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Streamloaders Assemble!


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ok, this is for ppl who have at least a basic account (7.99/month) at [url]www.streamload.com[/url] - if u arent one yet, read on and i might be able to convince you to join.
Ok, streamload is basically a thing that allows u to store an unlimited amount of crap on there servers. It just so happens that i have [b]20+ GIGABYTES of Anime on their servers[/b]. So, for ppl that have already joined, put down ur list of anime, or if u dont have any anime yet, put down ur streamload username and what you want.
Here's What I have:
-Cowboy Bebop (dubbed but uncut) Eps. 1-12
-Gundam 08th MS Team (subbed and uncut) Eps. 1-12
-Gundam 0083 (subbed and uncut) Eps. 1-13
-Tenchi Muyo (dubbed but uncut) Eps. 6-12
-Trigun (subbed and uncut) Eps.6 and 7 (i think)
-Endless Waltz (subbed and uncut) Eps. 1-3
-Gundam X (subbed and uncut) Eps. 1-39
-DBZ Trunks Special (subbed and uncut) -----
-DBZ Movies (2 subbed, 1 fandubbed, 1 doesnt work) -----
I forget the rest, but thats a start. Any1 else have sum anime for me and the rest?

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Assemble dammit! dont tell me none of u are signed up with streamload? anywho, i remembered another aniem i have on there:
-Kenshin OVA (uncut and subbed) Eps. 1-4

aka [b]H∃∃rõ ΜªxΧ[/b]
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