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RPG Stones of Power - Dirge [Spar]


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[COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="1"][B]Warning: [/B]This spar may contain mature content since we have not limited what can happen in it.

[B]SPAR: [/B]Sandra Williams vs. Sena Henderson ([COLOR="RoyalBlue"]SunfallE[/COLOR] vs. [COLOR="DarkRed"]indifference[/COLOR])
[B]Posting limit for each character:[/B] Five (including this post)
[B]Word limit for each post:[/B] 500-1000 (this does not include the intro or descriptions of abilities)
[B]Judge:[/B] [U]BKstyles[/U]. The judging will be based more on creativity rather than who dies since that is not a condition for wining. In other words, it’s solely at the discretion of the judge.
[B]Rules: [/B]Since in the original rpg each player had unique abilities based on the nature of the stone they were connected to, we have decided to limit that to four for each character. Three offensive, one defensive. This is to avoid turning it into an unrealistic overkill on that side of the fight. The defensive ability is available immediately the other three must be introduced at a rate of only one per post. Once it is introduced it is available for further posts and can be used at the same time a new one is introduced in a following post. Each time an ability is introduced a short name and description will be placed at the start of the post.

[B]Defensive: [/B]
[B]Sandra Williams:[/B] [U]Barrier of Light[/U] (an energy barrier capable of deflecting attacks)
[B]Sena Henderson:[/B] [U]Cloak of Shadows[/U] (the ability to manipulate or create shadows in order to hide)
[B]Movement:[/B] Though not true super speed, both characters are bound to the stones so that results in an increase in speed, agility and the ability to jump. Not excessive mind you, but enough that reaction times can be quicker than would be expected for teenagers. We choose to not change the ages but leave them in the range they were required for the original rpg.

[B]Ability: [/B][U]Shards of Darkness[/U]. Just as the name implies, it’s the ability to summon shards of darkness about the size of a small dagger and with a thought send them towards a target. Lethal and capable of ripping through lighter weight materials, even metal. However, limited by range and no more than five can be summoned at a time.

So the others were dead, so what? Sena did not care and on some level, neither did the red stone of destruction. Once the final stone of good was destroyed, along with it’s host, they would have no trouble laying waste to the world that had betrayed them so long ago. Sena matched Sandra’s impassive and guarded stare with a tiny half smile of anticipation. Out of all the stones of good, more than anything he had wanted to take her down personally. Males did not interest Sena and the only other female had been weak and unworthy of his attention, the fact that she had been the first to die had only proved his point.

But Sandra, as she stood there in the empty field of the stadium in the city now in ruins from the prolonged battle over the past few months, was another story. Strong, determined and surprisingly resourceful, she had proven to be a challenge even to the former leader of the stones of evil. Taking out first Greed and then Lust while the others in her group had attempted to take down him and the leader, Dark. The resulting blast from the stones being destroyed had leveled most of the city leaving just the two of them to finish the fight.

Sena smiled, the fading light as the sun began to set gave the empty stadium an almost eerie feel as the red tinged light covered the eastern side of the bleachers. Bathing everything in it’s reddish glow.

“[B]You’ve fought honorably, surrender your stone and I will give you a swift and painless death.[/B]” It was a lie of course, her death would be slow and painful. Sena had had been looking forward to taking her apart piece by piece for quite some time, he was not about to let her cheat him of that pleasure by dying quickly.

Sandra was warily backing away, step by step as Sena slowly approached. “[B]I think not. You are without honor, killing the innocent who have nothing to do with the ancient grudge between our stones.[/B]”

“[B]True,[/B]” Sena said with a shrug as slivers of darkness formed in the air in front of him. Slivers that the moment they were formed flew towards Sandra with frightening speed only to slam into her hastily raised barrier. With a screech three of them came apart in a shower of sparks as they impacted on her shield while the other two having approached too quickly forced Sandra to dodge to the left to avoid being skewered.

She was almost quick enough, avoiding one altogether and then grimacing in pain as the second one hit her with a glancing blow, ripping through the outer sleeve of her shirt and cutting the skin on her right arm in a shallow fashion. Sandra did not have much time to even register the blow or the blood that began to soak her torn sleeve. A sharp crack alerted her to the fact that the other shard had sheared the base of the metal pole supporting the goal post. Sandra threw herself to the left even further in a frantic roll to avoid being hit by the falling goal post just as Sena made a dash for her position, intending to pin her to the ground.

