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Request Peach Girl Set


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[COLOR="Pink"][CENTER][B]Graphic type[/B]
Banner and avater set

I read the rules, so a little smaller than 550 x 120.
Avatar would be the usaul size?

Peach Girl

I don't have one, so if you won't mind looking
a good picture up of Momo herself.


One tough babe
and Momo on the avi.[/CENTER]

Please and thank you![/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkRed"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I took at shot at it and the result is below. I'll be making another one, because I'm not all satisfied with this one. But at least for now, you can have something in your signature. It's also due to the fact, that you love Peach Grl too! I'll edit my post later to give you the avatar as well. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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