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Gaming Melty Blood ReACT Final Tuned/Act Cadenza Thread


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I used the Search function and there wasn't anything about Melty Blood, so I guess I'll make a topic for it.

So, without further ado...

\(^▽^*)Welcome to the OtakuBoards Melty Blood Thread~(*^▽^)/

[b]What is Melty Blood?[/b][/SIZE]

To put it simply, it was a doujin fighting game made by Type-Moon based off of Tsukihime. I know that some of the characters are pretty popular in the MUGEN community, like "Shieru" (Ciel), Kohaku&Hisui, Hisui, Kohaku, Warachia/Warakia, Warcueid/Red Arcueid, etc.

There have been several versions of this, the main ones being:

[b]Melty Blood[/b] - The original.

[b]Melty Blood ReACT[/b] - Second version that had a completely changed look and fighting system. Better balanced, and many errors were fixed.

[b]Melty Blood ReACT Final Tuned[/b] - The final version of Melty Blood ReACT. Some fans developed a NetPlay for it as well, basically allowing people to fight each other online. However, unless both of the fighters have very good computers, then they were most likely going to lag horribly or desync.

[b]Melty Blood Act Cadenza[/b] - This was released on PS2. The look was changed again, and the characters Neco Arc, Aoko Aozaki, Neco Arc Chaos, and Kishima Kouma were added as playable characters. I think that's it... New stages too. Story Mode was taken out. It's also available in arcades.



[b]Melty Blood Act Cadenza Version B[/b] - Released about a month ago. It's practically MBAC put on the PC, but it has some new additions. White Len is now playable, Neco Arc Chaos is very easy to unlock, and you can also unlock a mode where you fight MBAC's version of G-Akiha: NecoChaosBlackG666. Some new stages were added, Tag Mode and 2-on-2 Mode were made. Although a NetPlay isn't implemented as of yet, the makers of the Immaterial and Missing Power NetPlay, are rumored to have trying to make one for the game.


For those who have Melty Blood ReACT Final Tuned and would like to know how to use NetPlay:

1. Download NetPlay [url=http://chrono.at.infoseek.co.jp/]here[/url].
2. Register and download Hamachi [url=http://www.hamachi.cc/download/list.php]here[/url].
3. Make sure that you don't have any Replay folder in your Melty Blood ReACT folder. If you do, then move it or delete it.
4. Open Hamachi and either create a network or join an existing one. Unless you know of a specific one (like a network on a forum), then just create one.

Let's say someone else has joined your network. We'll just call him "Shiki" because it's easier to type that.

5. Decide whether Shiki or you are hosting the battle.
If you are hosting...[/B]
1. Open up NetPlay and press Enter, Enter, a number through 1-9, and Enter again. The number represents the frame skip. Experiment a little with the number because it's different with a lot of computers. I personally choose 7, while some may choose 4.
2. Wait for Shiki to do what he's supposed to do, and if all goes correctly, the game should start.

[B]If you are not hosting...[/B]
1. Open up NetPlay and type in your opponent's Hamachi IP address. Then press Enter. Make sure Shiki has already hosted before you do this. Then the game should start.

[B]What is DeSync?[/B]

DeSync is short for De-synchronization. When playing in NetPlay, you might experience this.

Here are some common things that happen when desync-ing.

1. If you are in Windowed mode, it'll say "Desync?" on the tab.
2. Your opponent will repeat the same attack/move over and over
3. You can't run longer than a second.
4. When the round ends, the game will freeze until you or your opponent has exited.

Some links of videos for those who are interested.

[b]Melty Blood Act Cadenza[/b]

[u][url=http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=5ip3QBqQ5UQ&mode=related&search=]Arc Drive and Last Arc Exhibition Video[/url][/u]

[u][url=http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=tNctPiHD2TI]Hisui vs. Nanaya Shiki Video[/url][/u]

[u][url=http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=rEliFujCfJs]NecoChaosBlackG666 Gameplay Video[/url][/u]


Anyone play any of the Melty Blood games? What do you think of it? Favorite characters? If you have MBR, do you NetPlay? If there are some of you out there, we could create an OB Hamachi Network ;D

As for me, this is my favorite fighting game. It's very easy to excel at because of the easy controls. I love the characters. Kohaku, Hisui, Hisui&Kohaku, Neco Arc Chaos, Ciel, Red Arcueid, Miyako Arima,... I like them all. (・∀・ )
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