He readied another set of shards as he ran, intending to pin her to the ground with them, only to come up short as she got to her feet and back flipped into the lowest seating area behind where the goal post once stood. Turning and running east along the narrow walkway between the seats, avoiding the next set of shards he sent her way and the debris caused from their impact tearing through the seats. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"][B]Ability:[/B] [U]Light of Judgment[/U]. The ability to summon small globes of pure white light about the size of a softball and hurl them at an opponent or object with but a thought. Powerful, deadly and capable of shearing through metal. They are limited to short range use only and no more than three can be actively summoned at any time.
Why? Out of all who were on the side of the stones tainted with evil, why did it have to be Sena, the bearer of the stone of destruction who was left? More than any of the others, he terrified and disgusted Sandra in a way that was hard to describe. Perhaps it was because of his manner, cold, distant and yet ruthless in a way that the others had lacked. But now as Sandra ignored the blood flowing down her right arm since the cut was not serious, she couldn?t help but feel afraid.

It was a simple matter to navigate along the narrow space between the seats while jumping up a level or down one each time she avoided one of the spears of darkness being sent her way. Each one reminding her of how lethal they were as they tore apart the seats made of hardened materials as if they were but paper.[I] I can?t let that hit me again[/I] she thought desperately as she came to where the path intersected with a set of stairs leading down behind the seats. Sandra paused for the briefest of seconds as she debated on whether to go inside the structure or continue by virtue of running along the east side of the stadium.

[I]Sandra! Look out! [/I]

The pink stone?s voice shrieked in her mind as movement out of the corner of her right eye alerted her to Sena coming towards her as he ran up to the edge of the seating and leaped up until he landed on the steps going up towards where she had hesitated. With a wicked grin he was moving towards her as slivers of darkness began to form in front of him.[I] Hell![/I] He was even quicker than the last time she had run into him!

At this point it would be a mistake to turn and run, exposing her back to him. Instead she drew upon the energy of the stone she was bound to, stepping back as she hurled glowing orbs of light directly at him. To her surprise they ripped right through him as if he were nothing more than a shadow. With a swift intake of breath she moved frantically to avoid the next flash of movement she saw as it swiftly approaching her from the left this time?


She gasped for air as Sena hit her from the side, catching her full in the chest with a powerful blow, sending her half turned body head over heels down the stairs. Desperately Sandra called upon the Barrier of Light to protect her from slamming into chairs and the steps on her way down as she tumbled out of control. Seconds later she finally came to a rest in a half sitting position with her back against the railing.

With a grimace of pain she struggled to her feet, tasting blood where she had bitten the side of her cheek. If not for the barrier the fight would have been over at that point since even through the shields she had felt the strength of the impact as she hit the railing. Sandra looked up to see Sena who was just slowly walking down the steps towards her, shaking his head in disappointment.

?[B]Surely you can do better than that.[/B]? He chided her. ?[B]And here I thought you would actually be a challenge, unlike the others.[/B]?

Sandra took a couple deep breaths, stalling for time as she moved backwards along the railing, in front of the lowest seats as he approached. ?[B]I?m just getting started. After all, I wouldn?t want you to feel bad when I put an end to your pathetic existence.[/B]?

She ignored the pain in her chest, standing up straight as if the blow had meant nothing. ?[B]I?ll destroy you just as I destroyed Lust and Greed.[/B]?

Sena threw his head back a bit and just laughed at her. ?[B]Lust and Greed were weak, if you think those two were a challenge then this fight really will be a disappointment.[/B]?

He sighed as if saddened. ?[B]And here I was looking forward to your lovely screams of agony.?[/B]

?[B]The only screams you?ll hear will be your own when your stone is destroyed.[/B]? Sandra shouted as she hurled more globes of the pure light in his direction.

In the same moment that he moved to avoid her attack her attack Sandra was over the railing, landing lightly on the grass, pivoting in place as she moved to run in the opposite direction, heading not for the entrance to the locker rooms but rather for the stairs heading up to the west side where the seats were in shadow as the sun continued to set. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="1"][B]Ability:[/B] [U]Infernal Arc[/U]. The ability to summon a dark purplish electrical based energy. Depending on the wielder’s intent it can be a more short ranged lethal blast of energy or a less powerful arc designed to torment instead of outright killing an opponent.

Sena dodged Sandra’s attack with ease, ignoring the debris that was kicked up as the incandescent sphere’s of energy struck with lethal force, tearing apart chairs and knocking chunks out of the cement steps. Instead he watched her as she made the futile run for the semi cover of darkness of the west side of the stadium. His mind racing as he contemplated just how he was going to start taking her apart. If she couldn’t manage to put up much of a fight, what would be the point in even bothering?

