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RPG Halo Vs Star Wars


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As Sera and her team decended to the surface of the huge planet wide city of Courasaunt thoughts raced thought her mind.

"What is this place... It isn't like any place I have seen... So strange... I can almost feel a sense of calm here..." she said to herself.

They entered the Atmosphere of the planet and she and her team including a new Spartan named Blood Dawn loaded and checked their weapons.

"Weapon's Check! Everyone good?!" she commanded.

Everyone nodded.

They felt the clank as the pelican touched the ground. They also heard the sound of estonishment as the Pelican landed. She didn't recognize instantly some of the language but there was a lauguage she recognized.

"Is that English?!" she exclaimed.

The ship opened and the marines filed out. They saw as they did many non humans mingling with humans alike.

Some guards on the hovering street they were on approched. They had rifles raised.

"Whoa. Hold on! We come in peace!" yelled Sera. Those were the first words ever said on a alien planet.

"Right then you won't mind us searching that ship..." said a trooper in white armor and red markings. "Not at all..." said Sera letting the people search.

Unlike the UNSC however... A Covenant ship hovered in the Ionsphere of Naboo. They have already taken Theebs the capital of the Naboosians. The Convenant armys marched thorught the streets of the city. In the palace a dark red Elite stood in front of the Queen.

"You are fortunate human... You are more useful to me alive then dead..." he said.

The Queen had defiance in her eyes. Xenos laughed. He walked over and lifted her chin.

"Many have had that definent look before..." he said switching on his double edged plasma sword and waving it close to her face. "But they have alwas been broken by our power... YOu will be the same... TAKE HER AWAY!"

Several grunts followed by Elites took her.

"This is too easy..."
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Darias watched as the strange ship descended to Naboo's surface and began an invasion of the planet. Darias walked over to the star map and put in the coordinates of Korriban.

[B]"take us into hyperspace."[/B] he commanded.

[B]"Aye sir."[/B] one of officers said.

[I]Now to build up my army.[/I]
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"Sir, Unknown ship dectected, it is large." said a Brute over the comm. Xenos still in the Naboosian Palace expecting the grounds called for a Banshee, a single seated fighter. "I will head to the Truth and Reconsealiation... And i will need 3 Crusiers to come with the captial ship. "

After a short flight Xenos landed on his ship. "Seth... Get the ship moving follow the ship at top speed do NOT let it escape our sensors." The ship took off followed by 3 others. After the ships got close enough Xenos sent a message to Darias's ship. "Unknown vessel You have illegally entered Covenant Space,cease your engines and prepare to be boarded. If you insist on running we will disable your ship and board anyway... Your Choice."

"Weapons Systems on line!" yelled a Elite in gold armor. "Hold till i give the command."
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Darias's ship was by no means the most powerful ship in the system, and being that it was undermaned and nearly out of weopens, he decided to do as the strange ship had said.

"All crew prepare to recieve the boarding party." Darias announced to the entire ship.

Darias turned to one of his captains. "Tell the cloked ships to stay close and be ready to assault the strange ship if things start to go badly."

"Aye aye sir." said the captain as he saluted and went to the comm system.

"Engineers start the warm-up on the weapons and the hysperspace engines."

"Right away sir."

Darias walked over to the radar system and watched as the unknown ships let out multiple boarding ships. Darias could sense that there were many soldiers on each of the boarding ships.

[I]If only we had made it back to Korriban I could have gotten the other ships and more soldiers.[/I]

"Boarding ships have reached the hanger bay." Announced one of the tech officers.

"Raise the shields, and have the cloaked assasins take up positions along the way to the bridge."

Darias knew he would need every advantage he could get if things went badly. Then Darias remembered the cache of Mandalorian battle droids, and Basilisks that he had gotten on the moon of Dxun before returning here. [I]I hope I don't have to use those droids, I will need them if I make it to Korriban.[/I]

"Status on the boarding parties?" Darias asked the officers.

"Three of the ships have unloaded there crews and the others are landing now."

"Have the soldiers prepare the droids for battle."


"If things don't go the way we plan I fear that we will need them."

"Yes sir."

As the officer walked away Darias walked over to the security system control panel. He began to prepare the defence systems just in case there was trouble. Darias looked at the screen and saw strange small creatures in armor and helmets moving along the corridors, they seemed to be leading the way for larger creatures in armor of diffrent colors, most likely sybolizing their ranks, that walked a ways behind the small creatures. Darias switched the view to the hanger bay, there were vary large creatures getting out of the remaing ships, they appeared to have large shields and a large cannon on them. [I]We are really going to need those droids if things go bad.[/I] Darias though to himself.
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The last Elite off of the Boarding Phantoms was Xenos himself. He lead a team of Elites with black armor. "Spec Ops come with me. Team 1 head to the engine room and disable the engine team 2 take the Hunters and sweep through if any resistance is met then deal with them swiftly...Enact this plan if things go bad... I am heading to the bridge." he said said holding his Carbine.

