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You need to take care of that...

vegeta rocker

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So does anybody here have anything about themselves that they need to get off their *** and change?

For example, i don't have a drivers license and in Dallas, Tx that is a big problem. I have driven a few times but i just never got one. My family was kinda poor so we had one car that was always gone and my school didn't offer drivers ed.

My few friends that did have cars were only allowed them on certain occasions and they were told by their parents "her mom can teach her".

So here i am 22 and no license, my boyfriend has a car and he takes me where i need to go if i cant take the train there.

But this has recently gotten me angry because I'm supposed to do a shooting job for my internship and he was going to take me but our boss assigned him to work the same day even though i told her he was taking me.

So i have no way to get there and i can't afford the train since i spent my last bit of money on buying him a new car battery and gas. He hadn't gotten work from her all summer and all of the sudden she gives him work.

I don't know what to do about my situation right now.....

So back to you guys, ever have something like this happen to you because you don't possess something important like a license?
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[FONT="Book Antiqua"]I am 17 years of age, and been forced for years to act much older than I am. Whether by dreams in which I have a life time, or by parents who need someone older than I am, I have lost the ease and comfort of my teen years. So what I need to do may be different than what you intended for this thread, I'm need to act my age for the rest of this year, before I go stark mad from being an adult longer than I should be at this age.[/FONT]
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[font=arial][size=1]lol, I'm almost 19 and I just renewed my driving permit. I have friends on call at pretty much any time to take me anywhere, and they keep me so busy most of the time that I just never have the chance to drive. But I'm probably getting my license this week, considering how it's been going lately. I had this major fear of parking for the longest time.

And since summer began, I buckled down and worked out every day I had a chance, but I've seen almost no improvement, which is really lame. I kind of want to start running around the neighborhood or something, so if I had to start up something, it would be that.

I also really need to get myself together for a job hunt. I've decided that I'm going to see how things are after a week of college life before I turn in my applications, the thing is, I have a stack of like 20... and I haven't filled any of them out. I really need some cash for art supplies and books... and a guitar that actually works.[/font][/size]
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