[I]You worry about that too much. [/I]The red stone admonished him. [I]Why did you merely strike her when you could have used that moment to impale her on the shards of darkness? It’s foolish to toy with her instead of finishing her as quickly as possible.[/I]

Sena laughed a bit as he walked down to the railing and then with a jump dropped down to the grass, his knees bending slightly to cushion his landing. He straightened up and continued following her slowly, deciding just what to do next. [I]If you don’t like how I do things, you should not have chosen me. [/I]Sena reminded the stone as he picked up his pace and began to run, angling to the left across the field so that he could jump up to the first level close to where she was running to.

[I]She is but one of many! You can take your time with those who remain![/I]

Sena sighed inwardly even as he hunched down and then made the jump, easily landing on the railing and then immediately leaping to the left to avoid the spheres of the light sent his way by Sandra. [I]The one’s who remain are but sheep and hardly worth my attention. [/I] The red stone fell silent as Sena landed on the stairs going up and moved to cut Sandra off. She was running along the walkways, jumping up a level every so often while casting glances in his direction, keeping tabs on his movements.


The warning came to late as the sphere’s of energy he had moved to avoid halted in midair and came flying back towards him. [I]Now this is more like it![/I] Sena thought with glee as he twisted frantically to meet the attack with his own. Raising his right hand palm facing forward as he countered the first two with a dark form of energy that arched from his hand and slammed into the spheres. Causing them to end with a sharp crack as they exploded in a flash of light.

Rocked backwards by the force of the blast, the shot from his other hand went wild as it missed the last incoming sphere and slammed into the chairs with a boom; sending many of them flying as it imploded upon contact. A split second later the sphere of light hit, dealing a glancing blow to Sena’s left shoulder, slamming him back into the rows of chairs behind him.

He felt the sweet rush of pain as it flowed from where he had been hit, radiating thought out his body, spurring him on as he quickly regained his footing and brought both hands together. A dark sphere of energy formed in front of his hands, it’s purplish light bathing him and everything around him in a hellish glow. Sena took note of Sandra’s movements as she headed for the top of the stairs and the entrance leading down into the structure.

At the last possible moment he set the energy lose, watching with interest as it arched from his hands, dealt Sandra a glancing blow as it passed her and then slammed into the exit. At the same moment that Sandra hit the stairs from falling from the glancing blow, the cement of the exit exploded and then collapsed in on itself with a loud boom. Dust and debris flying in all directions as it briefly hid everything in it's shroud before it began to settle.

Sena took a deep breath, sighing with pleasure and excitement as he once again approached Sandra slowly. Smiling at how she struggled to get back up, her movements betraying the pain she was in.

“[B]Don’t you think it’s time you stopped running?[/B]” Sena said conversationally. “[B]It won’t do you any good.[/B]”

Sandra just laughed. “[B]As if I would willingly submit to you.[/B]” She moved back slightly, seeming unsure as to what her next move should be.

“[B]You’ve misunderstood me,[/B]” Sena grinned as he readied another wave of the shards of darkness. “[B]The more you struggle, the more I enjoy this.[/B]” [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"][B]Ability:[/B] [U]Cleansing Tempest[/U]. Gives the wielder the ability to control the air within a radius around their body, creating a powerful cyclone.

[I]You?ve got to stop running Sandra! [/I]

[I]Don?t you think I know that?[/I] She snarled back at the pink stone. [I]Sena?s toying with us, he could have finished me off the first time he got close.[/I] Sandra turned her attention back to Sena as she readied her barrier to stop the slivers of darkness that he sent flying her way, wincing as they impacted on her barrier in a shower of sparks. It was a tactic to wear her down and nothing more since unlike Lust and Greed, Sena, the bearer of the stone of destruction, was not coming after her in full force. [I]He?s over confident, I need to take advantage of that, let him think that he is winning.[/I] Though it wouldn't be too hard since at the moment, he was. Sandra took a couple of steps back, readying her next move as Sena came after her at a dead run.

She ignored everything, focusing on his eyes, waiting for an indication that he was about to strike. He was less than twenty feet from her when she saw his eyes narrow a bit in concentration. Sandra didn?t give him a chance to attack as she drew on the power of the stone and imagined the air about her moving in a swift circular motion like the stone had taught her. Within mere seconds a sharp crack was heard as the air whipped around her, tugging at her clothing and hair even though she was in the center of the storm.

Sena was slammed sideways, into a row of chairs, his next shot of the electrical energy going wild, streaking past her to the right before it hit a group of chairs, causing them to explode and send debris flying. Debris that was quickly caught up in the cyclone of air flowing around Sandra, mercilessly slamming into Sena, knocking him over several times as he pulled back and out of range of the storm surging all around her.

