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Real-life sitcoms!


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I personally find life far more amusing than sitcoms because life is totally unscripted! There is no piped-in laughter to warn us when something totally crazy is about to happen. What makes it even funnier is that it's real. It's happened to a real person, and has actually happened. Please, share your funny stories!

I'll start:

My boyfriend has beautiful hair down to his chin. However, he keeps threatening to cut it in order to look more professional and mature. He had short hair when he was younger. I've seen pictures. He does look more mature. He looks like an old, nerdy asian businessman! Think of the nerdiest asian businessman you've ever seen, and you have him with short hair! All of my friends agree with me, and we always make fun of his pictures with short hair. He argues against us every time. Well, the other day, my mom came over and saw a picture of him with short hair. We were all standing in the room, and my mom asked if it was a picture of his father!! I burst out laughing and couldn't answer her. He became very quiet and still and his eyes narrowed. He knew he would never live that down! I'm happy to report he hasn't mentioned cutting his hair since!
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[COLOR=Blue]... I dread to tell anyone this but I guess it's okay here. In my younger years in school, our year was taken to go see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. There we were sitting in the cinema, food flying everywhere and people talking so hardly anyone could watch the movie. I had a friend next to me drinking a slushie when she suddenly goes, "Jeez, this slushie's terrible." I roll my eyes and say, "Oh, give it here!"

I throw the slushie without realising that there was still some left inside. The result was that everyone in front of me got dyed blue and a rise of "Urrrgh!" came from many rows in front. Very fortunately I wasn't seen as I tried to shrink in my seat while my friend was in stitches beside me. After the movie, some people walked back to the bus looking like Smurfs. One of the most embarassing moments of my life.[/COLOR]
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I'm not sure if this is exactly sitcom.. but it WAS pretty funny...
When I was in high school, I went to a boarding school. The Christmas of our senior year, my roommate and I were walking through the local Tesco Lotus (it's like walmart but not evil) and saw their Christmas stuff, and all these Christmas trees; so we stopped to look at them. At first we were just looking at the little foot-and-a-half tall ones, thinking that we'd each get one to put on our desks to brighten our room up a bit, but the decorations for them all looked really bad, so we started looking at the bigger ones. We saw a really nice little three-foot tree, and a nice four-foot tree. But then we saw this really nice six-foot tree... forty-five minutes later, we walked (or rather staggered) out of that store with a huge tree box and bags full of garlands and ribbons and bows and such (w00t for foreign exchange rates!) and got a [URL=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Tuktukpktalad05b.jpg][COLOR=Blue][U]tuk-tuk[/U][/COLOR][/URL] back to our dorm.

After cramming ourselves, a five foot long box, three or four bags full of big fluffy garlands and ribbons, a throw pillow, and strings of lights, and a couple more with the other stuff we'd gotten (we hadn't exactly set out to buy a Christmas tree, after all) into this minuscule motorised carriage thing, we finally get to our street without seeing anyone we knew (an accomplishment, I assure you), and we stop the driver outside the wall near our window so we wouldn't ruin our surprise by letting someone see out ever-so-festive decor before everything was ready. We paid the driver, and proceeded to (try) to toss the tree over the wall/fence.. but it wasn't as light as we thought (more like we weren't as strong as we thought), so we sorta wound up shoving it over with some difficulty; followed by the bags of decorations (not the other stuff.. we didn't want to look SUSPICIOUS or anything...). Once we were done dumping things over the wall, we ever-so-nonchalantly picked up our remaining bags, ignoring the driver's laughter, and walked the rest of the way up the street to the front gate. Once we got inside, and past any prying eyes, we sprinted the rest of the way to our room and locked ourselves in. Then we climbed out the window to retrieve the tree and decorations that we'd dumped so unceremoniously on the lawn, and proceeded to clean our room and put up our tree. Once the tree was up, We set up our ever-so state-of-the-art sound system (a CD player, some cheap computer speakers, and an old bike basket... doesn't 'sound system' sound so much nicer?) with some Christmas music, and invited our fellow dormies to see our
(now much improved and very festive) super deluxe top-of-the-line newly-shinified room.

After we did this, word got out, as it tends to, and our room was somewhat famous the next few weeks after we put it up. We had all sorts of random people showing up to look at it :) who would've thought that a Christmas tree would be so interesting??? *looks innocent*...
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*giggles* Your stories are hilarious!

Switchback, it's so good you didn't get caught! Too bad there were no cameras around!

Jiazu, I think you guys have a very promising career in covert ops. I have this image of you guys trying to shove a huge box over a fence, and it's hilarious!

I had something happen yesterday. Natin wasn't too busy with work, so he went with me to run errands. I go out at the same time, and usually go to the library. A group of Korean boys also go at that time. The library carries manga, so I always get some, and the Korean boys always laugh at me. Well, yesterday, Natin was with me. He's Japanese, really muscular, and can look really scary. He was looking in another section, and I went to grab some manga. On my way back to him, he was walking to meet up with me, and saw the Korean boys laughing at me. He was wearing a T-shirt that had become a little small on him, so it was pretty obvious that he's a muscular guy. Natin doesn't like it when anyone messes with me, especially if they are asian males, for some unexplained reason. So, he puts on his "I'm a scary and tough asian man" face, glares at them and crosses his arms (which really shows off his muscles), and then gets to me and puts his arm me and kisses me. The expressions on the faces of the boys was hilarious! Their faces fell and their eyes got really wide. They quickly bent over their work. I wonder what will happen next week? It's such fun to see the smiles wiped off of obnoxious people's faces!
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