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Writing Fantasy Showdown [Duel] - [PG]


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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="goldenrod"][[SIZE="1"]shamelessly borrows format from Sci-Fi Showdown [Duel] - [PG][/SIZE]] :p

Fantasy showdown is a friendly contest between two friends to showcase their writing skills. A contest between Aaryanna and Jokopoko.

Aaryanna and Jokopoko will offer their versions of a short story following the mutually agreed upon guidelines, and the panel of judges, [B]Revelation[/B], [B]Sandy[/B], and [B]The Boss [/B]will decide the winner when both entries have been put up. The rules of the contest are as follows:

[B]Contestants:[/B] Aaryanna and Jokopoko (nobody else!)
[B]Theme:[/B] Magic Fantasy
[B]Length:[/B] 7-8 pages on Word
[B]Deadline: [/B]Friday, July 20th

Aside from everything specified, the contestants will have the freedom to incorporate whatever they wish into the story so long as it follows the theme. They will be judged on how well they represent the genre, their creativity, and overall how well written their story is.

[CENTER]* * * * *[/CENTER]
The thread will remain open upon the completion of our entries for comments and criticisms. Feel free to post your uncensored thoughts, within the guidelines of the rules and regulations of course.

[B]EDIT:[/B] Due to unavoidable circumstances such as work and other things both Jokopoko and I are putting this on hold until further notice. [/COLOR][/FONT]
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