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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]For those who have yet to play GGPO, it's basically the newest thing in online gaming for fighters. GGPO is a string of code that lets you play Street Fighter 2 and Marvel vs. Capcom online, [B][I][U]FOR FREE[/U][/I][/B], with almost no lag. It's all pretty easy to set up too. All you gotta do is sign up at [URL="http://ggpo.net"]http://ggpo.net[/URL] and then download the program to your computer. You're gonna have to have Windows XP or greater, the latest version of Direct X (9.0) and various other things. You will have to have the roms for Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Marvel vs Capcom downloaded to the roms folder before you can play. You will have to find them on your own though....

So that's the schpiel people. Hope to see you fighters on there! [/FONT]
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