He marched threw the corridors looking at the battle placements some what impressed with the Robots he saw, "Interesting... No Human could build these kind of weapons..." The leader of team 1, the Golden Elite and Xenos's second in command was slightly less impressed, "I doubt these things could survive the bite of our blades"

The leader of the 2nd team a Brute followed Xenos to the bridge. Xenos was surprised when he got to the bridge that a human was in fact the Captain of the ship. "Feh... Got my hopes up to see a non human..."
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Darias watched as the small group of aliens walked onto the bridge. He wanted nothing more than to kill them all and be on his way. Darias could sense the rest of the creaters still in the hanger bay, [I]I just hope this plan works, its not in my nature to retreat but there is no other alternative.[/I] Darias walked over to the control panel as the aliens watched him carefully ready to attack if he tried anything. Darias hit a single button on the console.

"Hyperdrive engine online. Coordinates accepted. Destination, Nar Shadaa."

Right after the announcement the large alien rushed at Darias, as he charged a large energy sword appeared in his hand, the sword came down on target, but to the creatures suprise the sword passed straight through Darias. Its energy field disrupted, the hologram vanished.

Darias watched as his cruiser speed off into hyperspace, followed closely by the strange ships. As the last of the ships entered hyperspace, Darias's Flagship uncloaked nearby and all of the transport ships uncloaked. [I]Good thing we got all of the droids and Basalisk fighters off the ship in time.[/I] Darias knew he would need them if he was going to take the academy on Korriban for himself.

Darias walked onto the bridge of the sith flagship [I]The Endless[/I]. the very large ship was fully equiped, well the best it could be with the limited resources that Darias had.

[B]"Prepare the dropships and the wardroids."[/B]

[B]"Right away sir."[/B]

[B]"Navigator, take us to Korriban. And announce every one to battle stations.[/B]

Aboard the cruiser in hyperspace the sith assasins watched as the aliens tried to stop the ship. The assisins grouped in the hanger bay followed the large creatures to the engine room. Once they entered the room they quickly uncloaked.

[B]"We must not let them stop the ship![/B] The assisin yelled to the others.
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"Expect a human to double cross!" yelled Xenos. "Team one enact the plan , Team two come with me once again and lets cut through what ever is on this ship." he commanded over thier comms. The Golden Elite commanded his group, "Do as our Commander says! Disable those engines." , he looked as the assassins decloaked, "Fools..." he said powering his Plasma Sword, "You all will die!" Two other elites followed with thier plasma swords and started fighting with the assassins.

The Gold Elite was a Zealot. One of the most fierce warriors of the Covenant. He cut through the metal blades that the assassins had. "No human can best an Elite!"

Mean while Xenos and the Brute Warrior followed by several hunters and spec ops were fighting through the ship. The Hunters were in front taking fire and it bouncing off thier blast shields, the small grunts were close behind them firing Needlers. A few in green armor set up Plasma Turrets at the door of the bridge. "Spec Ops activate your Activate your Active Camoflage The Great Journey depends on your success. The black armored elites seemed to dissappear and go forward cloaked and firing only when they got close
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[COLOR="DarkRed"]James jumped to were the strange ship had landed and watched as the humans filled out of it, then Two strange creatures stepped out of it in armor one was green and the other in Black. As the "police" came to the area James decided to blend into the crowed and wait for the commotion to settle down.
-[b][i][COLOR="YellowGreen"]meanwhile[/COLOR][/i][/b]- (lol :animesmil comic book style)

[B][COLOR="Gray"]Samuel (i dont know if u were calling me Blood Dawn but if u are then ill use it.) Stepped out of the pelican as he looked around he saw a man standing in the crowed with a scar across his face, Samuel felt a chill run down his spine while looking at him so he quickly glanced at the other races in the crowed one person had long tentacles coming out of her head and her skin was green! She kept Samuels attattion until Lt. Sara came over the private intercom and said
"Samuel be ready for anything theses aliens may throw at us i want you to stay here at the bay doors to pull any of the marines in if things get bad."

'Yes Ma'am" not wanting to tell her about the man he saw he kept it to himself instead he said "Ma'am permission to speak?"

"Granted, what is it?"

"Ma'am I dont think thses people are hostile towards us other wise civilians wouldnt be out here including women and children."
As he finished the sentence the troopers came out of the ship and asked
"Whos in charge here?"

