

In my Xanadu, my paradise
Death is not the great equalizer
Death does not exist

In my Xanadu, my paradise
Hopes and wishes come true
Dreams become the reality

In my Xanadu, my paradise
Reality replaces the hopes, dreams
And wishes of people

That is my Xanadu
That is my paradise
That is my own personal heaven.


Why listen to what everyone else says?
Why care what people think?
Why give into their desires?
Don't you have amind of your own?
Can't you think on your own?
Do you need to be guided like a dog?

Do you want to be popular?
Do you want fake friends?
Do you want to be hated by the people you hurt?
Do you want to hurt innocent people?
Do you want a name for yourself?

Why drink?
Why do drugs?
Is it to be popular?
Is it to be cool?
Because you're pressured?
Because you'll be a loser if you don't?
Because you want a life?

Why conform?
Why listen to idiots?
Why listen to fakes?
Why not be yourself?


The worst day of the week
The start of school
The beginningof my agony

Oh how I hate Mondays
Its bloody hell
Though I know I'm not the only
one who hates Mondays.

The only day that I'm not hyper
The only day I feel as if I have
a hangover
My brain feels like mush
I cn't think nor concentrate
(though that's everyday)
And its the one day that I'm
moodier than the other.

The one day I feel like Hell.
The one day I want to go to
sleep and never wake up.

The one day most of us love to hate.

The one day I don't think is Friday.



Don't cry
It'll be okay
Everything'll be fine
Look on the bright side.

Those are the things I tell you
so you won't cry
so you won't despair
so you won't give up hope.

I know what you're going through
I know how you feel
Just don't give up hope

Hold your head up high
and smile
"Don't worry, be happy"
Just don't give up hope

But rememember this,
that I will always be there for you
through thick and thin
and help you when you are in need
so you won't give up hope.
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