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Writing Heaven's Fall

Sky Moonflow

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[color=DarkRed]This is a story that me and another good friend of mine are working on. I ask you to please bear with us for each part takes a while to write because my friend is currently moving.

Please enjoy.[/color]

[color=DarkGreen]Me (Edward)[/color]

[color=Purple]My Friend (Aeolus)[/color]

[color=DarkRed]Part One


[color=DarkGreen][i][b]So you see, life seems to have this very wonderful sense of humor. You think you're life is going great and that things couldn't possibly go wrong...and then you get smacked in the face. Somedays...I think it might just be easier to die. [/b] [/i]

Edward sighed and set his pencil back onto the desktop. He zipped his jacket up and tucked his toes into the cuffs of his jeans. It was freezing and the heater had gone out in his room earlier this morning. If this wasn't a sign of a bad day then he didn't know what was.

The wind blew again and the cold air slipped in through the cracks in the window. His mother wouldn't be home for a few more hours so he was out of luck with his heater. He rubbed his stomach as it started to growl.

"Great," he mummbled. "One more thing to worry about."[/color]

[color=Purple]Aeolus alighted on the bed beside him. He crossed over through time, through nothingness and life, to reach him. He appeared in the rush of a warm breeze, materializing as a breath of mist taking shape and growing color to fill the paleness of his thin cheekbones, to bring out the wintry grayness of his eyes, and long auburn-gold hair.

He sighed and folded the thin, fading imagine of his white wings. He was still not whole. He would never be whole, but he was there enough to lay a windy hand on Edward's shoulder.

[i]"My Edward, don't fret. I do not like to see you frown," [/i] Aeolus said with a tenderness that brushed at the cold wind and warmed it throughout the room.[/color]

[color=DarkGreen]"Oh yes, let's not forget the other bad day expierence. My imagination here."

Edward moved himself and the chair a little farther from the bed and glared at the misty image. He had told himself several times that Aeolus was not real and he would be gone soon enough. It took him several moments to notice the temperature difference.

"Wow, I guess you can do something useful." He brushed his black hair away from his face and stood up gently from the chair.

Edward limped slightly over towards the bed and sat down. "What's new Aeolus?"[/color]

[color=Purple][i]"Will you always refer to me as your imagination? I'm far more than that, Edward." [/i] Aeolus found humor and disappointment in Edward's stubborn demeanor when directed towards his existance. In his own time then. Aeolus was counting it, and trusting that in Edward's own time he'd find life in him. Some sort of life.

His image drifted more into sight. He was weakly transparent, his wings faded to a light gust, but there now. Aeolus smiled up at Edward in a friendly attempt to ease him.

[i]"I have been here a while with you, Edward. My new, is your new," [/i] he breathed, continuing to smile softly. He slept in Edward's eyes and gazed outside at the world as he went about his day. He communed with Edward, though he could not feel it.[/color]

[color=DarkGreen]Edward took a glance around his cramped room and sighed with defeat. He might as well enjoy what 'company' he had for now.

"Ya know, there are several things you could do that would be wonderful. Like fixing the heater...or fixing my ankle." He sighed and reach down to remove the brace that was starting to cut of the circulation to his ankle. "But I'm not worried. I think what's good for now is just for you to sit there and talk to me."[/color]

[color=Purple]Aeolus smiled, understanding Edward's needs.[i] "Edward," [/i] he said softly, [i]"I cannot be responsible for fixing problems. Then you would rely on me too heavily. However, I can help make things better for you." [/i]

Aeolus sat up and folded his legs under him. [i]"Come here." [/i] He paused and motioned to the bed. [i]"Let me see your ankle."[/i][/color]

[color=DarkGreen]Edward pushed himself farther back into one of the corners of his room. His body froze as a sudden pulse of pain shot up his leg from the sudden movement. A string of curses slipped past his lips as fumbled around blindly for his medicine. He grabbed the small bottle and pulled the top away with his teeth and swallowed two or three pills.

"Okay, remind me not to do that again." He gave a forced chuckle and rubbed his ankle gently. "It's fine. You don't have to do anything. Really is my fault that my ankle is like this."

