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RPG Reluctant warriors at the end of time


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Welcome to Galaxy10798, this is, as you may have guessed, is a galaxy. This galaxy is near our own, but us earthlings can go that far through space, yet. The universe doesn't know it yet, but the end of the world is approaching. There is no info on this because it has not been discovered. Eventually, all the astronimers will eventually know and someone will have to stop it- wether it is one man or many. The RPG begins quietly, introduce your character and what planet or colony they are one (make up your own or someone elses if you want to meet that person in the beginning instead of later.). The RPG will be fun based at first, but then the end is discovered and everything will change as everyone trains to battle the end.

A large, red spaceship docks at a colony called Alrulian. A man gets off. The city folks reckonnize him, they've seen him before. A kid walks up to him. "Hey Zain, I missed you so much! Where were you?" "Ahhh, hey lil' Billy, have'nt seen you in a long time. I was out, *looks around and notices the commotion he made*---R-Running the usual errands." Zain now heads to the bar a few blocks away.
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