?[B]Much better,[/B]? he purred at her as he wiped some blood off of his face where some of the debris had cut him. ?[B]I was beginning to worry that you were going to disappoint me.[/B]?

Sandra ignored his taunts as this time she started heading towards where he was instead of running, taking it one step at a time, the cyclone of air tearing apart chairs, ripping them free from where they were bolted to the cement. Then with a flick of her right wrist she launched the light of judgment. Sena moved to dodge and then halted in surprise when instead of heading towards him they flew to the outer edge of the storm and settled along the edge, tearing through the cement as they slowly worked downwards, driven by the force of the storm.

Sena attempted to launch an attack but the dark energy was deflected by the force of the storm surrounding Sandra. Seconds later, with an even louder boom, the section Sandra was on collapsed, falling into the darkness of the structure below, the storm dying instantly. Without hesitation, Sena moved forward to the edge of the jagged hole, looking down into the darkness, but nothing could be seen. He stood there for a few seconds and then stepped off and leapt into the darkness and vanished.

[I]What do you hope to achieve? [/I]The pink stone asked Sandra as she stood up from behind the chair she had ducked behind. [I]It won?t take him long to realize that you aren?t down there. [/I]

Sandra sighed a bit before answering. [I]I would have thought it was obvious, even though that last attack of his only clipped me? [/I]Sandra stopped as the stone realized what she was saying. All she was doing was buying a little time to figure out just how in the world she was going to defeat him. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="1"][b]Ability:[/b] [u]Chains of Decadence[/u]. Much like the name implies it is a type of chain formed from the energy inherent in the red stone of destruction. Once summoned the wielder can use it much like one would use a whip, their thoughts dictating whether or not it cuts or binds whatever it comes in contact with.

[I]She?s not down here.[/I]

Sena smiled in the darkness at the irritation in the red stone?s reaction to him leaping into the structure in spite of knowing that Sandra had not stayed on the section that broke off. [I]I know that, I came down here for another reason.[/I] After all, even if she had been clever and it had almost worked, with her using the debris as a shield to hide that she had leapt off just as it was about to fall, such a trick was not enough to fool Sena. He had seen the hint of movement of her leaping out of the center of the tempest to hide behind one of the few chairs still standing after the storm she had called on tore most of them apart.

[I]If you knew that, then why did you come down here?[/I]

He stepped over the rubble in the semi darkness, moving quietly as only he could, moving towards the closest exit that would lead back to where Sandra was. [I]I would have thought that was obvious, to let her think she managed to actually fool us.[/I] He replied as he swiftly moved up the stairs, pausing upon reaching the top of the stairs where it lead back outside, tentatively looking around the corner. He could see her, not far from where he had last seen her, she was moving carefully, and watching not only the hole she had made, but the various exits that lead up to the surface of the stadium as well. Sena cloaked himself in shadows, hiding himself from her gaze when it fell upon where he was and then moved on.

[I]Don?t be a fool Sena, finish her off quickly this time.[/I] The stone advised as he slipped out and stuck to the shadows to move in on her position.

[I]I told you before, if you have a problem with how I do things, you should have chosen someone else.[/I] Sena smiled inwardly when the stone fell silent. After all, he was the only one left and very few humans were suitable as a host for what it wished to accomplish. Not that threats of choosing someone else would have mattered to Sena, he didn?t need the stone?s help to destroy others. Though he was becoming rather fond of the abilities he had at his disposal as a result of his bond with the stone.

He hunched down as he got closer to where Sandra was, her back still turned to him as she moved away from where the hole in the structure was. Sena wondered just what she was up to, but only for a moment as he mentally readied the Chains of Decadence. First he would pin her in place and then? Oh the fun he would have, just thinking about it was enough to send the familiar thrill of pleasure through him that he always got from ensnaring and then torturing someone to death. It had been far too long since he had taken the time to truly enjoy taking someone apart.

[I]You?re an idiot.[/I] The red stone of destruction said with genuine irritation, nearly causing Sena to laugh out loud and misstep slightly, creating the tiniest bit of noise when the sole of his right shoe dragged a bit.

Sandra whirled if she had been shot but it was far too late as the familiar whip shaped chain appeared in Sena?s right hand. With a flick of his wrist he expertly sent it flying to wrap itself around Sandra. With a vicious grin he sent the power of the Infernal Arc racing through the chain and into Sandra before she could properly react. Sena laughed as she rewarded him with her high pitched screams of agony before finally collapsing to her knees, still tightly bound by the chain. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"][B]Ability:[/B] [U]Light of Purity[/U]. A series of short lethal shards of light about six inches in length. Though they can be produced in high numbers, they are limited in range, only traveling a few feet from the wielder?s body. They are meant to be used as a finishing move in battle.