Edward grinned and held up his foot for Aeolus to see. "It will heal, not much my you could do anyway." He wiggled his toes and gently set his foot back on the floor.[/color]

[color=Purple][i]"I disagree, but I won't force you. You seem frightened. I wouldn't hurt you, Edward."[/i] Not that he could. Aeolus alone spoke to Edward through his mind. Aeolus' lips moved, but the words surfaced clearly in Edward's consciousness. He was capable was simple, light-pressure touches, but he was not tangible.

Aeolus just hoped soon Edward would believe such things. He had been with him for a few years, secret and resting behind his eyes and within his subconscious. He had first awakened to Edward's thoughts of suicide, whether subtle or outloud. And now he stayed, though Edward refused to trust him.[/color]

[color=DarkGreen]"Aeolus, honestly...I've got nothing against you but, my problems are my own."

Edward shivered and drew his jacket tighter against himself. Even with the warmth that Aeolus had brought with him, he was still cold. He gently pressed his index finger against his cheek to see how numb it was. It wasn't as bad as earlier, or maybe he had lost the feeling in his fingers now.

He tipped his head to the side and gave Aeolus a small grin. "Hey, can I see your wings again?"[/color]

[color=Purple][i]"Would you like that, Edward?" [/i]

It occured to Aeolus that mortals had a strange fascination with wings and winged creatures. He wasn't certain as to what led the curiosity, but it left him amused and even slightly flustered. It was his own indulgment. He was a winged creature. Edward could be fascinated with him also.

Aeolus stretched out along the bed, leveling himself on all fours, arching his back. He allowed a gusty breeze bring about the mirage of his wings. The image filled out slowly with the sinuating air until it matched his body's light transparency.

[i]"Is this interesting?"[/i] he asked, stretching his wings. They were wide. He ruffled his feathers. The bone inside was delicate and held an elegant curve. He liked that Edward seemed curious about him in some sense.[/color]

[color=DarkGreen]Edward stood up slowly but still leaned heavily on the wall for support. He traced the outline of the wings with his eyes and hummed softly to himself. Even with all the pictures of Angels in the books at the library, they never came close to what he saw before him.

People said that Angels were God's servants, but what did that mean to someone who didn't believe in God? If God wasn't real, then Angel's weren't either. It was simple but someone once said that seeing is believing.

"Interesting..." Edward took a deep breath and steadied himself on his one foot. "It's more like unbelieveable. Just seeing them, makes me want to believe again.."[/color]

[color=Purple][i]"Perhaps you should then. You wouldn't lose anything, would you? Only something to gain." [/i]

Edward had already expressed his views revolving around Aeolus being "unbelievable" as he said. He constantly called him his imagination. It wasn't flattering, but Edward still put forth the effort to willingly speak with him. That was something.

Aeolus had the feeling that if he were a little more opaque, Edward would believe a little more. Sometimes Aeolus himself felt like a mirage. Perhaps he was a being of one's imagination, yet still he was able to feel and touch and protect, and even think for himself. That was good enough for him.

Aeolus sat up on his knees and turned his back to Edward. [i]"You can touch me, Edward." [/i] He could. The contact would be brief, and it would repel the sense of touching thick, thick air before his fingers bled through, but he could still feel him. He raised his wings, pressed them together, then allowed them to slowly fan out again, inviting Edward closer if he would.

[/color][color=DarkGreen]Edward limped the short distance from where he stood to his bed and sat down on the edge. He held out his hand and reach for the wings that were just infront of him. If they were real then maybe, things might get better. He pressed his fingers forward and for a moment he could feel something like bird's feathers before his fingers passed through nothing.

He gasped and pulled his hand back against his chest. He shut his eyes and shook his head, trying to dismiss what had just happened from his mind. Aeolus couldn't be real, this wasn't making any sense. If he was real than what else could have been real.

"Aeolus..." Edward glanced back down at his hand and up to his back. He wondered that if he tried to touch his hair, or his face...would he feel something there as well.[/color]

[color=Purple]Aeolus peered back at him and flashed a tender smile. He had felt Edward's touch. It was nice that Edward granted them both such contact. It meant he was beginning to trust and understand.

