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[quote name='Squiggles'][size=1][color=blue]Can't I try just for the fun of it? Pleeeeeeeeaaaase?

And couldn't you make me a little less.... bizarre? o_O[/size][/color][/QUOTE]

I lift my restriction, just because I know that you can do a really good job...I just can't deny that pretty little face of yours ^_^

Oh yeah if you wanted to change you, that's cool. Chiyo-chan was one of the cutest characters I could think of...I don't watch too much Shojo.

EDIT: Since this hasn't happened yet, I'm opening this to anyone who can take it on.

Thank you very much

PS: Mods I realize that I double posted. It's to make sure that the post will show up in the newer threads. please don't merge my posts, because I want this to be read under the default thread reading settings. Thanks a billion. ~Korey[INDENT][COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="1"]Sorry, no exceptions. If you want the thread to be bumped back up, simply delete your original post and then repost the whole thing. That will have the desired effect without double posting. ~indifference[/SIZE][/COLOR][/INDENT]
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