She had not expected Sena to find her so quickly, trusting in the deception as she had slowly moved away and starting looking for a means to set a trap to ensnare him. Just as she had momentarily forgotten about his ability to cloak his movement in shadows, not realizing that he had merely gone down to trick her.

She could hear screams as blackness threatened to claim her, screams that she assumed were her own as she was so lost in the pain that she could not see her own surroundings, other than hints of a hellish purple light that danced with glee as if mocking her. Even the voice calling her name seemed detached and far from her as if coming from a great distance.


This time the voice penetrated her consciousness as the horrible pain finally receded and she found herself on her knees, gasping for breath as tears streamed down her face. Held up by the force of the chain that was tightly wrapped around her, the end held taunt by Sena as bit by bit he moved until he was standing before her, looking down as he kept the chain tightly held.

?[B]Your screams are as lovely as I could have hoped for,[/B]? He smiled cruelly as he reached down with his left hand, grasping her chin and forcing her to look up at him.

[I]You?ll only have one shot at this Sandra! [/I]The pink stone whispered in her mind. [I]If you don?t get free?[/I]

[I]I know? [/I]She replied, shaking with the effort to not only stay awake but to attempt to prepare the power needed to launch the Light of Purity. At this range, with the chain so tightly bound around her chest, the shards of light would end up ripping her clothing as well as the chains. And if she did it wrong, she could potentially impale herself as well. If they weren?t strong enough, they would recoil backwards, killing her.

?[B]Nothing to say?[/B]? Sena said as he watched the internal struggle in her eyes. ?[B]I?ll spell it out for you.[/B]? He leaned down to whisper right into her left ear, laughing when she tried to pull away in disgust at his touch as he caught the front of her tunic along with the chains holding her in place as well as grasping her hair so tightly that it caused her to grimace with pain.

?[B]I intend to get every type of scream there is out of you, from tearing you apart physically to stripping you of what all maidens hold dear.[/B]? He pulled back and laughed when she shuddered at the implication in those words.

[I]Now Sandra![/I] The pink stone cried out.

Sandra struck swiftly, before Sena could realize what she was doing, sending out the Light of Purity, wincing in pain as some of the shards cut her skin as they broke through the chains, sending the shards in all directions. Some of them managed to slam into Sena, but most went to the side, deflected when they broke through the chain. A few seconds later to the sound of her cries of pain, the sound of tearing cloth and the snap of the chains and shards colliding and breaking? and she was free, struggling to her feet and then using the barrier of light to not only protect herself, but to shove Sena away, knocking him off his feet.

With most of her shirt in tatters, and yet still barely hanging on, Sandra took several steps back as she caught her breath, grimacing as she watched Sena sit up and casually start removing the Light of Purity shards that had managed to strike him. With a grin he merely tossed them aside and then watched them vanish. Paying no heed to the blood that flowed from his wounds.

?[B]Excellent.[/B]? He said with a laugh. ?[B]That?s a much better look for you.[/B]? He indicated the tattered remains of her shirt.

Sandra just said nothing, saving her energy for stopping his next assault. Watching him warily as he studied her before making his next move.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="1"]Where Sandra was clearly frightened and fighting to hide how much pain she was in, Sena however, along with the red stone of destruction was basking in the sweet rush of pleasure that was to be had in others pain as well as their own. Unless a wound was crippling, the pain served as a means to only make the experience more enjoyable. Like a sweet intoxication, the more pain, destruction and misery that was caused, the more both of them craved it. Even the red stone had fallen silent, it?s objections to Sena not finishing her off quickly, coming to an end as it too radiated with an unholy joy over the prospect of doing even more to Sandra.

[I]You?ve become rather quiet.[/I] Sena mocked the stone as he focused on reforming the chain of decadence, feeling the slivers of the power coming back at his mental call. A moment later it?s familiar weight settled into his right hand. Sandra?s attack though powerful enough to free her from being bound was far from enough to truly destroy the binding chain.[I] You enjoy this more than I do and you know it.[/I] He laughed inwardly as he sent a wave of the shards of darkness to impact on Sandra?s shields while simultaneously lashing out with the chain to test the edges of her barrier, looking for a spot to slip in.

