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Writing [RAP BATTLE] Retribution vs. The Boss [M-LSVD]


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This is meant entirely for me and Retribution, no other competitors. When we finish, however, we will open up a poll for anyone who wants to vote to see who wins. Enjoy reading and enjoy the music that we so graciously bless you with in the process.


Have fun.

[URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVnTUx-UQTI"][b]Beat[/b] - Get Buck, Young Buck[/URL]

Okay, listen up, here we [b]go[/b]/
My pockets [b]stay swole[/b] and my necklace [b]stay cold[/b]/
I stay tippin' [b]Fo' fours[/b] with the suicide [b]doors[/b]/
Punk, ya betta stay [b]froze[/b] 'less ya wanna broke [b]nose[/b]/
The Boss Hog here, son, betta recognize and [b]know[/b]/
Retribution, fuck that, don't get ya [b]life closed[/b]/
It's ya boy with the [b]tight flows[/b] against the boy with the [b]tight clothes[/b]/
How you get in them jeans? Only girls wear them [b]like those[/b]/
I'm goin' straight platinum, that kid ain't even [b]white gold[/b]/
His only girl was a ho, hah, but I'm sure she had some [b]nice toes[/b]/
Thid kid don't wanna [b]fight, no[/b], get his ass knocked-out [b]ice cold[/b]/
And then his [b]rhymes old[/b], vintage like Hammer [b]Time, yo[/b]/
I outta pull out the millie, beat his ass [b]Nine, fold[/b]/
Time for the switch blades and [b]knives, yo[/b]/
Black ya out like [b]night, yo[/b]/
Everybody knows that he wanna be [b]like Mike, yo[/b]/

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[size=1]Real quick -- I was gunning for an overblown version of gangsta rap lyrics here. Of course the entire thing is talking about physically murdering him, so chill lol. And apologies if I went over the limit.

His [b]description’s lyin’[/b], not a boss, so how could he [b]equip this nine[/b] or rip a [b]script to lines[/b]? I’m gonna shoot and not [b]miss this time[/b], cut straight and [b]hit this bitch[/b], empty [b]clips on cliques[/b] crushing impact will [b]dissect and split, quick on his hip[/b], ballistics that [b]connect from the click[/b] from the [b]tip of this tech*[/b], [b]spitting death[/b] while [b]slitting his neck[/b].

With a [b]damaged mic[/b] my [b]hand is tight[/b], watch and learn as I [b]brand this tyke[/b]. Got his MaMA in the cut like he [b]planned this fight[/b], still my punches are [b]landing with might[/b], yet he’s [b]demanding his sight[/b] like a delusional blind man you won’t [b]get it back[/b] – your [b]flow is whack[/b], and everyone knows it so why bother [b]grow your sack[/b]? I’ll [b]blow your track[/b] just so you [b]know I’m back[/b], bitch.

* tech = tech nine, which is a gun.[/size]
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Hot stuff, Retri. Unfortunately, you lack my panache. And you take faaaaar too long.

[URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTnwEKQEs-I"][b]Beat[/b] - You Wouldn't Get Far, The Game feat. Kanye West[/URL]

I’m a mastermind when it comes to this [b]rap game/[/b]
Cuz I master minds like when Retri gave my [b]thang brain/[/b]
Up against the Boss, your ass is a [b]right shame/[/b]
But if you wanna fight, we can throw like [b]dice games/[/b]
Literally speaking, the Boss is a beast of the [b]same name/[/b]
Crazy in this Battle, might catch me [b]insane[/b] in the [b]membrane/[/b]
You might spit sparks, but know that I [b]sang flames/[/b]
It’s a [b]shame main[/b], cuz I gotta murder [b]ya clique[/b]/
Kid wanna play catch, ya might take [b]a brick[/b]/
[b]Bitch, I’m slick[/b], dance around you, you can’t even [b]tick[/b]/
Actin’ like you [b]rip[/b], Retri ain’t a [b]Crip[/b], kids closer to a [b]bitch[/b]/
Try that gangsta [b]shit[/b] on me and I’ll bust ya in the [b]lip[/b]/
You catchin’ [b]dick sick[/b], kid, while I’m [b]sittin’ in cars[/b]/
Couldn’t keep your anus, so you [b]shouldn’t get Mars[/b]/
If you swallowed a tavern, you [b]couldn’t spit bars[/b]/
And remember if you went against The Boss…. [b]You wouldn’t get far[/b]/
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[font=Arial]Too lazy to bold the rhymes. Have fun.

I am beautiful and black
fist raised to the sky
a black panther mentality
grew up on a salary of pennies to the dollar
your rent leaves, then borrow
I constantly consistently drop kids til tomorrow
Prolifically spit and then swallow
the fate of my race
slave trade in modern day
a solemn gray folds over me
and my limited life cannot truly
end this
and we
end who?
end me
and you
cannot hold me back
I stay up, stay violently ill with the lyrical attacks
Stay tyrannical and slay your ego, son
Can't play with me though, run from me
Get you jump and seize your pride, buddy I'm unstoppable
It's impossible to top the fully perfected
Kid, I'll seize your spirit and blow it away
you're stay's overdue and I'll tow you away
There's no other way to defeat this
Repeat this verse and finish what's begun
A sober gun,
you were the boss but it's over son
That about it, no more rematch, I've won.[/font]
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[URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clDyDz8k2Wo"][b]U Don't Know Remix[/b] - Jay-Z feat. M.O.P.[/URL]

I come through, sword [b]slingin'[/b], cats is [b]bleedin'[/b], automatic [b]feedin'[/b] AK-47, yo' ass is in [b]season[/b], that's the [b]reason[/b] I'm still Boss, ain't so [b]ceasin'[/b]/
I'm from the Island, a real [b]Cretan[/b]/
I'll take it old school, son, like pitchforks and [b]beatin's[/b]/
Bitch, I'm just now [b]peakin'[/b]/
If you was a hot rapper, then my rhymes would be heat [b]seekin'[/b]/
So I gotta take you out close like an assassin who be [b]sneakin'[/b]/
Best not be [b]blinkin'[/b] or your soul will be [b]sinkin'[/b] to the depths of hell, bitch, what the fuck was you [b]thinkin'[/b]?/
My rhymes is food for thought, kid, your's gone [b]sour[/b]/
I'm in the game for three things, honor, money, and the [b]power[/b]/
It's the man of the [b]hour[/b], or let's say the [b]decade[/b]/
Never [b]fade[/b], I'd rather [b]burn out[/b]/
But why waste my shit on you, you just a [b]burn out[/b], I got an [b]infinte flow[/b]/
You think you was spreadin' in the game, but your roots won't [b]even grow[/b]/
And you thought you had me, but son.... [b]You don't know[/b].... what you do/

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