Aeolus heard Edward's uncertainty when he then opened his mouth and uttered his name. Aeolus folded his wings and pulled them close to his body, and turned to face the boy. [i]"How did it feel, Edward?" [/i] he asked, just to allow Edward to come to terms with his existance. He held out a pale, slender hand to him. "[i]May I touch you now?"[/i][/color]

[color=DarkGreen]Edward glanced down at the pale hand and shuddered, either from cold or fear, he didn't know. He rubbed his hands up and down his arms, wondering if Aeolus would feel the cold.

"So I guess you're here but not really. Like, only a part of you is here and that's what I'm seeing..." Edward massaged his temples and glared at the angel. "This is really not helping your case."

He sighed and leaned back against the wall. Aeolus wanted to touch him, and he was slightly curious. Would he feel to Aeolus like what he felt when he touched him...or would he actually feel solid.


[color=Purple]It wasn't as meaningful to Aeolus for simple touch, as it was for Edward. He hoped by these means, he could sway his mind and judgement. Together, they could be a lot more if there was a bond. Other than moral obligation on his part. He couldn't pull away from Edward's life force even if he wanted. He was bound here by some omnipotent force that kept them close. Duty was all the explanation he got when he searched his mind at night, while Edward slept unpeacefully and he himself dwelled quietly in his body, easing his nerves.

Aeolus moved forward, slowly, one hand outstretched. He would be able to feel Edward like a weight in his palm, but no sensation other than that. He wasn't able to distinguish between hot or cold, rough or smooth, just tangible weight.

So when his palm smoothed over his cheek, it didn't surprise him that all he felt was Edward's solid figure, and the slight curve of it that fit nicely into his hand. The feeling was slowly ebbing, and then he bled through warmly. He pulled back.

[i]"See? I'm not so bad."[/i][/color]

[color=DarkGreen]Edward pushed himself as far back against the wall as he could. He wasn't entirely sure if Aeolus could feel anything but the warmth that radiated from his hand burned his cheek. He took several deep breaths and buried his face in his arms. The pain was fading now but that wasn't what had made him recoil. The sudden shock of warmth after all the cold was to much for his body and nearly caused him to freeze up completely.

"Aeo-Aeolus, never agian. Please...don't touch me again."

He rubbed his face against his the sleeve of his jacket to try and wipe away the tears. Edward pulled his jacket around him tighter and peeked up at Aeolus.[/color]

[color=Purple]Aeolus smiled at Edward's wandering, wet eyes as he peered back up. [i]"I apologize, Edward. Never again, if it makes you uncomfortable." [/i]

Carefully he recoiled his wings and let them disperse in a drift of air until there was nothing. He retained his peace and tried to remain comforting for him. [i]"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you." [/i]

But Edward had felt him, perhaps one day he would become curious again and come back to the idea. The world revolved in a circle, and people seemed to instinctually move in circles as well. However, most were not aware of it. People came full circle, and ended up where they began, always, in the end.[/color]

[color=DarkGreen]"I don't get it..."

Edward slowly sat back up and studied Aeolus once again. "How come when I touched you...it was plesant, but when you touched me...it burned..."

He bit his lip and wiped his eyes once again. It had confused him and he hated feeling so stupid. He didn't like not understanding things, somehow things always worked better when he knew what was happening.

"Why aren't you more solid...maybe if you were...it wouldn't burn..."

He was trying to piece together some things in his head but it was just getting him more confused. Life just didn't make sense when you were talking to something that you had imagined...or had he?

"What if...what if you are real..."[/color]

[color=Purple]Aeolus continued to smile. He raised his arms and spread them, glancing at their length. [i]"I am real, Edward. You can feel me, can't you? But then again...there are many definitions...for real. Your emotions, the way to feel...you can't exactly touch those, can you? But they're real. The wind. You can feel it, but you can't see it. Still, it's real. I'm real too. I'm a part of you, Edward." [/i]

Aeolus dropped his hands to his side. [i]"Does that make sense?" [/i] Truthfully, he didn't know why it "burned" when he touched Edward. Perhaps the touch had just been too intense for his skin. From a supernatural being to a mortal, the touch might have singed due to sharp forces within time.

[i]"But I love you, Edward. You believe me, don't you?" [/i] Aeolus smiled. "[i]I'm here to take care of you."[/i][/color]

[color=DarkGreen]"It..it makes sense."

