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Writing [RAP BATTLE]Trigun 11 vs. The Boss [M-LSVD]

Trigun 11

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Boss and I go back to '03 and I've always wanted to rap battle him. We started one on one battles and finally, we're going public.This is meant entirely for me and Boss, no other competitors. When we finish, however, we will open up a poll for anyone who wants to vote to see who wins. Enjoy reading. <3

[I]Rules:[/I]Have fun.[B][I] No[/I][/B] limits.

[b] Beat used:[/b] [U]none.[/U]

Support things you believe in, those things with substance/
Because y'know it's not gonna, we're not gonna grow/
If we don?t step up and keep up.

Now that I?m older, stronger even/
I?ve finally figured it out, that little lesson Buck learned in the wild/
It?s survival of the fittest, even if it means deceiving/
You got the red hair, where?s that damn pot o? luck?/
Just a snap and it?s all gone, through the teeth like a hockey puck/
I?m setting this game ablaze, yes that means I?m a lyrical arsonist, pulling a Mustang/
Going to pull a ?Chosen One? and in it, sink in a bloody fang.

Mk, it?s ?kiri, H to the ARA, I?m not suicide bombing/
Just stepping up to the mound, and striking you out like Papelbon/
No little Irish jig here, not any video taping (I?m not a lowlife like Belichick), Stopping the Cheatriots? fun/
Just pulling a BoSox and sweeping you four games to none!

July of ?03 brings back some mad awesome skills, no fears/
We go way back to then, straight back to my safe-guarding days as Len/
Can?t believe I?m taking you on/
There was a time and period that I was afraid to do this/
Thinking it?d be a prison shower/
Finally thought I need not be a coward.

Man should fear no thing because it?s just a form of dominance/
Machiavelli and I share one thing ? Be feared than feel apprehension/
Public forums equal fun.
Boss, want to make a Kanye and Fifty run?

It?s ?kiri signing out.
Boss, please be a doll and take the mic,
Treat it like you do Joey K?s pipe.
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Oh boy... Well, it's been a while. Let me hit this one real quick...

[b]Beat:[/b] [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcP7Sw8YJYo"]Triumph[/URL]

What was you hopin'? You must've been dopin'/
I'll throw salt in ya wounds while they still open/
Dopa-Ropin', take the mic, we elopin'/
Mash out, kids, then say they was MOPin'/
Like you strokin', my cock, you all on my dick/
I've brokin' through blocks, I always break bricks/
Mk spits sick, got cancerous rhymes/
Beautiful brain, got the handsomest mind/
Kidnap you, with the ransom on line/
I'm the shine that blinds, cancer that kills, you flows all benign/
I'm straigh up ill, you need to get your shit in line/
Take early retirement, you need to resign/
Throw a fit, I throw a tip, so phat that I need a tuck-nip/
Break arms, shatter bones, and then I pop hips/
Spittin' the hardest, Mk's got the rock lips/
Keep ya mouth zipped or you get a tooth chipped/

Thats just a little for starters.[/color][/size]
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[B][I]Beat:[/I][/B] [U]None. I just don't feel like using beats right now.[/U]

I already blast and rock, Just like everybody else does your ma.

You makin? minimum wage down at the local Wal-Mart/
Takin? you outside, Before you piddle your pants. Got you on a leash and collar/
Jerkin? it to show my control over The little shits like you, Who think they can take me and my cred/
Fawker. You just be K Fed.

You may think you?re good, but at least I?ll admit that I know I wasn?t raised in the hood/
But at least I don?t drool on the mic, when I see a man walk by in the night/
You?ve told me that I work the corners, All I have to say is that hey/
at least I have the talent, cause I play all those horners/.
Alas, looking at your rhymes makes me cry/
You lookin' at a mirror makin' it crack/
So you just better take a step back
Because You be the one hittin' the concrete 'fore I/
Your crimson's spillin' While Im sittin' in the back of the 'trol car/
Actin' like the grieved girl that Im not/
You know the phrase "The cup runneth over."?

The liquid is my confidence...And you gonna be the mop that's used to mop it up..
You that you rap, but you don't know about the trap/
Ain't know nothin' bout a hustle, so you don't know how to act/
As a matta fact, I don't know why I even bother/
Yet again, you just can't handle this/
I laughed and cried when Wolfwood died/
I?ll do the same for you/
Like chicken, yous just gonna fry/
Speaking of that, Let me call up KFC/
You's gonna be tasty to the whole country.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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