Sara replied "I am, I'm Spartan 1134 or Lt. Sara for short, This is my 2nd in command Spartan 034 or 2nd Lt. Samuel demolitions expert. What is your name and where are we?"[/COLOR][/B]
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"The name is Magnus Degsination: 223." said Magnus as his people searched the ship. They filled out and stood be hind the Clone Commander. "Sir the ship is clear." said a Clone trooper. "Good, now we can talk civilly... You are in the Republic Capital Planet of Couresant(Sp?) Your in a safe system."

Sera took a breath of relief , "Ok lower your weapons..." she said, "We are Marines of the UNSC, The United Nations Space Command. We have tracked a group of alien ships to this part of the Galaxy but we are unsure where we came out at."

Magnus noticed Samuel's uneasiness, "Excuse me are you alright? You seem a bit uneasy. Your blood pressure is up."

"Hmm? What is it Sam?" asked Sera.
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[B][COLOR="Gray"]"While I was scanning the crowd i noticed a man with a pale face and a scar down the side of his face and just looking at him gave me the chills" Samuel said looking back out into the crowd which by this time had lost interest he could not find the man.

"But enough about my problems, These aliens we were tracking have been waging war on us for years they call them selves the Covenant they are not just one race but many all come together for one reason the complete wipe out of humanity( just going here i figured hes not chief so he doesn't know about halo etc.) We were assigned to the spire which is in low orbit when the Covenant fleet attacked us then the jumped and we followed and ended up here. We are now looking for them to destroy them and we hoped that you might know where they were?"[/COLOR][/B]


James saw the man in the black suit look at him, So James decide to play with the man and send a chill down his spine and with that he ran not because of the men and women but because the clones where everywhere and the crowd had died down so his cover wasn't to great right in front of the strange ship James slowed down to a walk and decided to go into a "bar" (cant remember how to spell their bars lol) as he walked in he saw two clones sitting at a table, cursing under his breath he walked up to them and said "Good day gents can I buy you two a drink?" and with that he saw one of them was a women! bright red James said "Oh I'm sorry ma'am would you like a drink?" As he said this the cooling system came on and blew back his hood showing his face a Jedi next to the clones saw him and gasped and wiped out his light saber knocking over the clones table and force trowing James into a couple of wookies.
(I'm add a clone into the fray lol its the female one your like her bio lol)
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Sera held the side of her helmet, "There is somethng going down... I can hear faint noises coming from somewhere." Her Spartan augmentations picked up the faint sound of battle. Along with that she heard a some what Familiar sound. "Plasma Sword..." she said taking off her assault rifle in hand and motioning for several marines to follow. "Samuel you stay with the Pelican. Make sure that Ship remains safe." After a swift run she burst through the dlaoor of the Cantina nearly taking them off the hinges. "Hold it rigtht... THere?" She saw that it wasn't a plasma sword. "What the hell..."

Magnus came over the woman clones communicator, "Jena, Report what is going on there?"


Xenos and his forces over took the Sith ship. They arrived to Narshadda and the Cruisers had followed. "These humans and robots put forth a mighty resistance did they not Commander?" asked the Golden Elite. "Indeed much more then the others we have slain... But they are still merely human with a insupieror intellect the fool left his ship with a greater force and left his most important asset... These..." Xenos activated the star maps. "Look at this... This entire galaxy... Is ours for the picking... If we conquer all of these planets... think of it... Our forces would be so massive that the Human swine that plague the covenant will be wiped out for ever..."
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Darias stood in the main antechamber of the Korriban academy, the sounds of the final bombing raids echoeing from the distance. The academy wasn't all that hard to take, the students weren't loyal to the sith lord that was in command. It was a simple matter to kill him and take control of the academy. [I]It is time to train my army.[/I]

[B]"Send a message to my fleet, tell them to meet me at Kamino for the invasion of the cloning facility."[/B] Darias said turning to his officer.

[B]"Right away sir."[/B]

Darias walked out of the academy and towards his flagship [I]The Void.[/I] He walked onto the bridge and looked down at the destruction caused by the bombings. The ship rose into the upper atmosphere.

[B]"Send a message to the academy, tell them to continue training and when the recruits are ready send them to me.[/B]

With that the ship began its long journey to the planet of Kamino.
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A Selkath in the robe of the Jedi stood up and powered up his light saber, it was Cyan with a silver glow coming off of it. In his fishy language he spoke,[translation] Sith it is wise that you leave here with your life..." he looked over to the new arrival. "Before our guest misunderstands and kills you..." , the selkath let out a low fishy growl. "Our clones are more then capable to take down a lone sith like you..."

"What? CLone? I am sorry but i don't thing you know whats going o-" said Sera being cut off.

"What the Selkath says is true... Leave." said Magnus.