He dodged the small globes of pure white she sent his way even as he circled around her, alternating between the shards and the dark energy of the infernal arc, an opening would come, he could sense it as he kept pressing the attack, staying just far enough back to avoid the storm she had called upon earlier and to keep avoiding her own attacks. Then, just as he knew it would, a dual attack resulted in the chain slipping though a weak spot in her shield, following his mental guidance as the end wrapped itself around her neck.

Frantically she reached up in an effort to get free but Sena just smiled and expertly pulled it free, catching the collar of her tattered shirt and ripping it free with a single tug. Sena laughed out loud at her startled gasp as she instinctively put her hands in front of her even though she still was covered by her bra, though it too suffered from minor tears from when she had unleashed the attack to get free from the chain moments ago.

With yet another grin he sent the chain flying yet again, this time wrapping it around her waist and then pulling it free again only to rip off the rest of her outfit, leaving her standing there, glaring at him with a mixture of disgust, fear and outrage over having been left with nothing but her underwear and her socks and shoes.

[I]Finish her! Take her now! [/I]The red stone cried, eager for Sena to destroy her.

?[B]Pathetic,[/B]? Sena chided, ignoring the stone and focusing on Sandra who was moving away, clearly looking in vain for something to cover herself with. But even though the west side of the stadium was in deep shadows as the sun finished setting, it was clear that there was nothing around for her to use.

?[B]Are you really so bothered by something as simple as clothing? [I]Weak.[/I][/B]? He took the tattered remains of his own jacket cloak and tossed it aside. ?[B]What not good enough?[/B]? He taunted at her disgusted look. ?[B]How?s this?[/B]? He removed his shirt as well and tossed it aside.

?[B]You?re starting to bore me.[/B]? Sena said coldly, even though he did not mean it. If anything he was enjoying seeing the damage he had done, the cuts, bruises and burn marks from the infernal arc could be clearly seen all over her body. All he needed now was to immobilize her and finish the job one step at a time, so he could savor each and every scream of pain she made. He smiled as he moved to attack her again.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"][B][I]?You?re starting to bore me.?[/I][/B]

Sandra resisted the urge to laugh at those words, feeling more than a little hysterical at her inability to land a more serious blow on Sena. At that moment, if she could, she would have welcomed the darkness of defeat, of falling to never rise again. The feelings of fear, despair and defeat were so strong and bitter that she could almost taste them. The approaching darkness as the sun was nearly below the horizon, only served to give the feeling that her time was up. [I]What was I thinking? [/I]She thought as she collapsed to her knees, sitting on her legs as she held herself and cried.

?[B]Giving up already? And here I thought you might have been a worthy opponent.[/B]? Sena mocked her. ?[B]It won?t save you from a slow and painful death.[/B]?

[I]What are you doing Sandra! [/I]The pink stone cried frantically. [I]You can?t give up so easily! [/I]

[I]Give up? In case you haven?t noticed,[/I] she replied in her mind angrily, [I]he?s done nothing but toy with us from the very beginning! I? I was wrong to think I could stop him! [/I]She cried even harder, oblivious in that moment to Sena approaching, too caught up in her own misery.

[I]That?s not true! He?s playing on your fears to make you think you can?t win! You?ve got to snap out of it! If you give up now, he?ll destroy everyone. Please Sandra! What about the children at the orphanage? Or your parents? [/I]

She knew the stone was correct, but it didn?t alleviate the overwhelming feelings of fear that she had. Until now, Sandra had been able to push them aside, trusting in her ability to take care of Lust and Greed to tell her that it was possible for her to win, but? Her thoughts scattered as a flash of movement told her that Sena was attacking.

Sandra responded without thinking as she summoned the Barrier of Light, rocking backwards as the force of the dark energy he had used on her before slammed into her shield. He attacked her again and again as if he could sense how each attack weakened her barrier, making it harder for her to maintain it. She half heartedly tried to launch the Light of Judgment, but Sena knocked the globes of pure white aside almost contemptuously as he continued until with a final deafening crack her barrier shattered, the force of the blow sending her flying to land sprawled on her back.

It felt as if she had been bruised all over and once again Sandra could taste blood where she had bitten the side of her cheek again. Drained and exhausted, all she could do was lie there and watch as Sena approached, blood running down his side where her last attack had actually managed to clip him. Her mind was screaming at her to move, but nothing was happening. [I]So this is it.[/I] She thought grimly,[I] I really am going to lose.
?[B]I had hoped for more from you.[/B]? Sena said as he knelt down next to her prone body. ?[B]But it seems that even you are far from challenging.[/B]? He sighed as if disappointed and then smiled cruelly as he pulled her up a bit by virtue of grabbing a handful of her hair, smiling as she moaned in pain.

