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Writing How's It? [PG]

Guest Copycatalyst

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Guest Copycatalyst
How's the treason on reason going?
How's the murder of mankind going along?
I thought to think too much is a crime?
I think that you think too little of your dimes

How's the demeaning of meaning going?
How's the drowning of downing going along?
You can bring a horse to drink water, might not drink
But you can lead a man to paradise: and he'll let it sink!

I'd be wary, my friend, lest the paper you give worth
Makes you as thin and as burnable as that paper,
Lest you become the paper of your piper and blow away!
For even God doesn't throw dice; even God doesn't pay in paper

What? God is one being, separate of man?
Sounds like what man does to man itself!
So how's the metaphysics of physics going?
How's the science of illusions keeping you on?

It's been how long: what was it, eon?
So my ape, ready are you yet, to climb this throng?
To destroy heaven and hell; and make Earth both?
To let the Earth climb to the taping dawn?

How's the allusions to illusions going?
How's the bible of your bridle keeping you set?
How much more suffering, before the suffering is let?
How much slavery and knavery till we bleed only love?

How's it feel to trough the truth as a pig of lies?
To let this bacon be its own meat of genocide?
My man; what are you, would you listen to a beggar of truth?
Or would you be a truth of beggars?

How's it feel to not let the plants grow
To make them illegal, and let fools say they know?
The dandelion still flares brighter than man's sun
Its achenes still move to the wind freer than ours does

This is a quatrain rain of silent rage
This is a foursome of gallumping horses to the age
Man is a vine, reaching the sky; choked by his own designs
A hexacomb of hollow bes, as bees stinging the honey's hive

How much longer man; how much longer, till the truth survives?
For it rests with you; though you cast it aside
For it rests with me; but you'd rather stone it with hate
To let this paradise recede and die
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