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Writing This Is What Happens When You Listen to Trance[G]

Guest Copycatalyst

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Guest Copycatalyst
in the surrounding synths of the echoes of the valleys of decibels
the forest of the barks of drums and the hiss of smoke cymbals
the wandering teethcombs scraped like broken records wearing braces
there lays the hourglass and it says the time is dead
there lays the memories and it says it remembers sand

the sky is raining crystal roses of unique
the clouds are bellowing a thunder of themes
zeusatic static trances of the torrents of dreams
the nowflake lands on the face of infinity
to latch like a door opening to a flash of forever

the heart thuds hums of melodies that bleed beauty
the brain third eyes to the sky and cries of would be
shiva shivers and seas of milky way pasteurized today

the barren broken is a record machine spinning discs
the edge of the thumb rests on a thin if
the skin peels away and the bone hammers a sound
the flesh wraps back on and around

this is to be healed
it is to be filled
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