Xenos smirked as Nar' Shardda's Goverment buiding laid in ruins. They had laid seige to the planet for just 5 hours. More of his fleet arrived to make sure the Planet kept inline and make sure no Republic nor Sith forces try to take the planet. He was coinfident from the encounter before.

"How feeble this planet was..." the crimson elite spat, "At least the UNSC gave us a fight... " he turned to the Star Map he had downloaded to his capital ship. One planet in peticular caught his eye, "Dantooine... Said that there is a ... Je-di Academy... A Jedi? What is this?" he pondered.

He walked along the halls of his ship deciding whether to invade this place or see if they wish to join the covenant. "Though these other creatures besides humans seem just as feeble... They deserve to have that choice." he was starting to think like the rational Elite most knew. Since coming to this Galaxy he had to put on a tough persona to make sure that the Troops were able to do their jobs well.

He walked onto the bridge and looked at the star map, "Set our slip space course to this Planet Dantooine... We will take a different approch this time..."
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[COLOR="Teal"]"Sir this Sith offered to buy me a drink when a breeze blow down his hood and this Jedi here pounced on him like a Jubba on his late night snack. Then they started fighting then you showed up." As Jena finished her report the sith James jump through the door and ran down the street at inhuman speed blinking Sara said "What the, what just.."
cut off by Magnus said "After him dont let him escape hes a wanted man on seven differnt planet." with that the clones and the Jedi ran after him Magnus, Sara, and Jena where the only ones that stayed behind "Major why did you stay be hind I figured you would have went after him?" asked Magnus, Jena replied "Well for one im off duty and he really didnt do anything to me."[/COLOR]


[COLOR="DarkRed"]James ran down the street running pass people turning on a dime James looked back to see if he was clear but instead he found that he was being followed the Jedi the closes turning into a dark ally James hid behind a few empty boxes waiting to to kill as the Jedi and its troopers came in James sprang killing the clones with small swipes of his lightsaber leaving it on only to kill (that would be creepy lol) finnaly the Jedi pulled out his saber and turned it on only to see James standing 6 inches away from his face with his light saber ready to kill. "Time to die Jedi, but dont worry it will be slow and pain full" James said. Turning on his saber he started his attack only for it to meet the Jedi's sending sparks of red and cyan jumping back James sneered "why do you resist me just DIE." with that he lunged at the Jedi with all his might. [/COLOR]

[COLOR="Grey"]Waiting by the pelican as he was ordered he watched the people walking by aliens and humans alike living in peace When Keta came over the intercom "Lt. Samuel the Republic is saying that the Covenant have attack servile planets and are asking if we would help them please have your teams coma back to the ship as well as have Lieutenant Magnus, Major Jena and have something called a Jedi named Relk Baros to come with you we are heading out in 5 hours." "Roger that Keta i will tell Sara that" clicking off his come and using the speaks he said Marines round up get bak into your pelicans and wait we are going back to the ship." Click on blue teams private com he said "Lt ma'am we have been ordered back to the ship and bring Lt. Magnus Major Jena and a Jedi named Relk Baros back with you the ship is leaving in 5 hours see you here."[/COLOR]
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Relk blocked the Saber blows and was knicked several times. The selkath jedi jumped back and lifted boxes to toss at the Dark Jedi James, with a swirl of his red lightsaber he cut the boxes in half. "Ha!! Is that all this little fishy has to offer?" he taunted at Relk. Relk slightly angered at the fish comment thrust out his hand, "Let me show you... The power of the full Force!" Amazingly he shot lightning out of his fin at James. He was taken aback, "Thats a Dark side power!"

"Fool.." said Relk in his fishy language, "There is only one force no light no dark... It is only miscreants like you who impose your power on the weak and helpless now you face someone who has seen both sides of the Force prepare to die Sith..."

Sera at the same time this was going on got the call on her , "The Covenant has already taken over 2 planet?! Damn it to hell!" She punched the wall making a slight dent. "Ok this Sith or what ever has to go down now we don't need both problems on us understand?" she said starting to walk out the door. "We have 5 hours to prepare and get our asses going if we are ever going to stop the Covenant." She ran out to the street and sprinted towards where the fight was going on. "Samuel follow me. We have a job to do before we go. Bring a Warthog."


A single covenant Phantom flew to the surface of Dantooine. It was filled with 3 elites and several Grunts. Xenos when he landed looked around. He was amazed at what he saw. He had just bombarded other planets with out knowing what he was doing.Back on Naboo he had noticed the vast plains that he had almost destroyed because of the assault. As he looked ahead a couple of beings in brown robe approached him.

They felt like the one he had saw before except the power he felt was soothing. "I am Xenos Commander of the Fleet Spear of Destiny. We wish to talk to who ever is in charge of this planet."
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