?[B]At least your screams are lovely.[/B]? He said as he ran his left hand along her in a possessive manner, causing her to shudder and then finally snap when he started to remove the remains of her clothing.

With a scream born from more rage than terror, the Cleansing Tempest surged around her violently. Tearing apart the few chairs still near them and even the cement steps leading further up towards the top of the stadium. Sena tried to pull free only to be battered mercilessly by the debris that was swirling around them. Desperate to put an end to the assault he lashed out with the Infernal Arc, a split second later a huge boom sounded and both of them were sent flying.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="1"]It took Sena a moment to realize that he was lying sprawled out, partially on his right side with debris covering his legs. A voice was yelling at him but at the moment it made no sense as he stared blankly at the grass, his right cheek pressed firmly into the ground. And then as if someone had tossed cold water on him things snapped in place, the voice making sense once more.
Sena! Wake up Sena! [/I]

It was the red stone of destruction, urging him on. With a slight groan he struggled to get up, shoving the chunks of cement off of his legs, ignoring the tears in his pants and the pain from the cuts and bruises. He started to get up only to realize that something was lodged in his right leg. It was a bit of wire, the type that ran through the cement. With a tiny grimace he pulled it free and then tossed the bloody wire aside.

The sun had set completely as he finally stood up, a bit shaky on his feet from being battered and tossed by the explosion when he countered the storm Sandra had called up. The remaining twilight was fading fast but it didn?t take him long to spot her. She was lying further up the stadium at the southern end, sprawled across the steps going up on her back with her left leg caught up underneath her. She was already starting to stir in an attempt to get back up.
I can?t let her do that.[/I] He thought as he started moving towards her location, a little slowly at first and then picking up speed.[I] I can?t let her recover.[/I] It was a sentiment that the red stone agreed with, though for a different reason. The stone was urging him to finish her and quickly while he was still thinking of finally pinning her down so he could have the pleasure of torturing her to death. Especially since all he had to do was be quick enough to get her while she was still clearly disorientated from the blast.

He readied a wave of the shards of darkness, sending them flying, intending to pin her to the ground. To his surprise they bounced off of her shield, he hadn?t realized that she had seen him. But as Sandra finished sitting up and turned to look at him, he realized that she hadn?t. She had simply been cautious enough to raise her shields anyway.

?[B]Damn![/B]? He swore as this time he readied a more lethal shot of the Infernal Arc. ?[B]You?re not getting away from me![/B]? He snarled as he attacked again and again until Sandra was finally smashed to the ground, half unconscious.

[I]Stop fooling around! Finish her Sena![/I]

?[B]Stop telling me what to do![/B]? Sena said through clenched teeth even as he reached forward with his left hand to send the hellish energy arching into Sandra, making sure that she really was half out of it. A fact that was confirmed when other than to stir and moan a bit, the attack had no effect at all. Sena continued walking towards her, feeling dizzy and light headed.
Be careful, that last attack took a lot out of you. [/I]The red stone cautioned.

[I]I know. [/I]Sena replied even as he halted when a wave of dizziness forced him to his knees.[I] Not now! Not when I?m so close![/I] He reached up pressing his hands into his temples in an effort to steady himself.[I] I will not lose![/I][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"]Sandra was lost in a sea of pain, barely aware of where she was after the sudden surge of rage that had fueled the Cleansing Tempest. All she remembered was the sudden crack of Sena?s counterattack in the form of the hellish purple energy he had tortured her with earlier. Upon realizing where she was after that attack, she had instinctively raised her shields when she recovered enough to realize that she was sprawled on her back on the stairs, her left leg up in an uncomfortable position underneath her. She hadn?t even made it to a sitting position before she was startled by a number of the shards of darkness impacting on her shields. And then before she could do more than see where he was wave after wave of the dark energy was sent her way.

[I]Where is he getting the energy for this? [/I]It was all she could do to maintain the shield and yet with each blow she could feel it falter. It wouldn?t be long before he overcame her.

[I]Hang on Sandra![/I][I] He?s over extending himself with those attacks, if you can hang on he?ll wear himself out. [/I]

She cringed when the next blast caused the outer edge of her shield to crumble and tiny bits of the dark energy crept in, running painfully though her legs.[I] It won?t help! At this rate I won?t have any strength left either![/I] A thought that was quickly followed by the next blast shattering the shield altogether as it then slammed into her, smashing her to the ground, half dazed from the pain as the energy coursed through her before finally coming to a halt.

