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Guest commanderb
Intro: This is a short story I dreamt up few nights ago. Wanted to share it with some of you. The story has no names to remember, only 2 characters and giant spiders.

Story begins:

A young boy around the age of 15 is at a school on the weekend. He discovers a small opening into a sunlit cave nearby and enters it. On the other side lies the open wall, a small portion of grass and beach sand are layered untouched. As time goes by, he eventually makes his secret hiding place more comfortable. The water was crystal clear and you could see the ocean floor beneath. He brings a surfboard to lay down on while he floats around. The secret hiding spot was like a extension to a cliff wall. High overhead was another stone cliff, obscuring itself from above.

Then one day, he meets up with a girl he knew at school. Shy and timid, but with a mature outlook to her mindset. The other kids, like the children they are, made fun of her for being too small and skinny. She had short blonde hair with almost albino skin tones.
A short time goes by and they notice each other. She was walking one weekend alone near the school and she sees him walking to his hiding spot. He sees her as well. They don't speak, but they do approach each other. She was obviously skeptical of his reaction, thinking he might also make fun of her. Lucky for her all he did was ask if she would like to see something.

As he lead her into the small opening, he noticed that there were a large amount of cobwebs around the cavern. The cavern itself was about 20 feet deep with 30 feet tall walls. It lead down a slight slope and inside the 20 feet were brown dirt colored
walls and rocks. As they headed closer to his hiding spot, the cobwebs got more and more dense, sticking to their shoes. He didn't give it another thought and figured it was probably natural around this time of year.

They emerged out on the other side and she was amazed at the beauty of it. The sloshing water against the side walls was light and gental. The green grassy patches and soft beach sand was warm and inviting. She asked him if he just found this place.
He gave a slight nod without saying much. She took off her shoes and socks and waddled her feet in the water for a bit. Then she went back to where the boy was standing and took his hand, pulling him and encouraging him to join in. He did so with
a bit of hesitation. She was smiling so brightly, which made the boy blush a little for noticing. They took the surfboard he brought weeks ago to float in the water. The day got later and the sun was beginning to set. He set up a small fire to
dry them off. As they were sitting there, half naked next to each other, she asked him if he liked her. He just looked at her and laid down on his back to look at the night sky. The air was warm and the sounds of the water sloshing back and forth on the wall made a rythmic sound. Trying to avoid her question, he just laid there. She shrugged her shoulders and in a trance like state she laid next to him. Both looking up at the stars in the night sky. She held his arm as they drifted off to sleep from the soothing sounds and warmth.

As they awakened from their slumber, the air was chilled and moist. It was morning, and the sun was peeking over the horrizon. She cuddled up close to the boy's warm body. He tried to get up and get dressed. She woke up with a daze. As they both got dressed and prepared to head home, he notice the entrace to his cavern was getting denser with cobwebs. He made a torch out of what was left of their fire and burned a exit. She clutched his arm tightly as they made their way through.

Then a couple of large spiders jumped at them. He swung his torch and hit the one coming at him. The spider was squealing in pain as the torch burned it's body. He looked back and saw that the girl was being dragged off by the spider and being covered with a cocoon. She screamed for help and he ran after her into another cavern, leading downward. Lucky for his that the cavern had a open top so that the sunlight could shine through. The giant spider dropped it's cocoon into a ditch-like structure. She slid down the side trying to wiggle free, but the webbing prevented her to gain any movement. The boy stood at the mouth of the entrace and saw the large area with many smaller cocoons laying on and near the large web. Then a larger spider came out from the far end.
It had a light green sheen to it, its legs long and thin. It made a slight rattling sound. The eyes were shiny with 4 red ones near the center. It's mandables large and thin, almost like long swords. The back of the spider's thorax was attached to some kind of sack, possibly a egg sack. It's long slender legs began to stretch outward toward the girl. He looked around for a weapon to get it's attention away from her. He threw a rock at it's head, the spider reared back to protect itself. Several smaller spiders began to come out of the holes hidden by the cobwebs. There was too many of them to fend off. He slid down to where the girl was and began to rip off as much of the cocoon as he could. There was no time, he had to make a choice, to save himself, or be eaten along with the girl. He looked at her quickly. Their eyes met, and he knew what he had to do.

He kept tearing at the bit of cocoon on her, and she was free to run now, but unfortunatly, it was too late, the spiders were too fast and already surrounding them. He saw beyond the girl and noticed a metal pipe. Any kind of weapon will do at this point, so he grabbed it only to find it was attached to more piping. A putrid smell came from it. Upon looking further, he noticed it was some kind of gas pipe. The wavy gas and smell was uncanny. Without thinking he began to hit the end with a rock until a spark ignighted the contents, a large bellow of fire errupted from the pipeline. It singed his hair and burned his hands. He didn't care for the pain, it was that or die. He waved the makeshift flame thrower to make a opening to the exit. He was successful as the smaller spiders gathered around to protect it's mother spider. He burned as many of the spiders as he could. The death throws and squealing made him smirk. He told the girl to make for the exit. As soon as she was at the doorway, he dropped the pipe, his hands burned and scarred, he ran as hard and as fast as he could to the girl. She pulled him up and they made a run through the cavern.

The fire was still burnning and heating up the cavern. They could feel the heat from the flame as it kept most of the spiders at bay. They made it outside. They didn't look back, or stop. They knew they had to get help, but as soon as they saw the school, it was covered with cobwebs. They knew this was bad. The spiders must have attacked the town over night. The boy was hurt bad. The pain surged through his arms as if knives thrusted into his skin slowly. She looked at his hands and saw the burns were very severe. It was bleeding and his skin was red and white. He looked at her with a smile, and told her, "I do like you". She smiled.
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