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Writing Toon Town: Trouble in Little Tokyo [M-SLV]


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Toon Town: Trouble in Little Tokyo
Chapter 1[/CENTER]

[SIZE="1"]The sound coming down the hallway roused me like only a pair of four inch stilettos could. Only two sounds come down that hallway on the regular: a fat woman shuffling backwards in house slippers, and the swish of a broom behind her. The sound I heard this particular time could mean a couple of things; either I got lucky, or I had a case. A low, timid knock at the door no louder than a floor creek on a cold day told me I had a case. I'm a Private Eye.

It was a dame alright, the kind of dame you wouldn't see in Old Town. She had good looks, the kind of looks that go straight to your head like a shot of gin on an empty stomach. White skirt, sea green hair, cerulean eyes, and a set of legs that I'd let walk all over me any day of the week; If I was lucky, maybe later we could get some chemistry done, because the dame had class. [B]"The name's Mack Magnum,"[/B] I said, [B]"Professional Snoop."[/B]

The dame looked at me reclining in my chair, feet propped up. The only green I'd seen so far was in her hair, and not in her hand, so why move? [B]"I expected you to be taller, Mr. Magnum."[/B] she said.

That was usually my cue to knock her down one.The last guy to tell me that was a guy name Butch; stood a good seven feet in the air. I'll tell you this, he ain't that tall no more. Already I felt my hand grazing the upper left drawer of my desk. I have a .45 and a 40 in there. I keep one loaded, and the other keeps me loaded. I let it slide...this time. [B]"So you got a case or a death wish?" [/B]

[B]"A case, Mr. Magnum."[/B] she replied, her face cracking open into a smile that could melt the ice caps. [B]"I want you to find someone for me."[/B]

[B]"A husband?"[/B] I asked; might as well get it out in the open.

[B]"A cousin."[/B] she replied, fidgeting in her purse and producing some photographs. She dropped them on the desk in front of me.

I unpropped my feet and stood up in my chair, bringing myself about level with her. I analyzed the pictures. They looked pretty harmless to me. Her cousin was a pretty boy, the kind of pretty that with the right make-up on, could probably pass for a dame. Short spikey-blonde hair, amber eyes, and a tall lanky frame that put him up there with Ryan Seacrest, or someone else equally as metrosexual.

[B]"What's his name?"[/B] I asked, sliding the pictures back to her and lighting up a black.


[B]"Where was...Amar the last time you saw him?"[/B]

[B]"Drift racing in Little Tokyo. Didn't come home that night."[/B]

Little Tokyo. I flipped like a rice in a skillet when she said those words. Collecting myself from the floor, I walked around the desk so that I could get a good look at her, it was blocking the way. [B] "You say Little Tokyo?"[/B] I asked, knowing good and well what I heard.

[B]"Yes, Mr. Magnum. We both live there."[/B] she said, kneeling down so that she was on my level. I didn't say anything.

Little Tokyo... Any sane man would have said [I]no, find someone else.[/I] But I wasn't sane, and I had bills to pay. Like Bill, my bookie, and Bill, my landlord. I took a long, sexy puff on my black and tried to think my way out of it. [B]"You know my rates? I want double to go into Little Tokyo."[/B]

[B]"I can't pay double. But I can give you this..." [/B] Like that, the dame puckered up and moved in to give me a big one. My black fell out of my mouth.

I turned red when she kissed me and I could feel the steam rising in the room. On second thought, it wasn't in the room, it was in my head. I tried to pull out of the kiss to calm down, but it was good, it was damn good. Before I knew it my head exploded like an over-inflated baloon. It grew back as quick as it had gone and I fixed myself up again. [B]"I'm on the case. Just leave the pictures here and I'll see what I can do. By the way, what can I call you?"[/B] When can I call you?

[B]"Call me Michaela."[/B] said the dame. She stood up and walked out, still a damn sexy sight to see.

An hour later I was walking down the street towards the bus stop. In my profession, even the professionals had to be thrifty, at least if they hoped to make a profit. Half a block away from the bus I heard the click of a hammer. It focused my thoughts like only a pistol could. I lifted my hands in the air without saying a word. Moments later, I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head that made birdies soar and stars fly.

I woke up feeling like I had just got hit by a train, and my head pounded as if there was about another mile of cars behind it. I was in a moving vehicle, limo, with a shag interior. I always wanted to know what it was like to ride in one of these, but right then I was hating the fact that I ever wondered. There were two women sitting to either side of me. One was dressed in a green pants suit, the other in an orange dress. In front of me, in the opposite seat, sat bald man with a yellow suit that had a single, black zig-zagging stripe rested upon it. To his left and right were two other men, one was holding a blue towel and sucking compulsively on his thumb, the other simplly blonde

[B]"That girl," [/B] said the bald man, [B]"what did she want?"[/B]

[B]"I'm not in the business of disclosing info about my clients. It works the other way around."[/B] I said. The chick in the green pants suit hit me hard in the stomach, giving me something else to make my headache feel better.

[B]"Don't play fucking games with me!"[/B] yelled the guy in the yellow suit. [B]" I'll pay you double right here and you can go about your business as if non of this ever happened. Now what the fuck did that bitch say to you!?"[/B]

My lips were closed tighter than pussy on a cold day. The dame hit me again. [I]That's strike two,[/I] I thought.

[B]"Good grief,"[/B] said the man in the yellow suit, removing a rag and wiping the sweat from his head, [B]"Patty, throw him out."[/B]

Suddenly, the butch looking dame in green opened up the door and the limo came to a screeching halt. She grabbed me up and flung me into a light post, I broke it on impact. [I]Strike three, that bitch is gonna get it,[/I] I thought. From inside the limo I heard the man in the yellow suit yell at me, [B]"Forget about anything that happened tonight. Go home and don't investigate any further, you may find yourself up the creek."[/B] the limo pulled off.

I stood up, brushed off my trench coat and reached into my pocket, that fucker took my blacks. It started raining cats and dogs. I stood firmly on the sidewalk as pooches and kitties landed on the ground around me and contemplated. I knew I shouldn't have taken that job in Little Tokyo. I zipped up my trenchcoat and fixed my hat, then started walking, headed towards the nearest bus stop.

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