Sandra thought she heard herself scream, but she couldn't be sure. Just as she thought she could hear the pink stone crying out frantically to her but another blast, and darkness descended on her, leaving her lying there barely conscious.


The voice was so distant, she couldn?t even feel her body let alone see where she was. All she could do was lie there and wait for the moment when once again he would put his hands on her, only this time she wasn?t sure she could stop him. He had looked like he was hurt, with cuts and bruises all over and blood running freely from his right leg and other spots on his body.

But as she lie there, slowly climbing out of the darkness she could hear slow shuffling footsteps approaching her. Sandra tried to open her eyes to see what was going on, but nothing was cooperating.[I] I have to win? I? I can?t lose. [/I]
Hurry! He?s almost here![/I]

Sandra still couldn?t see and then movement made her realize that it wasn?t that she couldn?t see, it was that the twilight was almost gone. [I]I?ll only have one chance at this,[/I] she thought as she mentally began to prepare the Light of Judgment. Waiting until he was almost upon her before bringing her hands in front of her, a task made easier by her being sprawled on her left side, slightly turned so that she was looking down towards the center of the field of the stadium.

But the darkness was not her friend as the pure glow from the spheres of light gave Sena plenty of time to dodge the attack, laughing at her as tears started to flow down her face.[I] I? I?m sorry. I let you down.[/I] She told the pink stone.

?[B]I take it back,[/B]? Sena said, pausing for a moment to cough violently. He covered his mouth and then wiped the blood on his torn pants when he was done. ?[B]You actually turned out to be entertaining.[/B]?

Sandra could only watch as he moved until he was in position to kneel down next to her, reaching this time for the pink stone that was on a silver chain around her neck. Yanking it free as he jerked it violently, breaking the chain.

?[B]Once I take care of this nuisance, you?re next.[/B]?

[I]Sandra![/I] The stone cried frantically.

He was so close that it would have been a simple matter to touch him, something she did, reaching out and grasping his left arm. Startled he twisted to face her, raising his hands at the same moment Sandra called on the last bit of desperation she felt to painfully launch the Light of Purity. She could feel something inside her break, it was more of a mental sensation than a physical one. The shards lacked their usual power but at that range it did not matter, with a sickening thud several of them hit home.

?[B]I think not.[/B]? Sena rasped as he pulled one free and turned to ram it deep into her own chest before falling over. The pink stone fell to the ground with a clatter as he clutched his chest where the shards had hit.

[I]Sandra! [/I]

She reached over, picking up the pink stone, before allowing the shards to disperse and the blood to flow from where he had impaled her. She started to ask the pink stone if Sena was dead but a wave of darkness claimed her.

It is now up to BKstyles to decide who is the winner of the spar. It was fun Crystia, even if it took forever to do. I had no idea that doing a spar would be so hard. XP No matter who BKstyles finally chooses I had a fun time with it. :catgirl:[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Tahoma"]Sorry it took so long, but all the posts are nice and fresh in my mind since reading them all together and in order. First lemme say, good job ladies, it was fun to read and you're both perverted as hell :p. hehe, kidding.

First i'll address what I liked, the detailed thoughts that both characters had were definitely contributing to the feel and atmosphere of the story. This, in addition to the communication between the characters and their respective stones. I do have to say though that i saw more interesting thought patterns and conversation with [b]Beth's[/b] character. The way she dealt with self-doubt and selfless motivation and refused to give Sena the satisfaction of his one track advances, not deluding herself into thinking she was more powerful but being more in sync with her resolve. For some odd reason i can imagine the pink stone sounding something like Navi from LoZ too.

I also liked the imagery and descriptions used on both sides to paint an ample picture for the readers to understand what's going on in each post. Again here I see [b]Beth[/b] prevailing rather abundantly. Not overdoing it, but mixing things up in a more than acceptable manner. You get a lot from the type of disdain Sandra holds for Sena as a person, where as it just seems like Sena is acting his character and not that it is necessarily exclusive feelings toward her, but probably any attractive and weak woman standing in front of him.

Posts were consistent with one another in terms of picking off where one left off and the general length of each. There were already a few aforementioned issues, though other than those there's nothing really to dislike about the contest. For what it is and the length it had to be, it was up to expectations. Enough of a story was told, but overall i do believe [b]Beth[/b] has told it in a more captivating manner.There are definitely more traits and depth behind Sandra as a character, though Sena portrays the evil archetype up to standard as well.

The final verdict sees [b]Beth[/b] as the winner in my eyes. Good job to both of you, now someone go find Sandra some clothing.....or not. :).[/FONT]
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