Edward gave a weak smile and stretched out his injured leg. It was starting to cramp up from being in one position for so long. He gazed sadly at his ankle as he thought about what Aeolus had said. He was here to take care of him...but he had tried to kill himself three times. How hard was it to help someone who wanted so badly to die?

His recent suicide attempt was why he was home right now, they had forbade him from returning to classes till he got his mind in order. If only they could see him now, talking to an angel...yeah, that would go over well. He need a hug badly right now but was aware that Aeolus wouldn't be of much help with that.

Edward froze as the rest of his earlier sentence fell into place.

"You...you love me?"[/color]

[color=Purple]Aeolus' smile brightened. [i]"You're my boy, Edward. Of course I love you. You're a good boy as well. You're simply running yourself a little lost. I'm here to help you, so you won't have to live with these feelings anymore. It doesn't have to be this way, Edward." [/i]

Aeolus stood up. He didn't touch mortal ground. He came close, but never exactly touched. His air competed with earth's and allowed him to swiftly glide if he liked. Or he could lift himself in flight with his wings if he wanted. However, they were wide, and he could still knock things from their place with the wind or brief contact he was capable of.

And maybe, Edward would grow used to his conscious presence. Aeolus was able to dwell within Edward because it was his obligation and duty to be with him. But if they created a bond of conscious trust together, perhaps Edward's body would accept his touches from their seperate existences.[/color]

[color=DarkOliveGreen]"I wish," Edward hesitated for a moment. "I wish that when I touched you that my hand didn't fall through and that you didn't burn me. I just...I just really need something real right now and I guess you're as close as I'm going to get."

A pain had settled in his chest and he recognized the pain from before. He always felt this before he was about to do something stupid and most likely hurt himslelf. This time though, it was a different kind of pain. It reach deeper and was more of a pulsing pain than stabing pain.

He pushed himself forward so that he was leaning on one knee and held out a hand towards Aeolus.


[/color][color=Purple]When Edward had touched him, it had been his own choice. But when Aeolus had touched him in return, he hadn't been entirely certain of himself, or Aeolus. One touch was consensual, one wasn't. One was pleasant. One singed. The one without trust and certainty.

The touches were brief. Neither were sure where they stood with one another. Their touches were as their trust. Misty and faded. However, Edward seemed to be offering him another chance. Trusting? Perhaps.

Aeolus smiled. He knew he trusted Edward, which allowed their touches to be as solid as they were already. But without Edward, the major portion of his existence, the touches could be nothing but soft and transparent. So he reached out this time, feeling Edward's hurt and answering to it with a light touch.

He slipped his palm over Edward's outstretched hand. He watched his eyes and smiled. His hand stayed over Edward's. He felt his skin. He didn't bleed through.

[i]"I love you, Edward,"[/i] he said, overcome by Edward's emotions and smiling comfortingly through them, warming the cold and tending the ache. [i]"You have nothing to fear now. I'm here for you."[/i][/color]

[color=DarkGreen]Edward looked at their entertwined hands in amazement. Aeolus was solid now, he was there and he could touch him. It didn't burn, there was no pain...only a warmth that seemed to be crawling slowly through him.

He had nothing to fear...if only he could really believe that. He was still afraid that Aeolus would go away, that he would wake tomorrow and be alone. Edward did believe that he was real but, there was still no gaurantee that he would stay here. He shook his head to clear his thoughts.

It didn't matter, all that counted was that Aeolus was here right now and that he was real to him. He still didn't believe in God or Angels but, this was something different.

Edward tugged on his hand to pull himself up off the bed and he swayed a bit on his foot. He let himself fall forward and against his chest, wrapping his arms around him.

"I love you too..."[/color]

[color=Purple]Aeolus smiled, and returned Edward's embrace to hold him steady. He folded his arms around him and held sweetly. It was something of a flutter of delight knowing that Edward trusted him now. Their contact was enough. He wasn't opaque, but they could touch. Aeolus brought about his wings.

He folded them around Edward and touched the small of his back with them. Aeolus was fascinated further by his sense of scent when it pretained to Edward. He could scent his hair, the salty oils of his skin, his clothing's fabric. Aeolus pressed his face against Edward's temple, enjoying the close contact.

