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Request Project Semblii (Vector Artists Wanted)


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Howdy folks! It's your old pal Xra and I've got the opportunity for [I]you[/I]!

Y'see, I've been brainstorming and putting effort towards creating a high quality flash game, being referred to now as


Project Semblii, a stylized action/platformer that uses both genres together in a competitive vision rarely seen before. The game stars [URL="http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/2060/sembliied0.png"][Semblii][/URL], a children's toy that was originally meant to teach kids early robotics as they assembled and reassembled this adorable toy. However, shortly after Semblii went into production, scientists had finally pushed robot AI to it's highest potential. Their newfound intelligence has given them the power to [B]take over mankind[/B].

... [I]But what about the children?[/I]

Needless to say, Semblii must stop the invasion in order to protect those snot-nosed wonderbags.

To describe how the game plays out, I've made two crappy concept pictures. The first is Play Mode:

[URL="http://img250.imageshack.us/img250/5673/sembliiplaymodevs6.jpg"][Play Mode][/URL]

Play Mode Semblii has the protagonist running and jumping like in the platformers of old. This is is main tool of getting through the level on time, but some enemies and obstacles might be too hard to traverse with just your feet.

[URL="http://img406.imageshack.us/img406/619/sembliiattackmodemf3.jpg"][Attack Mode][/URL]

Attack Mode Semblii opens up his back to reveal customizable guns for quick and powerful ranged blasts. He also pulls in his legs to hover and dodge enemy attacks in the air. The main problem here is that Attack Mode Semblii alone is too slow to clear a stage. Using both modes strategically will be key to beating this game.

Anyhoo, now that I took the time to propose the game, I need to request assistance from the vector artists and designers out there. [B]We need enemies, bosses, stages, and item creators[/B]. I'm too busy working on Semblii himself and soon the programming process, which is why I've been putting together this development team to help me. So far, I've got:

[center][B]Creative Director and Lead Programmer[/B]

[B]Boss Artists
[I]These folks get to design and create the giant robotics that head the enemies on their stages. Make em easy on the eyes and quick to animate! (We might be good here now. :])[/I]
[/B][I]Joel(Not on this forum)
Matt(Not on this forum)[/I]
[I]Uncle Shig(Not on this forum)[/I]

[B]Enemy Artists
[I]These folks design and create the generic robots who litter the stages. They can range from tiny to huge so make 'em as they come to you. Easy on the eyes and quick to animate.[/I]
[/B] brokenh3art
[I]Suzanna(Not on this forum)
Theo(Not on this forum)
[/I] -
[B] -

Stage Designers
[I] These guys have to be super creative, making stages and obstacles for Semblii to overcome. We'll have to work together to ensure they offer a challenge and use his abilities to the fullest. I'll include [U]Background Artists[/U] here as well. Stages should be clean and you Background artists... can go nuts.
[/I][/B][i]Mike(Not on this forum)[/i][B] -

[I]These folk are working on the soundtrack and any sound effects as they're needed. We should be good here.[/I]
[/B][I]John(Not on this forum)
DSX(Not on this forum)
Nick(Not on this forum)[/I]

[I]I'm gonna be a stickler here. The audio recordings should be crystal clear, no crackling or muffle. VA's will be judged based on sample work and the character they wish to voice.

[LEFT]To make this an effective collaboration, we all need to work together and share ideas. I tried to make Semblii as simple and appealing as possible so the style can be copied by anyone. Easy, no?

And just to display what's finished/in the works:

[URL="http://img261.imageshack.us/my.php?image=sembliisheethv7.swf"][Semblii Animations Sheet][/URL] by Xra

[URL="http://www.box.net/shared/gqpycnh6mh"][Stage 1 concept music][/URL] by [I]John

[URL="http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/2264/zembullxu2.jpg"][Zembull Concept Sheet][/URL][/I] by[I] Joel
[/I][URL="http://img208.imageshack.us/img208/9937/zembullcolorln3.png"][Zembull Vector Concept][/URL] by Xra
And that should do it. Lend a hand and join the Semblii team. Let's make this game [I]awesome[/I].
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Awesome, I'll add you to the team. Right now there's no rush to get things done so work at your own leisure. We'll pick things up as time goes on and the team is bigger.

Oh, an expect an update to the Semblii sheet later today.
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