Then he raised his wings and lifted Edward onto the bed. Aeolus crawled out beside him. He reached out to his ankle. [i]"I can make it feel better. For a short time. Would you like that?" [/i] He could heal it as well, but he wasn't suppose to do that. Edward would rely on him for all minor injuries. But he could act as a temporary soother.[/color]

[color=DarkGreen]Edward drew his ankle towards him and shook his head sadly. This was his punishment and he was going to take it like he should. The doctors admitted that he might have a hard time walking with it but it would still be useable.

He had jumped.

He didn't know if he wasn't high enough or what but, the only thing that happened was that he landed hard and his ankle twisted beneath him.

"It's okay, it really dosen't hurt that bad. It will heal in time."

He took Aeolus hand and placed it lightly over his ankle to let him feel the damage.

"See, they had said that I broke nearly all the bones in my foot and a few in my ankle. They said that it's a miracle that I'll be able to use it at all."

He grinned and squeezed Aeolus's hand once before letting his head fall back against the wall.[/color]

[color=Purple][i]"You're a peculiar one, Edward,"[/i] Aeolus commented lightheartedly. [i]"However, I cannot shake the fact that you feel the need to punish yourself." [/i] He glanced up and smiled, rubbing his hand along Edward's foot. "[i]You deserve to relax." [/i]

Edward was his boy, and his responsibility. He didn't enjoy the hard feelings he held for himself. That's what had awakened him in the beginning. Aeolus supposed that everyone had their guardians. It was simply a matter of when they felt the urgent need to appear and aid their mortals from the outside.

Everyone was guided on the inside by their guardians. Some people called it instinct. Some called it intuition. However, when that didn't amount to enough, the angels were awakened and allowed out for their humans. Aeolus had been responsible for the refrained injury of Edward's jump. [/color]

[color=DarkGreen]He rubbed his ankle softly, and allowed a small amount of warmth to tend to the tendons, and soothe the ache.

Tears came to his eyes and he turned his head away. There was no pain, if nothing else it felt better.

He guessed that there were some days when things just never go right. He had had so many of those days and they each took a small part out of him. He had never had anyone to talk to, except for the little voice in his head. Everyone had something to believe in but for so long he didn't have anything. The world was dark and cold, just like today. He had wanted out, he had wanted to see the color that always lurked on the edges of his vision.

Then Aeolus had shown up, and some of that color was brought closer. Not everything was black and white, there were some greys and blues and reds...

Edward reach over and pulled himself closer to Aeolus. He buried his head in his shoulder and let the tears come that he had been saving for years. [/color]

[color=Purple]There were strange boundaries that came with being a mortal's guardian. If and when they were awakened, they were only visible to their human's eyes. However, that excluded other angels lurking outside of their human's. They were allowed to view each other, but mortals moved on blissfully unaware. Yes, they sensed the stranger's angels. Perhaps as a tingle on the back of their neck, and somes in a more complicated sense of déjà vu.

Yet, when Aeolus searched the deepest part of memory, he couldn't determine when exactly he had come to be with Edward. His farthest memory was waking to Edward's urge to sob, and feeling his essence. How had he gotten there? Who determined who went where? Did he have a life once also? If so, he remembered nothing of it.

Instead, he held Edward while feeling his heart pound, listening to its rhythm in his mind's eye. He stroked his hair and encouraged him in his cries. [i]"All's well, Edward," [/i] he said quietly, brushing his cheek against the crown of his head.[/color]

[color=DarkGreen]His sobs stopped any words that he wished to say but it didn't matter anyway. Honestly, he really didn't think there was anything he could say at this point that would make any sense. The tears would clear his head and allow him to think clearly. He also hoped that they would lessen the pain that he felt.

Edward took a few deep breaths to try and get his sobs under control. The tears were still coming but they no longer shook his entire body. He still held onto Aeolus as he settled back down.

He felt a bit odd for having cried like that, it made him feel like he was a child agian. "Aeolus...I don't usually...do that...I...I'm sorry."

[color=Red][size=1]Sky Moonflow, unfortunately OB does not allow double posting, so I have edited all 3 parts into one post. I can see that you were making a post for each chapter, however in future you will need to fit everything into one post, or wait for someone else to reply. If you need to add more to your original post, just hit the 'edit' button on the bottom left of your post. ^.~ If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. -- Lady Asphyxia, the friendly neighbourhood moderator.[/size][/color]
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